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What emotion does this facial expression imply?
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emotion of 7 years of memes

I have an idea for a show. How about a spin-off of MLP that's targeted towards adult and bronies, with more adult language and topics? Would you watch it?
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I will only watch Glimmer spin-off. Oh wait, MLP has already become a spin-off with Glimmer as the main star!
No. The appeal of MLP for me was its innocent characters, cute moments, and idyllic outlook on life and friendship.

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cannot even.png
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Has someone made or can someone make a clip of Rarity on YT from the "I simply cannot even" to her squeal? It's too cute and I'm too retarded to know how to video edit.

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>It's too cute
>Cringy twitter speak.
Kill yourself.
It's how Rarity is saying and that it's coming out of her mouth. She's like the basic bitch stereotype so it's really cute and funny.
Why is this trailer so fucking unexciting, holy shit their marketing sucks cock.

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>Rarity shoulda have been redesigned for the whole season!!!

Right because you totally wouldn't throw a massive shit fit over it?
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Ah this design reminds me of Nightmare Rarity, I loved her design
Since the other thread was bumped

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Post your face when the Movie flops and Stephen Davis declare no more MLP movies.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Does Equestria run on Capitalism? Do ponies have to pay tax to Luna and Celestia? If somepony's business is doing well does nobody care and do they starve to death or is there a kind of socialistic safety net to prevent this?
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Special ponies like Twilight and Starlight doesn't. The rest, yes. Fluttershy is a welfare case.

Even Rainbow Dash used to have a job before becoming a Wonderbolt.
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Fair warning: behave.
So if a pony gets a cutie mark in something that isn't profitable at all like rock farming for example or making finger puppets, are they screwed for life?

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>"Earth ponies are usele-"
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Could be a pegasus
OP let's talk: wouldn't it be simpler if you and your unicorn / pegasi counterpart started threads with "MY FAVE PONY RACE IS THE BEST, DIE YOU OTHERFAGS"?

It's painfully obvious you guys only want to start shit, and it forces us to call for plots. And you know you can't stop plots.
It's a statue. Literally any of the races could've made it.

Sci-Shim's armpits probably smell as bad as Sci-Twi's.
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At least we know yours do for sure neckie
Spam more EQG threads please, we need more

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is this graph right?
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I think it needs a steeper slope and it's probably an exponential growth curve

I actually like Evil Starlight more than the reformed one desu
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Trixie get off of /mlp/
Why isn't she allowed on /mlp/? You racist against lesbians or something?

Anon, Trixie does what she wants.

>Zecora walks up to you.
>She notices your boner at the sight of her.
>She looks at it, then laughs.

With such a small dick,
you'll never get my lick.

>You cry internally.
What do?
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>"Who said 'lick'? In the butt I'm gonna stick"
Be glad I'm a nigger. When you're brown, your sausage is always bigger
>inb4 outraged tiny peeper whitebois
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Mostly, but that's not entirely true. Ma nigga.

We were wrong, not just the Rarity but the whole main cast gets BARBED!
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Nigger cat gets all white horse pussy boiii
Have you heard his voice?
It's BLACKED now as far as I am concerned. I knew it was a black actir but I was not expecting him to sounds like a fucking ghetto nigger
Where'd you get this screenshot

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say something nice to the newly weds!
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Everyone knows AJ is straight
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oops, wrong image!
You shouldn't be cheating on Twilight with Applejack, Dash. Especially on your wedding day!

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spikes mustache.jpg
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Every time Twilight used this spell, someone in Equestria lost their mustache
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looks better on spike anyway
Amazing how it always managed to look like a black handlebar moustache then. Was it just that popular with stallions back in the late 2000s?

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Not really a big fan of FiM but I've been watching it a lot recently. I'm kinda curious though, seen this cute little guy some places but never seen him in the show. What pony is this guy?
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Sunset Shimmer
This is not from mlp
He's messing with you, that's Sunset Shimmer.

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