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Alright /sci/entists, what are your recommended readings outside of textbooks for all scientists?

Pic related
On the Origin of Species
Euclid's Elements
The Feynman Lectures
The Double Helix
On The Revolution of Heavenly Spheres
What is life?
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That book for autistic people that is always in the lower right hand corner of those meme list images.
Yes that one, lol

will AI think like us Humans? Does it only need creativity and logic but not emotions should the human race start thinking about traffering into computer based ghost shells of they're human selfs who knows.
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When it comes to productivity and optimization stuff, they will think about things really similarly (but way better)
Think about some cold-hearted /biz/ lizard man.

When it comes to emotion and socialization; we would either have to hard-code that kinda stuff, or let them reach it through means of logic
although emotions are irrational, at the most fundamental level they evolved because they were effective behaviors for getting shit done
AI could possibly reach the same conclusion that natural selection did. The only difference being that they reached it from logic, whereas we reached logic through emotions (and eventually higher thinking)
Once artificial polyglot information database bridging occurs... The "consciousness" shift (and growth)... Could result, relatively very quickly, into a "meta" mind(s). Emotion(s) can be both creative and logical.

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Prove that ln x^p = p ln x

Then prove that ln x/y = ln x - ln y
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False, therefore [math]x^p\,=\,p\,\ln\,x[/math], QED.
False, therefore [math]\ln\frac xy\,=\,\ln\,x\,-\,\ln\,y[/math], QED.
ln(x) = a where e^a = x
(e^a)^p = x^p
e^ap = x^p
ln(x^p) = ap
ln(x^p)/p = a
ln(x^p)/p = ln(x)
ln(x^p) = p ln(x)


ln(x/y) = a where e^a = x/y
set e^p = x and e^q = y
(e^p)/(e^q) = e^(p-q) = e^a
ln(x/y) = p - q
ln((e^p)/(e^q)) = p - q
by definition ln(e^p) = p and ln(e^q) = q so if ln((e^p)/(e^q)) = p - q then ln(x/y) must = ln(x) -
I never did a late transcendentals approach but I guess I can try, but I am a number theorist so I use log. Hope you dont mind. By definition:
[math] \log x = \int_1^x\frac{dt}{t} [/math].

The two properties you want to prove are actually just special cases of the property [math] \log xy = \log x + \log y [/math] so I'll just go for that.

Assuming [math] x \leq y [/math], [math] \log xy = \int_1^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} = \int_1^{x}\frac{dt}{t} + \int_x^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} = \log x + \int_x^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} [/math].

So now it is only necessary to find what [math] \int_x^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} [/math] is. Consider the substitution [math] u = \frac{t}{x} [/math]. Then the integral becomes [math] \int_1^{y}\frac{du}{u} = \log y[/math].

That proves the theorem. Cute. But late transcendentals is still gay.

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I have always liked mathematics. I am not very smart, and I can get discouraged sometimes, but I will work hard and pursue mathematics throughout college so I will become a professor!

What are you guys going to do?
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Regret that people unironically enjoy serialized anime.
>having this much mass contained in the average volume of a human being
anime snobs are faggots

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Lunar river bed.png
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Did the moon support water on its surface once?
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Really, dude?
This board fucking sucks.
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nobody is keeping you here

First off, I'm not talking about the pseudoscience crap of color symbolism or anything like that. I'm talking about the effects of, for example, if you were to put a person or people in a room which had walls predominantly of one color.
It's obvious that red can excite and blue can calm, but could a blue room make it harder to concentrate compared to a warmer color?
If I move out my bedroom with blue walls and do work in my den which has yellow/beige walls with golden wood moulding and some red furniture, it feels easier to concentrate on reading right then instead of having to take time to gear myself up.mentally to begin reading/studying.
Would it be beneficial for someone like me who's a Math major to repaint my room to a warmer color? (I was thinking green since it's still calm but a bit warmer than blue)
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Listen to the whole thing if you have time.
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source (6).gif
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>If I move out my bedroom with blue walls and do work in my den
>over 18
somteing very suspiciios about this

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>there are literally dipshit retards who think destroying the last samples of smallpox is a good idea
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> It is the risk of serious and even fatal complications associated with the smallpox vaccine that gives so many physicians reason for concern at the idea that it could be given to everyone.

> "The smallpox vaccine is not benign. It has serious inherent risks involved," said Dr. Carolyn Eaton, a family physician from Palacios, Texas.

> Among those risks are allergic reactions to the vaccine and spread of vaccine virus to others who have not been inoculated. Those with compromised immunity — such as those with HIV or leukemia — and those with skin conditions like eczema are at greatest risk of having severe reactions.

> Additionally, an estimated one in 500,000 — or about 300 people — are expected to die as a direct result of being vaccinated. That is a risk that many feel is too great to take when there is no specific threat of infection.
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>He is one of them

Help me out /sci/. I wanna study time and the current scientific consensus on it. Any book recommendations or anywhere on the internet I can go to start? Is relativity the last notable time-relared breakthrough? If not, what would such a field be called? Looking up chronophysics and temporal physics just ends up in time travel bs...
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Relativity is the only time related breakthroughs in science.
I heard about some experiment that tried to determine whether part and future exist, assuming that there would be tunneling effect, which didn't happen, so they concluded that time is zero-dimentional, suggesting waterfall model, but a quick search didn't find anything.
Delayed choice experiment is bullshit though. Why copenhageh interpretation still exists? What a disgrace.

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Post the most impressive articles you have read so far from the nature magazine :)
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you first
>implying he can read

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>tfw studying mechanical engineering
>tfw I dont give a fuck about electrical engineering
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electrical engineers tongue my anus
at least they are engineers and not undergrad plebs like you

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