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Lets find some things we can all relate to /mlpol/

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6 gorillion keks
Is there a pony Ben Garrison?
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ghost is full of gold.

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Is he dare I say, /ourguy/?
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exactly this kind of shit made shillpol what it is
fuck you

So um, tell me why this is still a thing? Not that I am complaining or anything. Is this board going to be permanent like [s4s]?
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All I know is that I can post horse pussy with wild abandon so it better stay
I fucking hope so.
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Yes, we're the secret politics board that scares reddit and ironic weebs away.
A place where we can be free of reddit, shills, and underage alike.
Our own outer heaven

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More horse porn please~! Jesus Christ I'm in fucking heaven!!
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>sub twilight

no way she's totally a dom

It sucks that you retards can't ever join an enlightened kik chat of REAL anarchists(fuck off capitalists)
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fuck off you cuck shill nigger lover
Jesus Christ you are cringey


Always sage
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Do not respond to bait threads. If someone else already has, dump lewds and sage without replying.

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I'm no good with it, but, Tanya von Degurechaff goes to Equestria CYOA when?
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when you write it
It sounds potentially hilarious but watch people fuck it up with edgy nazi shit. Tanya is there to be bullied by celestial forces and cause all of her suffering with her own mistakes.
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Thank you /mlpol/ for getting me interested in this series. I knocked it out in one day.

Gookm00t et all, if you are reading this: I will shill out dollars for a pass if you keep this board alive but unlisted.
This is your only chance to earn both my money and my respect. You fucked up in mixing our tribes, but in the very best way possible.

Deus Vult
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What do you mean by unlisted?

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>reading vox
how are they going to do that when burnouts cant even find a job.
either they canpander to inbred uneducated rural folk or young people. Not both.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

does /mlpol/ like murdoch murdoch?

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I'm a fan. I was gonna buy a shirt but forgot about it until after the deadline.

Part of me worried that somebody would recognize my racist nazi shirt and I'd get lynched or kicked out of school. So maybe best that I saved my 14 dollars and 88 cents, plus shipping and handling.
I wear this shirt in my college and no one gives a fuck. I live in Los Angeles too. Normies don't know what the identitarian symbol is

Yea, it's alright. Has its feels moments too

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Alright, I'm going to relax and watch a couple episodes before going to bed. I've been up for about 34 hours watching this board grow and flourish, It's certainly a great time to be on this site.

What are the best 3 stand alone episodes of MLP? I've seen up to the season finale with the Changeling, I'd like to watch something after that. Any recommendations?
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Can you tell us what you have and haven't enjoyed thus far? It might help to narrow down what sort of episodes you prefer (ie musical, action, ect)
A few of my favorites from the latter seasons
>saddle row review
>amending fences
>a hearths warming tale
I can't say there are any episodes I've felt strongly against. My favorite episode was Lesson 0, and I also liked the last couple episodes of season 1. I just prefer episodes without the CMCs as the main focus.

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I've heard that commie horse reforms. How well does that go? I find her cute, and her ideology is pretty much all that's keeping her out of my top 3.
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See >>182576

I was a brony from episode 2 to the end of season 3. I attended BronyCon 2013. I've actively avoided and shunned bronies after the decline of the quality of the show during season 3, and my trauma following the speakers crashing to the floor during the pg-pony-rave. Redpill me on why I should get back into ponies.
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Your post is off topic. Take it to
>following the speakers crashing to the floor during the pg-pony-rave
Tell me moar

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KEK /mlp/ is now a slow board cause of us. My own thread I made on March 31st is still on page one. (It's the crotchboob one if you care)

What have we done?
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/mlp/ was always a relatively slow board.

maybe luna is a nigger BUT is a hot one
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Has the government restored Toilet Paper yet VenezuelAnon?

Kill yourself degenerate
Do you have bread yet veneuala?

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