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Someone else is pulling at the strings
Something terrible is going down

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I'm comfy as fuck in this board. I fapped to pones for the first time in years. I feel happy. The shills are gone. You guys are beautiful. This is a magical place... Do you think it will stay up? Do you think it will stay hidden?
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Stay up, stay hidden. /mlpol/ is the new /trash/, but as they say...
>one man's /trash/ is another man's /treasure/
From what I've read around the board, it looks like the mods are keeping /mlpol/ around for a week at least.
I've seen other stuff suggesting this place may be permanent and unlisted.
We'll find out soon enough what the deal is.
However, it's obvious already that there's mods who are in love with this board and are trying to keep it alive.
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This board will stand. Kek wills it.

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Well I'll be damned.

I never thought ah'd see the day when the /pol/-samson option evolves into what we've got here.

Its been a long journey familam, but I am honored to have ended up here with all of you
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Thanks anon, our combined boards would be fantastic. I'm a /pol/ack, and our board is literally gone to shit. Until we regroup in this board and take back our original board from shill, we would accompany you bronies. /mlp/'s light side is a sure break for me.

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Since the pones came back I've been literally unable to stop jerking off to them, I've jerked off like 8 times the past two days in a row, what the fuck do I do to stop this
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This actually made my night. Nice post OP.
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don't be a wanker.png
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read this, then realize you automatically become a better person if you can resist the temptation of instant self pleasure
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>when aussies make great post again
I love this merger

>stupid april fool's joke

wtf I love My Little Pony now
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wtf I love NatSoc now.
lel & witnessed

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Is Hasbro run by jews?
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Does Applejack shit in the woods?
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>My Pretty Pony turned into My Little Pony
>GIJOE and MLP movies toned down after bitching over Transformers
>Transformers live action movies
>Queen Celestia called Princess
>Twilight becomes prom queen princess
>still no G5
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Hey Meghan, know any jews at work?

Let's see how long this thread can go without posting porn or calling each other jews!
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Fucking Mormons.
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Those fucking Mormons do own a lot of things don't they?

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I like this place, im actually being nicer to people outside 4chan without all the irritating facebook/reddit/shill cunts

I think what we should do is goto incognito window, turn off adblock, and click on the ads. Go through the sites a little or leave them up in the background.

If gookmootie sees ad revenue coming from /mlpol/ it might help our case for staying
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Sounds like a fair plan anon.
/mlpol/ is strangely a great union. The problem is, at some point, the shills are gonna catch onto the fact that /pol/ has turned into a ghost town. Then they're going to invade here, and ruin it. We should make it like a secret board.
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>/pol/ has turned into a ghost town
I don't think so. I think nu-pol is still there, replying to bait threads and trolling each other with BLACKED threads. That being said, shills are going to try to infiltrate here too. We have a short window to educate the core community on how to spot shills and declaw them

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*cans intensify*

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