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Do you guys think that an episode where we just see celestia and the other princesses turned to stone would be good if they just kept the same camera shot and focused on everything that happened in that one frame?
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There have been cartoons that go all avant garde like that
But this is Hasbro we'r talking about
>hear sounds of battle in the background
>a bird poops on Celestia's nose
Don't think hasbro is bold enough to try that?

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This is how a pony undergoing chemotherapy would look like
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They look oddly dignified this way.
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I still want to fuck it oddly

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Pinkie will never like your seamen as much as mine.
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>Pinkie owns a Dreamcast
What a fucking weeb.
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I want to cum inside Seaman

This video will make you popular
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Why is it when I make a pony tier list, all of the mane 6 land in either shit or low tiered and all of the supporting characters are high to god tiered with Glimmer being the best?
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Because those are your opinions and you're making the list.
Gas all Glimmerfags
>Glimmer being the best
lol, no

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Do a drawing of your favorite pone.

Drawing Rarity means you're a condescending little fucker.
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I like muscleshy.
who is this humanoid?

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Trixie is my favourite
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The only good thing about the new rarara episode is that it will be about her being tormented the entire time.
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Dashfags, everyone
I don't even like Rarity and I still find it hard to believe anybody could be this objectively wrong.
this entire thread is bait. sage and let it die

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You finally decide to neck yourself and travel to Equestria to live with all your favorite pony friends. However you end up in Wonder Pony Land instead.
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do they have horse pussies?
No. Human ones.
What happens when I neck myself again?

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Sooo... anyone else ever stumble upon this before? I give the va credit as he did his homework on the characters and whatnot but, meh, I was hoping for something along the lines of MST3K humor.

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I'm guessing not, then.
So is it good or not, OP?
It depends on the type of humor you're into. Basically it's "the director" explaining the various trials and tribulations of "filming" the pony "actors" to make the episodes. It's like a mocumentary where it assumes the ponies are real. It's not HAHA funny but it's entertaining on another level. The guy did take time to get to know the characters though before he just riffed on the episodes.

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Everfree's magical properties suddenly overlay over the entirety of Equestria. Would your pony waifu be able to weather the catastrophy? Would she be on the front lines restoring order? Or would she wait out the storm in a shelter somewhere?
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With the weather becoming untameable, I'm sure that the rainbow factory would hit critical and explode in a matter of moments. Because the cloud structure would collapse into itself. The same could be said of all cloud-based facilities and domiciles. So Pega's would be forced to live on the ground, in the mountains.

Depending on your view of personal views on Earth Ponies, you're looking at a heavy nerf or near complete nerf. Being unable to do Earth pony 'magic' on crops and whatever, they'd have to make do the normal way and hope for the best. They might even only be able to do manual labor after that.

Unicorns would be the best off, hands down, with nothing really changing.

Pegasai would get the worst of it, with their whole world and way of life potentially shattered. Earth Ponies getting a nerf of some degree but their way of life generally unchanged or near scott-free Unicorns.

Now then, if that's the extent of it, then thats that. Now if that included a rise in Monster Population, things would get dicy.

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Getting a new PC soon, post your best Wallpapers!
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I have, like, fifty more of those wallpapers. You want them one by one, or a mega link?
one by one
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silhouette ab.png
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Fuck it. You took too long. Here's a mega. I'll also upload one by one if people only want a few

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A long time ago there was a few threads here which started this story about a Colt, probably a teen in the story, who's mom was Fleetfoot. The premise was set around Spitfire looking after him for the summer. It had them end up banging after specific circumstances like Spitfire's abusive boyfriend who she ends up breaking up with, the two getting drunk and other stuff. It was a real good story, and wasn't in greentext. It used to be on FIMFiction but just today I went looking for it and couldn't find a trace of it at all. It was a romance, slice of life type story. I'm curious if anyone knows what happened to it or has it saved somewhere, I really wanted to read it again.

General Spitfire thread too, I suppose
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>lel where's a story where Spitfire is fucking some random teen OC
>also Spitfire thread
Kill yourself, faggot. Get this literal cuck shit outta here, someone make an actual Spitfire thread.

I watch the show
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No you fucking don't.
Yep. Being a brony is the only reason I ended up on /mlp/ and I'm sure everypony else here is the same way. The people who are constantly complaining about
>muh little girl's show is doing things I don't like!
are just /a/ subverters and barneyfags.
Have you watched all the episodes? If not please get >>>/out/

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I feel like the show doesn't bring up Starlight's past about her village more often. It's just comedy gold.
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Guys please remember to report glimmer shitposts.
Dumb Glimmerposter.

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