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Who /immigrant/ here?
No walls around this board ;^)
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And no brakes on this train
We're not immigrants, we're pioneers.
Do we ride boulders to our destination?

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What do we do about (((larp5)))?
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What is Larp5?
it really is amazing how many idiots trust what he says, he rarely gives a straight answer
Ignore. We don't need him here.

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This board is in desperate need of an archival service. Any anons have a suggestion on how to accomplish that? Do we petition Hiro, or go direct to third party and forego any sort of 4chan archive altogether.
>t. Someone who wants historians to ask in /mlpol/'s glory someday
>pic not related
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manually archive what you need. we're going oldschool.
4plebs has been archiving, anon.
It's already done anon: http://archive.4plebs.org/mlpol/

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>be newfig that started browsing 4chen a year ago
>witness the foolpening
>laugh ass off
>withdrawal of this
>read all the feels in this board
>shred some tears
I can't
I just, can't!
Thing is this should get more organized and start with some politics and news, but.
Holy shit thank god I didn't miss out on anything, this day and yesterday were glorious
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It's good to see you, my fellow white man - more /pol/ threads need to be represented here.
come home, white man
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mindsick wojak.jpg
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The thing with /pol/ddit is, since it's just too many users, politics of all around get 'discussed'.
Hard will it be to talk about what goes on in south america I guess with the speed slowered and the posters reduced in half, but honestly I'm no master of internets
I just hope for the best

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Why not just send people around with smart phones and print redpills and memes to every unsecured printer we pick up on wifi? Getting the propaganda placed inside someone's home is much more effective than just leaving it lying around.

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back to your containment board
lol you just want some horsepussy. i know your angle.

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Post your memeballs here! OC is strongly encouraged.
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Here's a template

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So how long until My Little Pony becomes a hate symbol?
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9 weeks
I don't know, but when it does, my life will be complete.
6 gorillion seconds (~2 months)

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Mine seem al"t"right
whats wrong anon?

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This is /mlpol/'s first SKYKING thread. where we await the prophesied radio call.

Listen in at 8992 kHz USB

May skyking be with you always.
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Now that the dust has settled...did it really happen?

And if so, to what extent?
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Holocaust really happened, but it may not've been 6 million.
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Not enough.
Never enough.
Holocaust really happened but it may not have been 600,000

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Is he our guy?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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So i was thiking this today... if the world has less and less white people, and more and more of the world wide web hate jews and like hitler, does that mean that all the non whites around you have a Hitler fetish secretly?
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ERM I mean nu /pol/ is a bunch of mixed races masquerading as white lol, this has been known for a long time
I am referring to all over the web not exlusivley 4chan. Ive been seeing it all over
It cant all be newfags,... can it?
Prob like the Jewish guy placing bomb threats at Jewish synagogues that got caught 2 weeks ago. Prob just the JIDF planting false flags maybe, or I could be wrong

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Can someone explain me what the fuck is going on with Gibraltar?

Is shit really going to hit the fan or just the average /pol/ack paranoia?
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Spain is being a faggot over Gibralter.

British told them to fuck off, else they can expect another 1985.

Spain went to cry to the EU, EU told the Brits off, Brits said "fuck off" in return.

Spain is dumb enough to try it, and they'll get fucked when they do.

This. Spain is gonna get some nasty pressure from the UK, with a lot of support likely from the US and Cannukistan as well. And the rest of europe isn't gonna go along with spain's chimping out over the whole thing. Spain is gonna end with massive rectal trauma, and no one else is gonna give a shit.

Its gonna end up like Europe's support for the Falkands
i seriously expect if war breaks out between Spain and the UK for the EU to desperately ignore it while the UK and the US beat the shit out of Spain so hard it splinters into at least 3 different countries.

if the EU decides that suicide is for them and helps Spain, it's gonna be dismantled like the HRE was.

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We are being highlighted in popular threads. Luckily the link to it doesn't work but this isn't good for our secrecy.
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I saw a thread on the frontpage too.
dubs how do we deal with rule breakers
didnt even know 4chan had this. i haven't been to www.4chan.org in years.

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