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What is friendship except attaining a degree of camaraderie with someone to the point where you can communicate via innuendo, and have enough shared history for in-jokes? That sounds to me like a rough description of how memes work.
So, if Frienship is Memes,
and Friendship is Magic(tm),
then logically, Memes are Magic.
The union of our two boards is fated, this will be the next step in memetic magical evolution.
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Hm. Really makes you think.
I think we can make use of our new boardmates unbridled (get it?) optimism to help further spread our message that the Holocaust was a lie.

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Did he do this for us
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No. For Barron.
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lit barron.png
83KB, 222x262px

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not a newfag but when the fuck did /pol/ change to /mlpol/ and who is respnsible? obviously this is a trick to keep the normalfaggots out?
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>not a newfag
April joke that led to a new /pol without shills. I'm totally fine with this.
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>not a newfag
>when the fuck did /pol/ change to /mlpol/

Wanna know how I know you're a newfag?

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why does the mlp fandom have a considerable lack of confederate ponys?
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The south is to busy fucking the ponies and forgetting to shop them
the only cousinfucker here is Applejack
Lies and slander. Apple Jack only fucks her brother.

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Can we have a sticky that tells us the actual rules of this board?

like its red but can we post horse pussy like on old /mlp/

and global rule 15 doesnt apply here obviously

is there anything else?
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Mods likely are not gonna give a shit about this place, much like other hidden boards. It's gonna be up to the posters to moderate themselves.

Horse pussy seems to be fair game but you should refrain from flooding the board from it, unless you're flooding a shill/bait thread (DON'T FORGET TO SAGE! Saging with a picture DOES work!).
It's being worked on. No idea if mods will sticky it though.
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1491192369808 (2).jpg
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Already going on here

>Saging with a picture DOES work!

Great to know

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Be me
>Be an exHardcore brony
>Be your typical /pol/lack
>I had work yesterday from 2 to 11
>I get home to find /mlp/ mixed with /pol/ for a day
>It worked better than anyone could imagine
>I missed it all
Does anyone have any screencaps of yesterdays threads? Just so everyone can see how it went
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dont worry pal the board is here to stay for the foreseeable future
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here's a good'un
i want to see them too please

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Daily reminder that there's no reason to ever go to mars or even study it. There's nothing of importance there, just don't even think about mars. It's just sand and rocks.
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Just gonna remind you that i'm TOTALLY not already there shitposting
Buzz Aldrin said there's a monolith there.
By last tally, is the portal on Mars, or still in Equestria?

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Hey guys. Glad to see everyone still hanging out nicely. What's new?
Also Twilight love thread.
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I'm not so good. Would feel a little better if you posted more porn
what's new is I've found my new designated board
I love you beautiful bastards

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Should I watch mlp? The only contact ive had with it is a futa comic that involved a human pinkie pie and a cupcake girl.
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Don't bother watching it. It starts out pretty childish and simple during the first 2 seasons and everything past that is when shit hits the fan. Characters isn't the character you loved, either pop culture/brony reference in every episode, lore is dunk off it add, and so forth. You're better off sticking with porn/fanfic than to watch the show.
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OP, don't listen to anyone about the show. Just watch a few episodes and see how you like it.
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start with season 2

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Get out of here pony fuckers!

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>Satanic quads
if dubs this opinion is denied

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murder 1.png
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I'm seriously surprised this board hasn't been gone. To be honest, I think I am starting to love this board. Anyone else feel the same way right now?
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Loved it from the start, my two favorite boards made one. While /mlp/ has been my home since it was created, now I get to be apart if a new board being here for it's birth as well, to help shape and guide it. It honestly feels really good OP, I feel really good. I haven't felt this good in nearly 4 years, fuck I am so happy and I love this board. There is so much potential here, so much to what we can do and become.
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Too add on, with all the exhorsefuckers from /pol/ I feel like I have reunited with a bunch of old friends. I honestly missed you guys.

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No. Third party sites are already archiving it I'm told.

This board doesn't exist.
ah, to keep the secrecy. fair enough

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Calmy waiting.png
82KB, 678x478px
Everyone, get in here.
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/vp/ reporting
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Been in da woods for a few days. What did I miss pol?

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Remember, the best solution is to not talk about /mlpol/ anywhere.
Think rule 1/2 of way back when. Difference is we're unlisted, so 90% of 4chan won't even know we exist.
>click the link
>Prepare myself for autism
>Immeditaly see someone post "Thanks for the screen cap, I'm too scared to go to 4chan myself"
>Close tab
I don't know what I was expecting
> April 1 12:55:45 2017 UTC

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