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>unsheathes crowbar
"Psh, nothing personnel... Cake twins!"
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>be OP
>boyfriend unsheathes dick
"Psh. Nothin' personal, Senpai"
>OP proceeds to suck his bf off
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haha ebin my dude
screencapped for /r/funny4chan
nice digits.

kill yourself desu.

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I have an idea for a spin-off: It's about an adult Spike dealing with depression. It'd be kind of like Bojack Horseman.

Would you watch it?
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Most likely no.

Why not?
I'd play the cyoa

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718: It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
Written by Josh Haber

The Movie Prequel #4 & Legends of Magic #5 storytimed here!

My Little Pony The Movie: Adventure Awaits storytimed here:

My Little Pony: The Movie comic book adaptation's preview here

How'd you like the episode? Was it fun to see the familiar faces? And the... unfamiliar predicament Rarity found herself in? How about her turn out? What happened in those missing months?

Previous thread.
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The Art of My Little Pony The Movie storytimed here!
The Movie Junior Novel is still storytimed here!
The Movie The Great Princess Caper stil storytimed here!

718: Daring Done?


719: It Isn't the Mane Thing About You - When Rarity's shampoo is accidentally switched with Zecora's magical remover potion, she does everything she can to fix her devastated mane in time for an upcoming photo shoot.

720: A Health of Information - While helping Fluttershy gather supplies, Zecora comes down with a terrible disease called Swamp Fever; even though a cure has not been discovered, Fluttershy makes it her mission to heal Zecora no matter what it takes.

721: Marks and Recreation - Wanting to help as many blank flanks as possible, the CMCs start a Cutie Mark Day Camp, but are surprised when one of their campers doesn't want a cutie mark.

722: Once Upon a Zeppelin - Twilight is torn when she discovers the cruise she and her family are on is a themed vacation experience in which ponies have paid for the privilege of spending time with her, and she must please both her family and the cruise attendees.

723: Secrets and Pies - When Pinkie Pie thinks she see Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst - that Rainbow Dash secretly hates her pies; Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies.

724: Uncommon Bonds

725: Shadow Play, Part I

726: Shadow Play, Part II

MLPG Event/Activity Calendar!
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So does anyone else remember when Hasbro did that investor meeting and revealed what many people thought would be Starlight's castle? I think I found it.
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Yea we know, it's a school
Thats not glimmers castle thats twilight's friendship school where she and the mane 6 becomes teachers of friendship.

You know what would be a fun prank to pull on AJ and the apple family?

Digging up their parents decaying bodies and putting them around a table inside the farm after desecrating their faces with your seed
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Chrysalis, go back to bed. You are drunk again.
>"Consarnit, Anon! Not again!"

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Why am i 100% the most Coolest pony in equstria? give me a big list of the reasons or ill steal all your waifu's
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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나는 무지개 대쉬 내부를 질내 사정하고 싶다.
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If I know what this says, does that mean I speak the language?
Dashfags are bestfags

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Reminder that Flight to the Finish is easily the most well written episode in the show.

MLP managed to tackle several adult issues with this episode. Sure there is the obvious Scootaloo's disability issue, but there is also the more subtle issue regarding diversity. The point of the episode was to show that the CMCs differences were what made them strong and that they should accept themselves regardless of what any one else tells them (as seen with how Scootaloo trying to be someone else affected their performance).

The CMC ultimately won because they embraced their differences and used them to their advantage. The real strength of this is the fact that this episode handles the issue of embracing diversity in an extremely subtle manner, instead of being a lazy message for diversity which just haphazardly places diverse people together, this episode takes characters who happen to be different from each other in order to show us why diversity is good.

The fact that this episode was so mature and the messages are subtly and well executed makes it all the more confusing as to why Ed Valentine would go on to write Carts Before the Ponies, an episode that does exactly the opposite of this.
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It was a very good episode but Princess Spike was better
You fell for the bait
>show discussion is b8 now
No wonder people just glimmer post.

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I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash.
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Dashfags are bestfags
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I want to cum inside Jeff Goldblum.
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I want to cum inside a thread called "I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash."

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