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How do i keep working without feeling bored and wanting to quit?
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what your job ?
You work instead of trying to feel good.
work with lots of breaks until you build stamina. If that doesn't work go to trade school.

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what is required to move the pipe 45°
(in kg or lbs)

the dot under the 26cm piece is a bearing

26cm ~10"
170cm ~ 67"
45kg ~100lbs
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>Find center of mass
>Find new center of mass at 45°
>Find the difference in height between the two points.
so lets say the difference is 42.5cm
what do i do with that?

Why can't people just accept the ""mind"" is a spurious concept entirely based in the material brain, there are no magical processes going on or "hard problems" and there is no way your brain can keep producing consciousness after it's died?
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Just because you're not special it doesn't mean everyone else has to be too.
Stay mad, atheist.
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I can see from your post that you are indeed "special", if you catch my drift.


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What is the hardest sub-field of Maths to get a PhD in? Topology/Geometry? Algebra? Statistics? Analysis? etc?
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This is subjective, there is no objective answer. For one person it is logic, for another one it is Geometry etc.
There is a Gauss-quote: "Math is the Queen of Science and Number Theory is the Queen of Math.", if you are looking for the "best" topic.
Algebraic Geometry had insane requeriments and fields use A.G, don't worry about hard PhD worry about research.

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are we capable of surviving a meteor large as the one who wiped the dinosaurs out of existence?
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Meteoroids that large are called asteroids op
next impact is on 16 march 2880
As a species yes, for what we know dinosaurs themselves didn't all die in the impact, they went extinct because of the aftermath.
With our technology some of us would survive long enough for earth to full recover.

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So. If the human body tries to rid its blood of ethanol through its lungs, making each exhalation partially ethanol vapor, if one were to blow on burning coals while drunk, would it at all enhance the effect of blowing unused oxygen onto burning coals?
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Maybe. I'm no biochemist but I don't think that being intoxicated changes the amount of oxygen exhaled so you'd get the same amount of oxygen with a little extra fuel.
I can't imagine it'd be noticeable but it may make a slight difference.
Breathalyzers exist, don't they? So you're obviously expelling a measurable amount of alcohol. Not that it would be particularly noticeable.
okay, so let's say you are at a bac of 0.25. The volume of alcohol that you exhale will end up being about 1.19047619047619e-6% of your breath.
Something tells me it's not gonna make much of a difference

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hey you poindexters

if math is so awesome explain numbers stations
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Well, numbers stations are pretty awesome.
prove it

One time pads don't equal math

So, I boiled the tap water and this was at the bottom of the pan. It's orange. This is common here. What is it?
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It's what they use to keep the population sedated.
Well people here know that you're not supposed to drink Corning water. It makes you sick. The nearby cities don't have this issue.

The ctmu has a lot of problems and if you ignore them they don’t go away

The ctmu is bunk
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It doesn't have problems, it's just gibberish.
Is there anything credible about it?

Did it ever predict the acceleration of the expansion of the universe?

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What's the best approach to take when remaining behind? I feel like I fucked up my entire first year of uni and although I didn't fail any courses, I should have since I mostly learned how to do the exams instead of actually learning and understanding the content. Now that I'm going into year 2 - Should I just wing it and when going through more advanced material, reference back to the stuff I'm supposed to know? Should I ignore the new material for a couple of weeks and focus only on the old one? Should I handle both at the same time (half a day for one, half for the other or some such)?

Also before anything, /adv/ is mostly /r9k/ and I trust you faggots more on this type of stuff.
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Lol been there. You're in for more of the same if you don't pull your socks all the way up. Don't keep doing shit the same way and expect your grades to go up. In my experience I don't remember shit so practice is the main squeeze. Do practice questions, try to remember things off the top of your head and pay attention to what your profs actually want from you. Not having that foundational knowledge from first year may fuck you up but a lot of courses have refreshers at the start of the term in second year at least. You may need more than a refresher though. Honestly it's just about getting as much (productive) studying in as possible. More = better.
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Alright /sci/entists, what are your recommended readings outside of textbooks for all scientists?

Pic related
On the Origin of Species
Euclid's Elements
The Feynman Lectures
The Double Helix
On The Revolution of Heavenly Spheres
What is life?
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That book for autistic people that is always in the lower right hand corner of those meme list images.
Yes that one, lol

will AI think like us Humans? Does it only need creativity and logic but not emotions should the human race start thinking about traffering into computer based ghost shells of they're human selfs who knows.
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When it comes to productivity and optimization stuff, they will think about things really similarly (but way better)
Think about some cold-hearted /biz/ lizard man.

When it comes to emotion and socialization; we would either have to hard-code that kinda stuff, or let them reach it through means of logic
although emotions are irrational, at the most fundamental level they evolved because they were effective behaviors for getting shit done
AI could possibly reach the same conclusion that natural selection did. The only difference being that they reached it from logic, whereas we reached logic through emotions (and eventually higher thinking)
Once artificial polyglot information database bridging occurs... The "consciousness" shift (and growth)... Could result, relatively very quickly, into a "meta" mind(s). Emotion(s) can be both creative and logical.

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Prove that ln x^p = p ln x

Then prove that ln x/y = ln x - ln y
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False, therefore [math]x^p\,=\,p\,\ln\,x[/math], QED.
False, therefore [math]\ln\frac xy\,=\,\ln\,x\,-\,\ln\,y[/math], QED.
ln(x) = a where e^a = x
(e^a)^p = x^p
e^ap = x^p
ln(x^p) = ap
ln(x^p)/p = a
ln(x^p)/p = ln(x)
ln(x^p) = p ln(x)


ln(x/y) = a where e^a = x/y
set e^p = x and e^q = y
(e^p)/(e^q) = e^(p-q) = e^a
ln(x/y) = p - q
ln((e^p)/(e^q)) = p - q
by definition ln(e^p) = p and ln(e^q) = q so if ln((e^p)/(e^q)) = p - q then ln(x/y) must = ln(x) -
I never did a late transcendentals approach but I guess I can try, but I am a number theorist so I use log. Hope you dont mind. By definition:
[math] \log x = \int_1^x\frac{dt}{t} [/math].

The two properties you want to prove are actually just special cases of the property [math] \log xy = \log x + \log y [/math] so I'll just go for that.

Assuming [math] x \leq y [/math], [math] \log xy = \int_1^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} = \int_1^{x}\frac{dt}{t} + \int_x^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} = \log x + \int_x^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} [/math].

So now it is only necessary to find what [math] \int_x^{xy}\frac{dt}{t} [/math] is. Consider the substitution [math] u = \frac{t}{x} [/math]. Then the integral becomes [math] \int_1^{y}\frac{du}{u} = \log y[/math].

That proves the theorem. Cute. But late transcendentals is still gay.

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I have always liked mathematics. I am not very smart, and I can get discouraged sometimes, but I will work hard and pursue mathematics throughout college so I will become a professor!

What are you guys going to do?
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Regret that people unironically enjoy serialized anime.
>having this much mass contained in the average volume of a human being
anime snobs are faggots

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Lunar river bed.png
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Did the moon support water on its surface once?
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Really, dude?
This board fucking sucks.
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nobody is keeping you here

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