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Realistically speaking, when will he finally be able to deliver on his promises and what would it take for that to be possible?
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there's already one of these threads up, why make another one?
You're here in good faith, right?
Don't start replying if you think it's a shill





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To the MLP crowd here, what is your prefered pronoun? Should we call you "Bronies"? What other names do you like to be called?
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I'll just shitpost liberal talking points until I get a response.
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>What's your pronoun

God when you frame it like that it sounds fucking atrocious. But anyways, most people prefer the term horsefucker. "Bronies" is a widely hated term on /mlp/ for various reasons.
Know our pronouns bigot.
Horsefuckers or Ponyfags are fine

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Hey /pol/acks, since you're new to all this pone, have you experienced any of /mlp/'s classic literature?

If not, would you like it to be story time?
I dug this out of my closet just for you.
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I'd be game, so long as you give me a quick rundown on that comic.
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Uh, yeah, I'm going to say go for it. Today I learned about the origins of that weird fluffy shit on /b/ as well as this strange adorable gif I've seen posted several times since last night. I'm learning about all sorts of wacky shit I never knew I cared about.

Lay those pony pills on me, OP.

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Is browsing this board on the regular a threat to my overall mental health?
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Only if you refuse to adjust yourself to the pony porn redditor deterrents.
>redditor deterrents
If that's what you want to call it.
it only gets as bad as the spooks in your head allow.

> be 16
> get into ponies on /mlp/ as an autistic fuck in high school
> the shame gets to me and finally pushes me to better myself
> start exercising and playing team sports and learning how to talk to people
> leave /mlp/ for three years
> decide to develop more healthy, productive, and socially marketable interests
> such as politics
> become a nationalist
> can't talk about this in my area any more than I could my former horsefuckery
> my powerlevel is twice as heavy as abstract pseudo-furry urges and the voice of my ancestors pull at my soul
> the only people who share these problems hate each other
> then /mlpol/ happens

Are we all gonna make it, brah?
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>not being a furry brony nationalist

What are you, gay?
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I am everything you just listed. I think I finally found my homeland

I think furry stuff belongs elsewhere, though. pone satisfies all those needs and furry attracts rampant homosexuality, which ruins communities
This actually pretty much happened to me too, though I quit /mlp/ more towards a year ago and it was because I was finally done with my break from /pol/.
It's such a strange feeling. I miss my old /mlp/ folder and regret deleting it, it's perfect for right now

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We're not. We've already been given at least a week long trial run and a few mods apparently adore us.

Odds are we will be kept and left unlisted.
Whooooaaa. Down big philly. There you go. There you go.
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Hey, can a /pol/lack redpill me on Cutie marks?

maybe it's early for you all to have analyzed it in depth yet, but in short, Ponies are named after their special talent at birth, and when they realize what it is, they get their Cutie mark

any thoughts on the naming/qt mark?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

I member
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Share tips and tricks for redpilling your friends and family for our new /mlp/ kameraden.

Here's a video that explains the main struggle with redpilling and how to get around it.

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Thank you. Good to see useful stuff like this. Bump.
The Jews have a great playbook for this. Slowly increase the heat, but with a twist, use the truth instead of Zionist lies.
Sounds right on the money. Trying to do so right now with a friend who's so bluepilled, he'll write off innocuous film analysis about hidden themes that have nothing do with (((them))). Also thinks (((they're))) beyond criticism, so no clue where to begin.

Asked yesterday about this here and got sent "The Greatest Story Never Told". That ain't happening yet. We may be all pilled here, but unfortunately have also forgotten that the average Joe not in the know will write off ANY non-mainstream narratives about Hitler, Jews, 9/11, JFK or the like the second it comes up.

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I can't believe it. I still can't fucking believe it.
An April Fools day prank has mad me, a Fascist. A fan of My Little Fucking Pony
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Welcome to the fold.
haha. gay
Bronies are honorary /pol/acks

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Someone else is pulling at the strings
Something terrible is going down

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I'm comfy as fuck in this board. I fapped to pones for the first time in years. I feel happy. The shills are gone. You guys are beautiful. This is a magical place... Do you think it will stay up? Do you think it will stay hidden?
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Stay up, stay hidden. /mlpol/ is the new /trash/, but as they say...
>one man's /trash/ is another man's /treasure/
From what I've read around the board, it looks like the mods are keeping /mlpol/ around for a week at least.
I've seen other stuff suggesting this place may be permanent and unlisted.
We'll find out soon enough what the deal is.
However, it's obvious already that there's mods who are in love with this board and are trying to keep it alive.
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This board will stand. Kek wills it.

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Well I'll be damned.

I never thought ah'd see the day when the /pol/-samson option evolves into what we've got here.

Its been a long journey familam, but I am honored to have ended up here with all of you
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Thanks anon, our combined boards would be fantastic. I'm a /pol/ack, and our board is literally gone to shit. Until we regroup in this board and take back our original board from shill, we would accompany you bronies. /mlp/'s light side is a sure break for me.

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pizzagate filly.png
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Since the pones came back I've been literally unable to stop jerking off to them, I've jerked off like 8 times the past two days in a row, what the fuck do I do to stop this
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This actually made my night. Nice post OP.
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read this, then realize you automatically become a better person if you can resist the temptation of instant self pleasure
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>when aussies make great post again
I love this merger

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