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Can i just say i'm so happy to be back with you guys again?

/Mlp/ missed you /Pol/, really.

The board was kinda dying, but i think this will finally liven up things up again.
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So, would it be right to say that /mlpol/ is what happens when we call in the cavalry?

Do we need to design new meme battalion patches?
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No the ponies will be are black ops operatives. Their must be no evidence of the merger being
active after this moment.
/pol/ is alpha
/mlp/ is omega

/pol/s wiener unlocks the hidden orgasmic autism of /mlp/'s pussy

the reverberations of our love annihilate the kike
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Wrong pic

List some redpilled books ITT
Starting with the obvious
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A /pol/ favorite: Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler.
What is /mlpol/s opinion of the dune series. Specifically the original 6 books

Book 1 is great. The rest... not so much.

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As soon as a redditfag, cuck, shill posts, all I see is pony porn in response.
This is best tactic
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Won't this just lead to people pretending to be shills when they need their horse pussy fix?
o shit...

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debtors flag.jpg
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How serious are you?
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>USA asking money
>refugee still fucking around

shit is going to hit the fan in EU really soon

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Back on /mlp/ quite a while back I remembered when we used to compare boards and said to ourselves that /pol/ /mlp/ and /k/ are like the Axis Powers of 4chan. I guess meme magic is real.

So what does /mlpol/ think? Is the descriptions pretty accurate? Do you agree that we are the new powerhouse of 4chan?
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At this point /mlp/ is more japan then /k/ is.
Hmm, In some aspects I agree. Japan did spread out quickly and had to control everything. But also are lax and just enjoy their show, even if a bit too much at times.
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The true axis is /v/ /pol/ and /mlp/

By our powers combined we are the best and worst of the internet, epitome of the chans, the unstoppable autismos, outcasts of yesteryear, destroyer of worlds.

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Hey /mlpol/ I just saw the Twilight Garrison tapes that were banned from the internet a few years ago and I feel like i'm gonna fucking throw up and cry. I hate kikes as much as the next guy, but how could someone do... that to another human being? I didn't know it was possible to mutilate another living being like that with a fucking spoon.. and thats the least graphic thing in these tapes, i'm done, I just can't... Aryanne was right to kick her out of the SS for being "too extreme", nobody should witness such atrocities.
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Aryanne kicked her out because they had a misunderstanding over the role of government and its role in societal management.

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Good stuff

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kek bump
the only thing that could have made it better is if there was a bunch of porn in the box at the end.
it was touching.

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>Try to add /mlpol/ to Clover board list
>Won't let me
>Can't phone post
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Nigga what?
from what i've heard, overchan lets you add mlpol, although i haven't verified this myself
>That ad
What the fuck, man?

cards against humanity
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not bad rabies does good work

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>tfw cant browse mlpol on clover

just kill me now
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Use Overchan, it's a great app.
I'll give it a look
It's web based browser. Does it display adds? Because that's the reason I've been using clover myself.

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I hear this board will remain?
This this canon?
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it is foretold in the great book

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>eventually the main stream media learns about /mlpol/
>the media will try to investigate us and tell the world about how we are a new sub-culture hub of the """alt-right"""
>mfw when they see the pony porn and the nationalistic threads combined

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some normies already know
Shhhh...it will drop out of public eye soon enough.
Fucking kikes and their hired """""""""""""""""""journalists""""""""""""""""""""""".

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if digits we recover them before the end of the decade
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get fucked argie, the name of the Isles is Falklands and they'll remain British.
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Come on man, even if you did get digits, there are some things that are beyond even Kek's reach. Much like how the Falklands are out of yours.

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