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What do people mean when they say global warming will result in stronger and more frequent hurricanes?

Global warming will solve the problem of hurricanes as in the future there will be no cold winds to mix with hot winds, no cold winds means no hurricanes, right?
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Warmer oceans have more energy in them meaning stronger storms
You don't need cold winds to form a hurricane. You're thinking of warm and cold fronts with respect to tornadoes.
Geophysicist here
Warmer overall temperature means the water will become hotter, which means the process of ocean evaporation will be faster and carry more water vapor into the air, which means that rain clouds will hold more water in them due to a higher amount of water being evaporated, and because of this rain clouds will deposit and move more water inland than previously before.
This also

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Any book/course out there that helps me understand how human psychology works? l really can't stand when l don't understand something and lately l don't understand shit like why does my gf is somedays super close and others just straight up fucking ignores me and becomes more very nasty when talking
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There is no book on this planet that explain women. Give up OP, and enjoy what you don't understand.
lf she says she wants to be alone does that mean she actually wants to be alone?

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tfw you will never be as much of a brainchad as Richard Feynman
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That is some good OC. Have a (you)
I have no idea why anyone let an obvious troll like him have access to a secret atomic bomb making laboratory. He's literally conveying the expression "I will murder all of you as a prank" in his Los Alamos ID photo.

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If I got a 45% on my calculus test, is it worth begging the professor to let me pass. It's the last subject I need to pass the grade.
Im asking cause 49% would probably work but 5% is a significant difference.
How would you guys approach it if you have any experience?
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Why would a professor change the objectively determined score you received on your test? It's not like it was an opinion.
Well it's not like you tick an a,b,c option.
You need to solve a diff. equation or a an integral and who's to say it didn't merit a 10-11% instead of 8% that was assigned by the prof.
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Can anyone help me do the math on this one?
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bout thee fiddy
Just needs to pull 1G of acceleration before the rope goes taught. It would be exactly like someone hanging themselves except horizontal. Now go test this.
Horizontally within a gravitational field requires the flat Earth model

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Did anyone else have a really worthless university experience?

>chose engineering degree I hated and stopped putting effort in to
>zero social life or even acquaintances turned me bitter

I can't believe it was all so wasted.
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I wanted to be an EE but ended up as a mechanical engineer.It is a waste of time probably but now i cannot do anything
Went into computer science. The classes are boring, the professors are subpar, and most of my classmates are brainlets. Kinda wish I went into a different field because I've found that I don't really want to work in industry.
>Did ME, minored in Physics, took hardly any structures classes beyond mechanics of materials
>Now a structural engineer
Wasted so much time learning heat transfer, E&M bullshit, and quantum bullshit that I'll never need now. Wouldn't say it was worthless, though

Same stuff as the other thread, I want to achieve good grades in an oral exam (hoho). Subject is software verification, so a bunch of algorithms and proofs with the context of set theory and logic. Obstacles: Exam is within 10 days and I am not productive, I procrastinate and loose focus really fast. Usually I wait until the deadline is due and then I become an efficiency monster, but this time I'd like to learn early. I have also access to ADHD medication, as I am diagnosed with ADHD.

What are good techniques to beat procrastination? How to structure the learning s.t. I have a good grasp on everything? (i.e. proofs first or proofs last.) How can I get into learning mood?
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take the correct dosage of your medication and throw out 4chan and video games

try your best to take an interest in what you are learning, for example what is the first section/topic on your syllabus? is there anything you need to brush up on there?

you are thinking about it now, you are already taking an interest in it, you want to reach for the text book and look something up, try to stay like that, stay in th "zone"

you will get distracted and leave the zone, don't lose heart though, start trying to get back in, go take a piss, make more tea or just walk around a little until you start thinking about your task again

make a structured list of everything you want to study, see how much you remember of everything in the list and focus on things you suck at while revisiting everything else occasionally
Sound advice thank you! The passion is already there, gotta work on that distraction bit harder.

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Natural selection is stagnating because of modern medicine.

Why can't we just evolve ourselves through the power of technology?
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There are still tons of people who don't reproduce. Stop being retarded.
I will once I upgrade my wetware

That's the plan, there's people working on such things right now. I personally cannot wait to observe with my cyber enhanced eyes, my cyber hands, stroking up and down my brand new cyber enhanced horse cock.

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Help a brother out, /sci/

Should someone start their researching career in computer science, which would be more prosper: category theory or graph theory? I'm interested in the abstract areas of CS and still trying to figure out what to do. Are there any other areas worth mentioning?

I'd like to hear what you guys have to say
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Graphs, no questions. Graph traversal is useful in many cases, and if you're going a full CompSci degree, you'll need it.

Categories are cool, but they're not graphs, y'know. I mean they are, but whatever.
Yeah, I'm starting my master's, so I already know about graph traversal and all. I'm more interested about the prospect of doing meaningful research in the area of computer science. Aren't graphs a little saturated?
Barely starting my own master's, so I'm not sure what to do at that point, desu,

>according to theorem (arbitrary number that doesn't even match the chapter it's in)...
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>The proof is trivial
Fuck you I paid money for this book
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>Check the back of the book for answer
>Get it wrong because the book left out a tiny bit of information that you now have to find online

It's so frustrating it makes me want to hurt myself.
>It is obvious that X and if it isn't obvious to you then you will never be a mathematician.
Well fuck you, book.

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