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Gas the /co/mblrfags
Toon war now

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Someone needs to dox this faggot.
It's the spammer who always posts
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It's Shit.png
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Not your personal army.
Not your personal army. Also that is against global rules. Fuck off to /b/ or T_D with this shit retard. We don't need people like you shitting up the board and making cringy posts that make us look like the internet hate machine.
Whoa, you found him. I thought that was just a retarded broken bot

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Well /mlpol/ you've done it.
It's been 5 years since I last wanked to ponies, but tonight I broke that streak.
I don't know how to feel. I feel ashamed and disappointed, but it was the best wank I've had in a long time.
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Welcome home mang, it's cozy here
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don't be a wanker.png
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masturbation is the road to complacency. nofap is the road to motivation, which is the road to success.

So I was laying in bed thinking about the Knight Code of Honor, chivalry, and I remembered what a teacher said: chivalry is dead. I say, we fix it! You might be asking yourself "why the fuck does husband normie want to bring back chivalry, and asking pol to join his little crusade" well, to answer that, look up the Ten Commandments of chivalry, as you can see, it says to go to war with any infidel, which, I thought you guys would love! Since, as you may all ready know, a infidel is someone who doesn't believe in your religion! Great huh? I say we try and trick people into getting on our side, since, most people assume chivalry is about being polite, we can use that as a start to get people to start agreeing we need to teach the next generation to live by chivalry! Since let's face it: our children are getting worse and worse, if we don't do something soon, we will have rude kids on this lovely site! The ones who have 9gag book marked, who have a Tumblr account, the ones who are absolute trash! So, who is with me to start the movement to I get back chivalry? I say we start the hashtag Chivalry is not dead, and say stuff like the current generation needs manners and the like. I came to pol to ask as, I think that most of your goals align with mine, which is great for me though I can't offer much, I can offer this: If we get chivalry into schools, this site will NOT go to the SJWs
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Tldr <3
> try and trick people to love nazies and ponycock

OP.... You either have it in you, or you don't.

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>screw the catalog just POST
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i want to nut in all ponies now.

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What should I do about these /mlpol/ memes?
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>tfw 2 of those images were posted by me
Make a pony porn folder. That's all I can say because you're going to get a lot of it here.

Is everybofy here using a VPN?

I hope you are and if not I encourage you to go and find a decent one. If Trump (as kek wills) is impeached, I can guarantee that the users of this board will be first on Pence's electro-shock therapy list.
I don't want to see any of my mlpolbros euthanized. Stay safe out there
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Kek memed Trump into presidency. He doesn't want him impeached. Kek fought Moloch and won. It's time to awaken Ra in the form of Celestia.
I think he meant Trump would only be impeached if Kek willed it.
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>Kek and Ra
>Chaos and Order
I don't know what timeline we're in, but we're going places.

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You're leaving me for ponies?! It's over between us, /pol/!
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now get the fuck out of my country.

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Any updates on the hwndu flag
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Check the catalogue you stupid frogposter.

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>cytu be/r/benisarea
srry but what do these hieroglyphics mean?
its a url duh

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Yes. There was a thread posted earlier. We won.
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mlpol hype(q).png
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this was posted here earlier, could be real, and I certainly hope it is real and we stay secret.
I'll only be convinced when all other april fools boards go down and this one is still here.

Does >>>/mlpol/ appreciate any other furry characters other than the one from ponies or you only strict yourself to a single show?
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You're missing out

All other furfaggotry is looked down upon and those who participate in it should be thrown into the oven with the rest.
I like some furshit, but overall can't stand the fandom or people that make it up. They definitely are off topic on this board

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O Hai Lyra.jpg
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>"Phew! Your pee-pee really stinks, Anon! Maybe you need some help cleaning it?" *wink*

Maybe if you washed that uncut heathen cock of yours once in awhile, Anon, this pony wouldn't have to suffer your smegma odor.
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I'm impressed. We made it 2 days before we saw one of these.

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>tfw u realize the world has gotten so fucked up that normies are worse than ponies now

When did it happen for you, /mlpol/ ? Mine was when my probation officer asked what gender I identify as and got upset as i laughed in her face.
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>When did it happen for you, /mlpol/ ?

seeing a smelly hijab wearing piece of shit at my local costco with her saudi prince husband telling her to cover her face. other people around me ignore it.

>religion of peace

islam is a disease
>probation officer
>breaking the law and getting caught in the first place
You don't belong here nigger. Leave now
Noep. been around since 2004 suck a dick fattie

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Actually serious who's in on the 24th, wanna know the scale of this.
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23rd, I meant April 23rd

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