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Ready for the mods to pin it?

I'm going to bed. Goodnight you magnificent ponies.

Editable if needed for changes (.psd): https://ufile.io/31846
Get a copy now in case it's needed later.
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this board is going in a wonderful direction
Numbers says, it is ready.

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This may be relevant.
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no fucking way.

>we are those horses
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He dreamed of creating the world's strongest horse.
And he succeeded.
>German army breeds horses for the military

fuck I hate the media so much

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holding hooves.jpg
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Let's get saucy
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How do we get rid of the smell?
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Take a shower
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it refuses to take a shower

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We go together, like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

/mlpol/ discord for anyone who wants to join
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>human pussy
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>minority pussy

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Do yall think the ottoman empire would still even be close to a superpower if they weren't btfo'd so hard when almost everyone turned on them
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>can discuss why earth ponies and zebras are inferior with intelligent like-minded individuals?
>AND post throbbing marecocks?!
I thought April Fools was all about joking around, not granting wishes!
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I'm trying to find Swedish rape statistics but cant seem to find anything legetmite. I'm just met with a bunch of "fact check" websites trying to disprove an increase.

Is there no way to view crime statistics from and official government site?
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Does a bear shit in the woodd
You won't find anything that normies would accept as evidence.

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>gookmoot decides that the best way to make himself more popular is to merge boards as a funny april fools prank
>ends up putting mlp-tan and pol-tan together cause he thought they'd tear each other apart and kill two birds with one stone
>they originally decide to keep to their own sides of the room and not bother each other and just wait it out since they're not fucking animals like the other tans
>about halfway through the day they both look at their computers and yell "FUCKING JEWS"
>they both spring up in shock and look at each other, blushing
>"s-so you hate the jews too?"
>after that they slowly scoot closer together throughout the day peeking at each other's screens every now and again
>by the end of the night they're talking and laughing with each other
>they're both also kinda tipsy from some cheap beer
>one thing leads to another and mlp-tan drunkenly dares pol to grope her
>grope-dares turn into fondles
>fondles into hand holding while posting
>then finally at the end of the night they're drunkenly making out and start fucking like rabbits right before the clock strikes twelve
>the other tans go in to check on at them at three in the morning only to find them cuddling and fast asleep
>they nail the door shut and never open it again knowing that mistakes were made
>4chan still has job openings for a new mlp-tan
>T_D took pol's job not two days later
>it was never the same

mlpol-tan when?
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This timeline is too much
>TFW season 7 eta 2 weeks
>TFW muh dick finds no rest

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Just wanted to say thank you /mlp/ you are real bros and thanks for making /pol/ great again. I hope we can keep this board going and form our own organic community.
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No prob, anytime.

>Russo-American empire when?
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I pray that it never happens, since it would mean that Europe has its shit together enough to require it.

Co-operation on putting China back on the shelf of history doesn't require full on alliance.

Now that some people from /mlpol/ and /pol/ are watching the show again or for the first time, that means we can do a deeper analisis about how the social system of Equestria works, and it's posible red pilling effects now that we have this new board!

Maybe the MLP fanbase started on 4chan for a very good reason after all ...
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Thats some interesting subconcious uniformity in walking right there son
Cutie Marks prove meritocracy. Or at least heavily imply it.
Isn't there a cultural marxist redpill in season 5?
How some army of similarity tries to make everyone equal but individuality and friendship win in the end?

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Should we revive the stigma towards bastards and fornicators?
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Fornicators yes, but I think the bastards should be left alone.
maintaining solid family structure is superior for the development of strong and independently thinking people with strong work ethic

being a dickhead to bastards is stupid though, wasn't their fault

also, this would require culture-wide acceptance to work

I don't know.
no hymen, no diamond

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