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How do I start epilating? I don't know anything about skincare or exfoliating or anything
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you buy an epilator, retard
I already bought one. Why are you being so rude?
i dont understand the question

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How rare is it to be agender? I've identified as agender and asexual since I was a kid, and while asexuality seems to be talked about, you don't really hear about gender-neutrality often. Or are all asexuals assumed to be gender-neutral for some reason?
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I was androgynous and quite asex when i was young 16ish turns out i had low test .t. Bi male here
Its not a rel thing you fucking nigger
I don't know what rel is, sorry.

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which is a better bf, someone with 6-8% bodyfat, or the same amount of muscle with more fat on top?

I've never understood why people want someone with minimal bodyfat. it would be like fucking an anatomy model, a spooky muscleskeleton
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I find right disgusting and left super hot. I don't know why fampai, it's just how it is.
Because it's hot? Duh
it is worth looking into the psychology/thinking behind this though

have you ever had a bf like that? what does it even feel like? they would be so bumpy... you can see every last ligament and piece of tissue — their body looks like the inside of a chicken wing

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I've been dating a guy for about three and a half years now and over the weekend, he admitted to me that he sometimes identifies as a woman. Looking for suggestions on how to make this easier for him to feel comfortable exploring his fem side. I just wanna be a supportive gf. Thanks
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He "sometimes identifies" as a woman? How did he figure that one out?
Buy a shotgun.
Honestly, I'm not even sure. I just want him to feel comfortable, you know?

>looking to get thicker eyebrows
>has very high set eyebrows

What should I do? Any oils or hair growth remedies that actually work? How should I tweeze them once they grow out?
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I'm a man with thick eyebrows, what you can do is not shave them. Just leave them alone completely, let it be natural.

99.99% of guys do not tweeze their eyebrows.
>How should I tweeze them once they grow out?
>wants to be a man
>but still acting like a woman
wew lad, no man touches their eyebrows
I don't think eyebrows matter. I never really notice it on men. Just look at blond guys.

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>tfw will never be part of Eli's gang and terrorize cis scum with them
Is there a worse feel in this world?
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Cis people aren't the enemy.
>these "people"
>terrorizing anything
No way jose
I swear, this group looks like the same type of autists as Milo Goddamn Fucking Stewart.

BFF's Edition

•Makeup tutorials : http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
•Male vs Female measurement data:https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
•Correct hormone levels:http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
•Checking your levels:http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
•Reducing Musclehttp://www.trans-health.com/2001/lose-muscle-gain-fat-dieting-for-mtfs/
•Size charts:http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
•Transition time lines:http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
•Voice Training:https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
•Voice Help:http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/

Previous thread >>8188047
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this is a nim thread

only i can post in this thread okay?
please pray for my sons Thursten and Gorse who have just glued themselves to a curtain,

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Do women actually love the fishy and other kinds of smells their vaginas produce , but play it off that they hate it? Like guys who love the smell of their vinegary balls however aren't ashamed of it. I swear my girl just refuses to clean her cootch always has a funk.
She also eats straight junk food but not much cause she's poor. How do I get her to eat better? She says she won't eat vegetables they're disgusting no matter how they're prepared. Is she just retarded? Should I dump her ass?
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She LOVES the smell. Just don't confront her about it she'll cry herself to sleep.
my balls don't smell like vinegar.. if they did I'd worry.

>She also eats straight junk food but not much cause she's poor. How do I get her to eat better? She says she won't eat vegetables they're disgusting no matter how they're prepared.

she sounds like a toddler
do you have low self-esteem or something? why are you dating someone so gross?
Idk but I think that's one of the things that contributed to me being gay and loving men so much.

I remember my very first sexual contact was with a girl in middle school. I was young and didn't know much. This smiling girl pulled me aside one day and stuck her finger in her vagina -- I was a little confused then she sticks it under my nose.
COD LIVER oil ! Hot cod liver oil just over whelmed my system.

I had never smelled anything like it before! 1.5s later my body just starts to shake and I just vomit everywhere. It was easily one of the nastiest moment I've had in my life. She just starts to laugh.

Not a good first experience. It fucked me up and I was left confused years after as to why straight guys where so crazy about women.
'Ewww why they are nasty as fuckkkk!'

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https://youtu.be/-HYX8MXcyTM [Open]

I'm a college student that needs 4K views on my LGBT suicide awareness campaign to get an A. Help?? Open to crit.
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filming post it notes seems really lazy ngl. also I don't see how colleges mark a piece of work based on views. seems p stupid
It is it is
Why are you paying money/going into debt for bad grades on useless subjects?

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What percentage of people are actually bisexual? It seems like a lot of women claim to be to get attention.

>pic unrelated
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Why do we have like 4 of these fucking threads?
Most people are bi, most are in the closet, most girls have a bi phase or become bi in general because in most societies it's easier for a girl to explore their sexuality and not be socially penalized for it compared to males, so a lot of guys stay in the closet.

End of story.
Stop making this fucking thread.
>Most people are bi,
Not according to everything I've read. The largest % I've seen was about 14% of people thought they weren't "strictly heterosexual", which included people who were gay. Being generous and saying 5% of those were gay and even if you double the remaining 9% to 18%, you are nowhere near "most".
Assume you're in the closet, a random person approaches you in the street out nowhere and asks you if you're bi?
What do you answer?
"No, i'm straight".
And there you go.

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i know one...i'm just really awkward so it's hard for me to talk to someone that i wanna bone so badly
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What a gross picture

How do you know them
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Don't do it. It's too much. Sex in the morning, sex in the shower, sex for breakfast, lunch, and, dinner, back in the shower, just before sleeping and any leisure time you have will be dedicated to pleasing the fucking semen demon. And like a vampire that never lets go, they will drain you dry before day 3 is though.
take my advice, dude
don't date a trap ever.

i dated a trap for about 3 and a half weeks, and about 2 weeks in it was too much for me.
they were pretty mentally ill, and i thought i could deal with it, but holy shit they were round the bend

sex was great though
took their virginity and all

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Is it okay for people to call LGBT people "Them" or "They" if they have a problem with gender pronouns, etc?

This mainly applies to Transgender people, but anyhow.
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genderqueers prefer to be referred to as "they" or "them" which is retarded as fuck. If you have a problem with gender pronouns you need therapy.
You'll be lucky to get 'them' 'they' etc out of me. Thats as far as I am willing to go. But that phe/ze/xe/xir etc. can fuck right off, I won't do that otherkin crap.

He/she are the only acceptable pronouns

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what does your room look like?
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Im a dungeon master.jpg
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str8 mtf

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Pansexual Thread
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I came all over a pan, threw eggs ontop of it, and mixed it with chopped beef. The guests didn't know what was on their plates that night.

whatever, virgins
Is it pansexualism if I heat up oil on a pan and pour it on my dick?

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I know how to solve the whole naming convention regarding biological and mental classification.

Are people merely the reaction to hormones in terms of physical and mental developments?

Why are people naming themselves after either their sexual organs and their sexual preference?

Can anyone explain why there are so many uptight lgbqt members that flaunt their sexuality, and some don't even bring it up at all?

The solution is to drop the identification and the limits imposed on that name and to simply be defined from what you do, not what you call yourself or other declarations of sexual deviancy. I know people who happen to be gay, I don't give a single fuck because they can do the work that I can't.
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you are stupid and don't know how things work
just like your asshole you have your opinion
yes, and it is better than yours.

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