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>when the best waifu has the worst color
did you ever play the TCG, /mlp/?
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Pick one.
its fucking shit senpai. everything except maybe shitty purple is better.

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This fucking game.
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The game was fun when you could get infinite log-in bonuses during the first hour of daylight savings time.
This game was NEVER fun. I want an adventure game.
>1k diamonds for daybreaker
>Its actually almost 70 bucks amount worth of diamonds
What did they mean by this ?

BTW how did you manage go so far at such a short time ? did you have all bonus poitns ponies or what ?

Guys, have the pones discovered steel?
Seriously, we discovered steel with science n' shit (Iron+carbon), but in MLP the only science they know is alchemy. Plus, they can just do anything with magic. Does that mean ponies use only elements to make stuff? In EQG (The equivalent of our world) has cars, which means they probably discovered steel the traditional way, what about in Equestria? We have seen places like Manehattan, but what if it's all iron or some magic metal? Throughout the show, I think we haven't seen any real science as we define it here in our world. Just magic and alchemy.

Pic related, it's a train. Trains are mostly made of steel in our world, so would the train be made of iron or a mix other materials? This is really fucking with me.
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I like to think there are "laboratories" hidden all over Equestria
So like stations where unifags are slaved away to make materials?
I'm pretty sure preindustrial civiliazations were able to make crude alloys of steel too. Ever heard of Damascus Steel?

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After kisscartoon went down all of the others were looking sketchy as hell and you can't usually download from the fake
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Go to yay ponies like everyone else
where else?
> gayponies

Try this: https://xxnightmaremoonxx.de/

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Could Magic have removed the super sticky string?
Pinkie must have had some way she intended to remove it that wasn't a potion
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Does bumping shitty threads get you hard or something?
>IP Count is at 3
>3 Replies

I'm OP and bumped my thread once, use a bit of logic

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photo rarity
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>first sneezaversary

that shit happens without the first day or so of your life. So has the entire show taken place within a year or so?
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Maybe poners sneeze differently.
It has been at least 2 years

>Sleepless in Ponyville and Campfire Tales are exactly one year apart
>Rarity just sat on her ass being a punk for two months with nothing interesting happening to either herself or any of the other major characters on the show

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zecora's neck.png
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>Let me give you two identical, unlabeled bottles of different brews, making it far more likely that it is Rarity's hair she will lose

What did she mean by this?
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Zecora holds a grudge against the mane 6 because only twilight apologized for wrecking her house.

Remember how badly she wanted an apology from apple bloom after she took her heart's desire? Despite this being a lesser crime than what the mane 6 did. Zecora ultimately did forgive AB, because she gave a pretty profuse apology, but she clearly holds a grudge against the mane 6.

Heads up, the MLP Movie is about race relations with all of the other kingdoms outside of Equestria. Prepare for some hot SJW shit.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Pony creator thread cont.

Post your epic OC's below. Remember not to steal.

http://create. mylittlepony.movie/

Last thread: >>30927132
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Wanted to make the gayest looking OC possible, but the color sliders suck ass. The name it spat out was perfect, though.
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Butterfly Jubilee.png
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Kinda like this one actually
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I made this yesterday, I like it a bit.

no steal pls

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