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So how does magic work? Starlight mentioned it needed to have a resource but what is that resource?

Have they ever clarified anything regarding magic?
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Alright, I am back to shitposting with Glimmer pics since you fags cant discuss anything else.
Starlight mentioned that the power of her magic is connected to her emotions, so when she was getting mad at Trixie she bottled up her anger so she wouldn't destroy her
Starlight is a rural retard who was homeschooled, don't listen to her.

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Where were you when Anon Filly became canon?
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Go back to your containment general.
Reminder a nyx doll appeared in Rainbow Dash's old room

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>half a million views in 12 hours

Fandom's dead you guys
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>View botting.
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they just wanted to see raricute
Woah, what a cutie!

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I've been really bothered by this /mlp/ and it's making me super depressed. How do you deal with the fact that your waifu isn't real?

The more and more I ruminate on that thought and the more and more I see that an afterlife is impossible, the more depressed I become. I love her so much. All I want to do is kiss her and hug her and talk to her. But she's not real. Does that get anyone else down?
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Alright, real talk: Does anyone here unironically love a character on the show? I know this board tend to attract the special-ed kids but c'mon.
I don't know, i imagine she's with me and it feels real enough.
Honest to god i feel content with just pretending she's with me, hugging her and speaking with her.
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It still hurts

So they are basically the same character now (twilight and starlight)
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One is the princess of friendship, and the other is pink Twilight. Learn the difference.
One more reason why Starlight was a mistake
yes, thats been the whole complaint

Half of Equestria wants to fuck his wife.
The other half wants to fuck his little sister.
EVERYBODY wants to fuck his baby.

What's a guy to do?
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Fuck him.
Revel in the fact that as the princess of Love itself, Cadence could have literally anyone on the planet as a potential suitor, yet chose him.
Shining's mom is for sexual.

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>Punk Rarity isn't a permanent character redesign
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However it should of lasted for the rest of the season. timeskip is lazy writing

Raripunk is already impossible to remove from the fanbase, though. It was too good. It'll stick, like Pinkie in a saloon girl outfit, because it's so striking.
this the couple month time skip they did at the end sucked should have been punk rare for at least 3 episodes but i guess that's too hard for the animators to do

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Is anyone else getting tired of Rarafags spreading their cuck fetish?
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Reminder to report OP for ban evasion, people who post in this thread after me.
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And another reminder that NRDT is a beta faggot
Surely he will run out of IPs someday?

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I mean, there was a ton of people taking phone pictures and videotaping Juniper as a giant magical retard at the mall, you know that shit had to go up on Youtube and social media.
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It's assumed fake, just like skin walkers in our world.
Or lizardpeople illuminati.

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>tfw MLP will never have kid characters as well written as Meelo
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The fartbender and misunderstood artist?
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That is him.

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