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How can we stop the alt right from destroying us?
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They seem to self-destruct just fine.
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>"alt right"
>destroy us
But they are growing stronger

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deleting all the bisexual threads?

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bi-scum pepe.jpg
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M8, you do not even know what the mods are doing in /pol/
Well, what ARE they doing?
>bisexual thread

obligatory theme song:

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>be /polgbt/

>spending time with my fellow fashy goys

>mom comes in

>says "Are you talking about those penis women with your gay friends again?"

>I say "Mom!" "They're called traps and it's not gay, it's called alt-right!"

>she leaves

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Hello Reynard.
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We need more threads like this.
hey at least she didn't misgender us!

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Hey legbutts. Just found out that I'm indisputably agp. What even is the point of such a thing existing? Is there really even anything legitimate about this mode of being? Why shouldn't I just blow my brains out right here and now.
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>Why shouldn't I just blow my brains out right here and now.

If you can pass, you'll enjoy your life and not even be bothered by AGP anymore. If you can't pass, yeah, you might as well.
It doesn't matter whether I can pass or not. There's nothing ok about this. It's not a good feeling to have.

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I cum faster to gay porn but I cum harder to straight porn. I am not attracted to mens faces but cocks do make me hard. am I gay or straight.
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Chaser of MTFs
You're bi. Is this really that hard to figure out?
just watch tranny porn so you can cum faster harder and stronger

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How do we heal the relationship between T and LGB?

Trannies are the most hated group on 4chan. There's probably more of a fan following for school shooters and serial killers.
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I wish the lgb didn't hate me. I get told to kill myself daily on 4chan which doesn't affect me at all but for some reason when lgbt people tell me mean things it hurts a lot.
Same, girl. I'm pretty sure I (and we) did literally nothing to antagonize them and they post hateful threads daily. It's sad.
Stop being such self-centered narcissists for starters.
Nobody cares how much Estrogen you are currently taking.
Nobody cares how big your ribcage is.

Try an talk about something other than your ability to pass for a change.

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How do I become gay? Like I really like the idea of it but I just don't like the actual boys that much. Like I know gay guys are with girls all the time and have lots of female friends. I want to be like that because I just connect with females more easily then males. Like they are easier to talk to. Idk help pls. I'm trying to like look at striaght porn then when I'm about to finish look at a dude. Idk I need help.
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Have you ever had anything in your butt before?
Well yes it feels okay but I just don't like the idea of a being with a man. Like its hard to describe I loveeee being with women I really do so much like its just the best to me really. I think that women are much superior to men and I don't think I deserve to be with one. I also don't like the idea of a man because hair their hygine and just men blehhh.
This is such shitty bait.
You can't just "become" gay.

You have to pass the ancient trial of Homos, and be chosen as worthy, obviously.

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This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts? Also, guess whatletter I am
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You're a G, and I look like that. Sadly I'm only into feminine guys/Women.
You're probably some fem G twink

t. Fem G twink who wants a bf like that
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>Also, guess whatletter I am
Either a bottom gay male or a gay FtM.

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age gap.jpg
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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Women in Uniform edition

What's your favorite uniform? Do you wear one?
About image: "16 April, 2007. A girl becomes embarrassed after giving flowers to a female US soldier on duty in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul."

Here are a list of filters via pastebin. They help by removing typical bait. Please use them during raids. Should you notice a particularly incessant shitposter, work together and exercise the ability to HIDE and REPORT.
If you have a mic, take a look at the Discord pastebin. Join us for daily shit posting there too!
Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
Parlez-vous fran├žais? Here is a discord for the frogs: https://discord.gg/3Ry8yaE

Recent News
>Dear diary, today was wholesome
>There is one lewd picture of Austria in existence. (What a cutie)
>What do you mean be dom/sub It's some BDSM shit or what?
>Anons go through bouts of depression and bundle up against the chill of no gf
>Girl takes a qt out on a picnic
>life is so fulfilling
>Anon took a step towards being the Italian girl's friend!
>True, fatties should be exterminated
>Competition heats up to be picked to sit in a gym woman's lap
>Polyanon's gfs are both on their periods
>Anon is lactose intolerant and autistic
>Have you ever seen an ass so good you could die right here, right now and still be happy?
>We will build a wall and make men pay for it

Previous: >>8166438
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>Recent News
why do you always pick the most irrelevant bits and ignore the relevant ones
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God how much I miss that old piece of shit uniform ;__;
What's "relevant" to you, in this fucking general lesbian thread.

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Any Right-Wing LGBT anons here? I can't be the only one.

Who else /libertarian/
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I'd say I'm right wing and lgbt, but for some reason straight people disagree.
Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, /pol/ is two blocks down

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If you're even capable of pulling boymode past HRT you don't have dysphoria.
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>can't pull off girlmode because not girly enough and laser isn't done and clothing is bad and stuff is weird and not enough fat
>Can't pull of boymode because long hair and clear skin and feminine posture and conetits poking through everything
Kill me please.
Do subtle girlmode, then.
Can't we just dress Andro? That's how I've always been. Just tight pants a d band tees like highschool. Then if someone thinks I'm a girl, I present as one - if they think I'm just a pretty boy, I'll present as one.

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Why is the harmful dieting/fitness fad so popular in lgbtqa+ spaces?
Why is the lgbtqa+ community so fatphobic and eager in trying to achieve an impossible body standard?
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because being a fat fuck is not healthy or attractive

theres quite a few reasons people may wish to be in shape or fit.
Being fat is perfectly healthy and some people are just genetically predisposed to being bigger. Doesn't mean you should spout your fatphobia here, Michelle.
I'm not fatphobic, Beavis, that would mean i am scared of them. No, I just cant fucking stand them.

And no it is not perfectly healthy, Burger King

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Any other truscum here?

Getting real sick of people treating my medical condition like an identity or a game of dress up.
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i was truscum for a long time, then i became a blanchardian
which i guess is the logical evolution of it
ironically it made me a lot more accepting of bizarre tumblr shit ("nah the fact that he's entirely female in personality, has been pregnant 5 times, and takes 20 dicks a day doesn't invalidate anything, it just means he's aap")
>she thinks being trans is a medical condition
I thought Blanchard didn't mention ftms at all but I didn't read too much of his stuff.

Why wouldn't it be? We need medical treatment to resolve our dysphoria. Even my insurance covers my testosterone and will cover my surgeries because it's proven to be medically necessary.

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Is /lgbt/ Islamophobic?
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I'm nation of islamophobic. Yakub sounds like a scary dude if he would create the white devil race
That is way too broadly defined of a word and LGBT has far too broad a spectrum of views on the world. Lurk more, read more, ask stupid questions less.
I don't want to get stoned or thrown off a roof, so yes.

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>ask parents to borrow a few thousand dollars for FFS so i don't feel like clawing my face off every day
>they tell me to stop being lazy and get a better job
>i already work two jobs trying to save up
>they are now giving (not even lending) $40k for my NEET cister's lavish wedding
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I guess you should cut contact with them... They don't seem to care for you.
Oh, and don't attend the wedding, don't notify them about your absence either.
>comparing a surgery to a wedding
>being this petty

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