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This was a good spot for the pony to take a nap.
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then she vores him with her butt
Nah just kidding.
Her cock snatches onto his muzzle then pulls him in slowly
My fucking cat does this all the time. She tries to shove her ass in my face and it's really annoying.
A cat is fine too

What does /mlp/ think of Researcher Twilight?
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Isn't it dead?
Pretty sure it's dead and the tumblr is gone.
Twilight bled out under the lifeless gaze of her madness machinery.

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Thing that sucks about most fetish general here is that there is too much self insertion with a shitty green.
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tfw no RDP: Past Sins
>eye candy only fetishes

You have derpibooru for art desu.
I don't even like green text. It was funny when it was tard stories or spagetti. I'm not going to read your self insert clopfic novella written like

Dear Princes Tiwlight Today i Learnt That Even You Can Learn a Thing Frmo Spechial Ed Kids a Downe Kid Taut Me That Black People Have Lower iq Than Whitey
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fuck you whitey
B I G _ H E A D S
hoping 4 big butts too

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These two ponies are only good as sex-slaves. They got no goal or future in the show anyway.
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Only AJ, Fluttershy is boring as hell

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It's been years since I last saw it, but I remember there was a pic showing a cockpit from the USAF fighter pilot's point of view, and a hand raising a Rainbow Dash figurine.

I was hoping maybe someone here has it saved and post it here. I'm desperately looking for it, so thanks in advance!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Today I've learned a very valuable lesson with the help of my friend, Vanity. Oops, I meant Rarity.

As long as you're beautiful, famous or powerful, everyone's falling over themselves to please you. It's just how the world works. So it is of utmost importance to regain your beauty and standing, should the worst come to happen. It's logical. Nopony gives a flying feather about a commoner who's either ugly, poor, or doesn't have connections in high places.
Social status is all that matters, I see that now.

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.
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>Rarity once again teaching the realest lessons
Best horse.
Most realistic my dick. Rarity's episodes always have the message swayed her way to make her look like she's in the right.

In reality she's an ego centric bitch who's always wrong.

oh yeah great talent she has for dress making. She just adds gems on everything and suddenly she thinks shit is good.
She's a talentless hack and a fraud. She should go back to mining gems for wizards and being a waitress or a maid.

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wow nuke.png
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when the nuke drops
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daily reminder.png
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Wow! If there was a nuke dropped near Twilight's castle I'd protect her precious snoot with my own body!
I wish it would

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I hear this relentlessly but why would /mlp/ 'implode' over nyx being added? Anonfilly was just introduced in the trailer and no one really gives a shit.

That's pretty much what will happen if she did get added. One guy would make porn trying to be 'edgy' then everyone would forget about her within a week.

Face it. There's been too many OC's added to the show already that we've become numb to it.
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nyx punch.jpg
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struck a nerve best friend?
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Fever Nyx.png
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I wouldn't really mind all that much. I like when they throw us savages a bone every once in a while. The fags who screech are just autistic preteens or fans of the fandom.

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Starlight Color.png
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Reminder that Glimmer is pink, not purple.
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Twilight Mane.png
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Reminder that Twilight's mane is blue, not purple, so Ember is colorblind or full of shit.
That's kind of a purplish pink
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Ishihara Test.png
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Reminder that 8% of men are colorblind—a startlingly high percentage—and many of them don't know it. If you see 21, 71, or 98, you are colorblind.

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