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what does it mean when you test high for iq/standardized tests but feel like a fucking brainlet all the time? that you're just good at tests?

i've always struggled with math beyond the SAT level (which isn't much), with average grades but after having studied probably twice as long as my peers. i'm reading the symbols and notation on the page but it's like i forget what they mean the next second. discrete math, statistics, calculus, algorithms - i can't remember this shit for the life of me. i'm reading the ethereum whitepaper, and it's like, how do people even invent this stuff? my vocabulary isn't exactly large either, so i can't even secure my pride in crystallized/verbal iq.
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You have bad a memory
Grind nigga
It means that you are a genuine brainlet.
>Horrendous Grammar.
>Brainlet-tier Vocabulary.
>Not pondering your why you feel this way on your own.

Do you finally see now? Luckily, you should fit right in on /sci/ this board is populated primarily by teenagers and role-players now.

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if I cover my body in Rogaine can I become a real life furry?
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Yes you will get a lot harier. But Minoxidil was originally invented as a blood pressure medication, so if you apply a lot topically it will throw your blood pressure out of whack.
Wait, Rogaine actually works? Am so used to over the counter stuff just being scams I dismissed it outright...

Could you refine rust(iron oxide) into iron with an induction furnace? Could this be a viable way to gather iron on the iron oxide surface of mars?
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No, induction furnaces suck at purifying oxidated compounds
if not an induction furnace, than what would be effective at refining iron from the surface of mars?
removing oxygen molecules like this is very hard, they're even more cligny than my ex... ( the chemical bonds are very strong ) The usual methods involve acids to separate the oxygen as an element, not the iron. Besides why iron ? oxygen is way more valuable !

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Topology is a funky subject that involves a lot of complex mental images but is often written in math notation. Nothing wrong with that, but it helps to have a visual aid sometimes and topology is in fact very visual-friendly.
As topology becomes used more in data analysis (see:Ayasdi and others) it is becoming less of an abstraction and more a real tool right now.
My brother's really good at data viz and front-end programming. And I have an MS Math and know topology.

Do you think a site with animations/visualizations for Topology would be really useful or popular?
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I don't know how useful or popular it might be, but a lot of my general topology proofs usually involve spatial intuition, so it might be useful to develop the reasoning behind proofs. Not that it's hard anyways.
Hey OP, here's some of what you're looking at. These are from Jeff Weeks, who has a delightful book called "Shape of Space". It's a good light read for the subject.


It's more for learning the subject and not truly for visualizing all sorts of shit, but then again I think you'll have a hard time describing the n-dimensional hole in your n+k dimensional data set that you get from some applied homology algorithm lol.

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Don't know a better place to post this...

Why doesn't the body make use of antiseptics such as rubbing alcohol? You make extremely potent acids to break down food...why not put something that kills bacteria somewhere in the GI tract?
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Or antibiotics for that matter
People should come equipped with wheels.

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What physics laws can the universe opreate without
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it can operate without the first law of thermodynamics only if it is almost impossible to do so
Depends on what you mean by operate. I think all would have drastic effects on what the universe would look like, but it could still be around.

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Will I be born instantly into another human? What is the chance? What happens when we die?
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We become reincarnated as a frog however the chosen one becomes the frog god kek here is an ancient depiction of the creator himself kek whose history goes back millennia

Where does the debate regarding health effects of phytoestrogens stand currently?
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/sci/ is full of bright people but specific questions need anons that have read specific papers

Health is specific
I will bump for you though

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Noob here. Is the math section of the sticky incomplete?
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Yes, math is incomplete.
>Living molecules
Yes, the /sci/ wiki is shit.

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how the fuck did this fucker happen???? its too close to its star
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Well you know how binary black holes and neutron stars merge over time? Orbits are not as permanent as was once thought. There is some orbital energy that gets lost over time. The cause? No fucking idea.
Gravity leaking into our universe isn't constant
Nigga gravitational waves don't mean shit for fucking planetary masses

It's not too close

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