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Can we take a moment to appreciate that we've been on this ride for 7 years now?

7 years of our possible 80 years. This show and fandom, whether we want to admit it or not is a big part of our lives. Can we celebrate by having a comfy/nostalgia thread?

I'll dump what I got to set the mood.

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p798h-jki4I
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I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash.
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I want to cum inside Raimond VÄ“jonis
No you don't!

Reminder that all of the main characters are insane.
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Applejack is just overprotective for good reasons. Since there are literal monsters in the forests.

Rainbow Dash was just nervous.
Reminder that characters acting crazy was funny the first time but considered out of character in current seasons.
Applejack clearly lost it in that episode, nothing was remotely threatening to Apple Bloom until AJ drove her off.

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What do you think he thinks about seasons 6 or 7? What episodes from those seasons would he love or hate?
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Beats me which ones he'd like, but the ones he'd hate are,
Stranger Than Fan Fiction
28 Pranks Later
Every Little Thing She Does
A Royal Problem
Fame and Misfortune
He'd hate newbie dash as well. He would probably hate Glimmer as a whole since he considered the season 5 finale an atrocity.
his Korra review was very very good,I've got to admit it despite of the hate of e celebs

about the show.....more or less like here,he would have a much better opinion on season 7 than season 6

Why do people say that Glimmer is bald when that's how all ponies are?

Just look at how bald Rarity is. This is what ponies are like.
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People here are too retarded to know the difference between hair and a mane.
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Oh God it's true, and to think I thought all ponies' manes were huge bundles of cushion. But no, they're just thin hair pieces!
Because you need too have an higher than average IQ to understand Glimmer's character

Anyone notice this little gem in yesterday's episode?
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That's Rarity, she's been in a lot of other episodes as well.
>le gem

You need to go back.
You cheeky little...

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You don't browse mlp exclusively do you?
I used to and it was strange seeing spam and bait deleted on other boards.
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>even /b/ has better moderation than /mlp/
I browse /mlp/ and /g/ almost exclusively.
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/mlp/ is the only truly free board not ruled by edgy spergs.

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Glimmer Shimmer Nyx.png
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Kill one marry one rape one
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Kill Shim
Fuck Nyx
Marry Glim
Kill Shimmer
Marry Nyx
Rape Glimmer
Kill Nyx
Marry Glim Glam
Rape Shim Sham

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Do you want to see Rarity naked and soaking wet, at her most vulnerable?
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Didn't we see technically see that in an earlier season?
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Yes please
Yes please. I'd love to see Rarity as she was being born.

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So, Spike is probably going to end up with Ember, right?
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Ember cucked him for that bug. Spike is gonna end up with Sweetie belle
Thorax is gay.

When a pony stands on it's hind legs with their forelegs reaching out to you like so, it means they want a hug from you!
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Shoo! Bad pony. No upsies.
Why doesn't she have a navel on this pic ? There was a pic of Rainbow Dash with a belly button.

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Dark Edgy Pone.png
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You will never...
> Slip your hands under her armor and grasp at her soft marshmallowy pone underbelly
> Slowly unclasp her battle-suit and remove it leaving her bare, sweaty, battle-worn body
> Cuddle the the dark edge-pone until you break her and she finally succumbs to the snuggles
Why live?
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Why indeed
I want to behold her weiner
I want to lick her sweaty dock

Alright Bronies, real talk.
When Gen5 eventually happens (Maybe sooner, maybe later, who knows) Will you watch it? or are Ponies just a phase?
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fuck off retard
depends where they go with it. ill definitely give the first season a watch and then decide from there.
although ill probably be 50 by then.
Nope, Gen 5 will be absolute garbage. G3-tier shit.

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Her brother
>when whitey ask if he can touch yo affro
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I hurt myself today
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Finally have a use for this picture
To see if I still feel
Reminder that his daughter died thinking he hated her

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