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>stupid april fool's joke

wtf I love My Little Pony now
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wtf I love NatSoc now.
lel & witnessed

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Is Hasbro run by jews?
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Does Applejack shit in the woods?
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>My Pretty Pony turned into My Little Pony
>GIJOE and MLP movies toned down after bitching over Transformers
>Transformers live action movies
>Queen Celestia called Princess
>Twilight becomes prom queen princess
>still no G5
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Hey Meghan, know any jews at work?

Let's see how long this thread can go without posting porn or calling each other jews!
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Fucking Mormons.
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Those fucking Mormons do own a lot of things don't they?

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I like this place, im actually being nicer to people outside 4chan without all the irritating facebook/reddit/shill cunts

I think what we should do is goto incognito window, turn off adblock, and click on the ads. Go through the sites a little or leave them up in the background.

If gookmootie sees ad revenue coming from /mlpol/ it might help our case for staying
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Sounds like a fair plan anon.
/mlpol/ is strangely a great union. The problem is, at some point, the shills are gonna catch onto the fact that /pol/ has turned into a ghost town. Then they're going to invade here, and ruin it. We should make it like a secret board.
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>/pol/ has turned into a ghost town
I don't think so. I think nu-pol is still there, replying to bait threads and trolling each other with BLACKED threads. That being said, shills are going to try to infiltrate here too. We have a short window to educate the core community on how to spot shills and declaw them

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*cans intensify*

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I miss him

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this show is truly red pilled
We all do, Anon. ;-;


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>tfw if Hitler actually won we would most likely be living in an utopian society similar to equestria.
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Not me. My Grandad was a Serb

Had Hitler stopped after Czechoslovakia, I think that'd be perfect
We wouldn't be stigmatized for going on /mlpol/ everyone would think like us

>go to add /mlpol/ in Clover
>get picture related

Thank you gookmoot for saving us from phoneposters (I am aware of my hypocrisy)
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he should go one step further and block phoneposting period t b h
>you aren't allowed to use my app on unapproved boards, goy!

that being said phone IPs should be permarangebanned
Gookmoot is a great leader

> the joke board featuring cartoon ponies ends up being the legit best place for discussing politics on the internet...

What the fuck timeline did we cross.
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>What the fuck timeline did we cross.
The best timeline OP.
We just threw the shills out and resurrected another egyptian god. What more could you get?
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Time has run out.webm
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The one in which we lost.
And yet, we can still make it all right.

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Which pony would you vote to make your God empress?
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Slide thread. Ask a dumb question like this in an already active thread.
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Probably Twiggles. She's got the potential and attitude needed.

>Diplomacy first, but force when your home and loved ones are in danger.
>Devotion to bettering herself.
>Selfless, but not to an idiotic point.
>Extreme arcane power.

Just to name a few.

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Fuggin Habbening.jpg
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Where is the dump??????
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I want to fuck the shitskin out of Huma
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she needs some physical removal

It isn't /pol/ without jontron.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

What does /mlpol/ think about Rhodesia? Ponies and humans alike welcome to discuss.
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rhodesia discusion.png
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It needs to come back.
mugabe ruined everything
Another part of the British empire far better under colonial rule.

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Hi Applejack.
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I've got a question for you hoersfachers. Just what is it that sparked YOUR hatred for the jews?
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horsefucker here.

i always knew that something just didn't add up in the holocaust, everything just kinda stemmed from that.
Why are horsefuckers better company then Reddit?
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You guys made me check out the JQand I went from there.

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