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Wouldn't it make more sense for RR and RL to switch places? I don't understand why the naming convention for itineraries is like this.

I'm assuming it makes things easier somewhere.
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did you make a post about some dude's naming conventions? This is actual autism

Math is codified autism. I just don't understand why someone would choose such a (seemingly) convoluted naming convention.

Perhaps there's some hidden insight that I'm not seeing?
Guise, can someone that's done some work with dynamical systems please answer my question?

My autism needs to be sated and it's getting pretty late here.

What's one way to solve any problem whether it be the Riemann zeta function, to interpersonal problems in society, to the anxiousness about a lack of meaning?

Killing yourself. The act of killing one's self is the same as having a cake and eating it too. Everything is fixed. The problems are solved, because if you're dead, the problems couldn't have existed in the first place.

There's absolutely no reason not to take some aspirin and slit your wrists vertically in the hot shower right now.
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1) Not science.
2) Objective reality is unchanged by your perception of it, which is why it is considered objective.
3) Do it, pussy.
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So then why haven't you done it?
That's right, because there are reasons to live.
You're just too much of an edgelord to admit it.

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You sail 825m south.
Then you turn and head 60 degrees West of North for 1250m...

how many meters are you from the island that you first set sail from?
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maybe what i'm actually asking is how many degrees west of north would the angle have to be that you are turning for the hypotenuse to become different than the 1250m line
less than 1497m

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Why is there so much bias in the scientific community towards women?

Ugly women make the best physicists because they're too ugly to be whores and males are always looking for something to stick their dick in, regardless of social standing, so they can get distracted.

Ugly women are the next best thing to androids when it comes to science.
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That is literally a dude. It must be
Because muh feelings

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>certain combinations of wave functions are illegal
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only illegals here are the border hopping wet-backs.
Just like me
>fucking a kid is legal but videotaping it is not
Last I checked child pornography is illegal to produce, distribute, and own

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anyone read this? does it live up to the hype?
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>quantum X
Already know it's shit.
I got an unfinished copy of it. It was pretty boring - only read first few chapters. The guy is not a very good expositor of the mathematical ideas. But why ask if it's good or not. Why not just go read it? Are you so efficient that you're currently reading other books at this very moment and can't make some time to go ahead and read some of this one? Everyone should stop asking about book recommendations

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So how does everyone here memorize things, I've always had issues studying a paper to memorize a list of stuff, be it chemical names, a list of numbers, or formulas, particularly the latter. It's beginning to cause problems in calc 2, as the sheer number of formulae/ substitutions are overwhelming. I can manipulate the integrals just fine, but I find myself checking back on my notes for, what seems to be, every problem. What are some strategies that /sci/ uses to remember large quantities of information?
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Pretend in your head that you're trying to explain Calculus to somebody

You will be forced to remember the formulae, or else you'll be embarrassed (in your mind)
as hard as it may be, try to make sense of the formulas. Graph them. Autistically find patterns and identities on your own. Read proofs about them.
oh boy, dont go into premed, that's like all they do in med school

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In the last few days I have been running small scale experiments in my home town based on how the climate change disaster will impact us.
Essentially, I have spent time at the nearby supermarket, intentionally damaging or removing foods that will be lost when we have the disasters that await, and then watching the reactions.

Day 1: Removed tins of coconut milk from the shelves, removed bottles of fish sauce and some other Thai and South Asian ingredients. Hypothosis: These are the first items to be 'lost' by the events of climate change as they are in the hot zones. Notes: Most people who came looking were not too disturbed. One individual thought he saw fish sauce at the back shelf but it was actually soy sauce I had placed there - I believe this demonstrates the 'folly' of seeing technological fixes as a way to prevent the issues with climate change. Overall, I was not too concerned on day 1 and even had hope

Day 2: Plastered fake 'possibly radioactive' stickers on produce from Indian subcontinent and removed some items from Bangladesh Hypothosis: India and Pakistan will have a nuclear skirmish due to climate change therefore irradiating food Notes: Many people seemed confused and did not purchase the products. Had to cut experiment short because a man spoke to a staff member then pointed at me. Overall I believe that this proves people cannot understand the way climate change harms the food supply.

Day 3: Entered supermarket late at night and poured ants into the carrots. Hypothosis: This represents pests becoming widespread due to the warming climate in the north Notes: Nobody took the carrots and seemed disgusted. Clearly proves people will not eat pested crops and may resort to cannibalistic behaviour within 3 days of the collapse.

This is a small experiment but I think is telling.
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how did you "pour ants" into carrots? Like you had ants on you undetected? please go through the process with a greentext, that sounds hilarious.


>This is a small experiment but I think is telling.
yea that's not how it works
NB4 Climate Alarmists and Fossil shills.

If I'm out of university and want to learn basic applied maths a it's taught to physics students, which textbook is best? Are MOOCs acceptable?
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>Are MOOCs acceptable?
yes, textbook learning is outdated anyway

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Is it possible to create one book/website that will contain complete mathematics so when you read it from page one to page lets say 20000, you can know all math theorems, axioms, formulas and laws in all its fields? (Assuming you have perfect memory and logical reasoning)
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Yes, but mathematics still don't like computers or programming, plus business textbooks, monumental advance to field, but academia minds don't want waste time on it, more close thing begin Wikipedia.
There's the proof wiki. I'm not sure about its completeness, but you can find a lot of graduate textbook homework problem solutions on it, lol.

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I'm trying to understand this paper: http://academics.wellesley.edu/Physics/brown/pubs/effalgV92P2698-P2701.pdf

The author describes a way of calculating the Constant-Q Transform of a signal by calculating temporal kernels and finding their Fourier transforms to get the spectral kernels.

The part where the temporal kernels are calculated and graphed is where I'm lost. For whatever reason, there are 2048 samples on the graph, despite there being only 512 FFT bins implying the FFT from temporal to spectral kernels was done on a 1024 sample temporal kernel.

The angular frequencies appearing in Eq. 4 are all well over 2 pi rad/s, so these kernels are undersampled. I don't know if that's a problem or not.

I'm trying to write MATLAB code to calculate some spectral kernels of my own. It can be found at https://pastebin.com/dxUVx4Ar
Every so often, one of the center frequencies is a multiple of 2 pi, so the complex exponential is 1 across all frequencies, leaving the temporal kernel as simply the Hamming window. This never appears to happen in the attached graph.

Of course, I wouldn't be asking if my spectral kernels looked like those in the paper. They don't.

So what's going on? I'm stumped.
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Pls respond
Sorry anon, i cannot into algorithms and shiet, but have a bump.

that was a thing I used to know how to calculate for a matrix in linear algebra.

clearly I am too retarded to help you anon

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What's the part of the equation called that must be solved in order to find the answer? Ex. 12/4+15=x
What is the technical name for the equation of 12/4 within the bigger equation of x?
Pic not related.
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Dependent variable
Constant term
Dependent variable, or image if its define by a function.
12/4 is a quotient, since it's not bound to any variables it's a coeficient

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Brainlet here. What's the difference between system thinking and pattern recognition?
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a priori vs a posteriori
deducation vs induction
rationalism vs empiricism
imagination vs observation
straight vs op

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I need a cartesian graph of a booty pls help 4chan
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here you go
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>Cartesian equations
File: IMG_6947.jpg (126KB, 1777x1242px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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did college introduce you to interesting subjects you never were exposed to before? did it change your preexisting impressions of certain fields?
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>yes it made my impression worse globally by realizing how many and how awful the normies are
It showed me how deep the rabbit hole truly goes but also how flawed man is. It also showed me what I am capable of and what I didn't think I could do.

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