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>be me, born male
>always comfortable in my own skin
>overall pretty straight growing up, dated girls and liked it
>by high school started experimenting with crossdressing by wearing my sister's clothes
>always got incredibly turned on by it, but after fapping I would feel ashamed and wouldn't want to wear women's clothes anymore
>fast forward to college
>eventually have my own apartment
>decide to buy some women's clothes to crossdress in the comfort of my own home
>feel very comfortable in bra+panties, summer dresses, etc.
>really read into transitioning and gender dysphoria
>convince myself that since I like crossdressing so much, I must be transgender
>eventually buy a full wardrobe of women's clothes
>start voice training, growing my hair out, presenting female
>come out to all my friends and family
>family is mostly understanding, but lose a lot of friends in the process
>eventually realized that I was always just horny when presenting as female
>whenever I would fap, I would take off my women's clothes and makeup and just go back to being a boy for a few hours until my libido came back
>eventually realize I only want to be a woman when I'm horny as fuck
>in an alcohol induced rage I throw away my entire wardrobe of women's clothes and makeup (over $500 worth of stuff)
>fast forward to today, a month later
>have been presenting as male ever since and feel just fine
>realize I only wanted to be trans to fulfill some sort of sexual desire, instead of actually feeling like a woman
>still coming to terms with this and don't know what to tell my parents/friends who I previously came out to

What the hell am I supposed to do now?
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just buy your stuff again and enjoy your kink
I'm afraid people will judge me if I tell them to identify me as male again.
Did you hookup with any guys while presenting as female?

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How long am I going to have to use this fucking thing before I see stars? My dildo does more for me than this or the helix and I spend at least an hour using this. I haven't even been able to find my prostate in years.

I feel like a G-spot would be easier to find. I'm so frustrated. I've had dicks in me but I still can't find it. Gay men of /lgbt/ is the prostate/prostate orgasm a meme?
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I have one of these but smaller idk how to use it, it just feels weird
I had bigger orgasms just using my pinky tbqh
> using my pinky
Did you enema beforehand or something?
I tried a hairbrush as a teen and was able to get something out of it a couple times. otherwise didn't work haven't done buttplay in many years now I don't know what I'd even need to make it work.
I wasn't able to 'find' my prostate until just a few months ago. Here are my tips.

The actual prostate is quite small, it's not very far in, and it's located behind the dick. What I do is I get a reasonably-sized dildo, lube it up real good, then POUND the area right behind my dick. I do this while trying to 'push' the dildo out (i.e. try to shit it out. Make sure you have a proper enema before doing this!!)

What I find is that hitting the prostate feels really weird if you're not prepared for it. It's not pleasurable, instead it feels tingly and uncomfortable. It kind of makes me jump if I'm not expecting it. That's why you want to 'push' - doing that turns the discomfort into pure bliss. You have to try it to believe it.

That's basically all the advice I can offer. As for the toy in the OP, I can't say I've ever used one, but I'd say experimenting and playing around a bit is key. I've heard people say you should squeeze and unsqueeze your butt muscles, so that it rubs the prostate rather than just touches it.

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Would you cuddle them?

Old thread >>8158052
Discord: https://discord.gg/GAD3EWW

No [email protected] link they can fuck off.
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>tfw bf doesn't have a hairy chest
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Who wants to read yaoi with me?
I prefer smooth boys
>tfw hairy chest, belly, arms, legs, butt, everything...
wish I had less

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Crossdressing thread, whether you're mtf talking about before she came out, AGP, cis dude who likes girly clothes, or just somebody who dressed up for Halloween one time.

Why do you like it, when did you first dress up, what do you like wearing the best? Any notable occasions, times you dressed up with a friend/gf, times you almost got caught, etc?

Post CD feels too. The challenge of buying girl clothes from a real shop for the first time.
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I only dressed up once because some friends invited me to a Halloween party that required it and they helped me with clothes and makeup.
I ended up looking and feeling really pretty (I'm tall and skinny but have a small jaw and large eyes) so I got a lot of positive feedback from people which was amazing.
TLDR; I went home and passed out on the sofa and was awakened several hours later by my bf basically raping me (he's a waiter and had to work that night) and the sex was just out of this world.
I had no idea he would be so turned on by me dressed that way and I had no idea I would be so turned on by me being dressed that way.
I've always wanted to do it again but I'm embarrassed and shy and afraid I will turn into a big tranny or something if I do it again.
My bf doesn't talk much so I haven't really gotten his take on it and he is always horny no matter how I'm dressed so I don't want to scare him if he would prefer it was just a one time thing.
Your bf is straight after all?

I just read this advice on women. Do you think it's as good for trans girls as it is for cis girls?
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Is this from r9k?
It's written by a British /pol/tard.
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>>using you, tricking you, or lying to you
Men do this quite often in the relationship.
>>follow your passions, especially at the cost of her, blah blah they love that.
Actually no, we love being included or at least being around you while you do. But if you're doing it at the cost of spending time with us. You're a fucking asshole.
>>they are often not as mature as you, this might sound misogynistic and untrue, but liberating.
>>Because it is misogynistic and untrue, if you have to state that to make your point stronger. You're doing it wrong. If your liberation is in ridiculous stereotypes then you're a pleb.
>>they are prideful and emotionally driven, while us big strong dudes are driven by logic and passion.
Okay Fabio, men are just as much driven by pride as woman, even more so, since men are driven by the pride to have more money since they think it makes them a better person.
>>Woman make stupid demands and act immature.
>>See Donald Trump aka a stupid, immature priviledge man.
>>it is about respect
Clearly doesn't respect women.
>>a degree of dominance
Spoken like a true budding psychopath

Stable Woman want to be treated like an equally important intelligent and capable being.

Not talked down too, mistreated or submissified.

This person obviously is a stuck up, misogynistic airhead.


Where do I find a fat tranny? They're all fucken skinny.
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most trannies are fat, though?
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I'm not good at losing weight, like candy too much. I'll be your qt fatty tranny, anon-sempai.

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I fucking HATE AGPs and AAPs.
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Me too OP! Fucking trutrans, showing us up, letting the world see we're just fags/butches whose internalized homophobia led us to a modern conversion therapy for ourselves...
Oh-Pee absolutely
Why? I think if my gf was HSTS instead of AGP she would act like a typical woman which means I would have to strangle her with a belt at some point.

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watamote 06.jpg
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Srs Q: do you think more people are becoming /tttt/ or AGP these days because being a male (male) doesn't have any advantages anymore and most culture is catered to women and girls?
If not why do you think so many people are not being typically masc anymore?
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Is this thread's purpose trying to justify yourself for repressing by pointing out that transitioners are just doing it for advantages, Rebecca-chan?
Gynocentrism definitely makes being male more unappealing, but I think it just increases the number of AGPs who who become open about their feelings or actually transition, or just stop repressing them. In the past AGPs were more likely to hide and repress and even enjoy being male.

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>software dev
>striped socks
>math degree
>self medding
>favorite show is LWA

Am I a living meme?
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>striped socks

Literally WHY. They don't even look good compared to normal high socks.
File: striped socks.jpg (37KB, 450x800px)Image search: [Google]
striped socks.jpg
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>self meded 6 months with internet hormones before going legit
>science degree
>about to start graduate diploma in Cyber Security
>favorite bad anime is Strike Witches
>have stripped thigh high socks, but my legs are too long so they barely fit over my knees

I feel like a meme too, but not a good one
>Mimikyu plush
>some kind of Xbox controller or something


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So, I met someone on Tinder last night and lost my Virginity. I thought I would feel good about it, because I've been too nervous to do anything ... But I feel kind of used. And kind of shitty about it.

So I'm talking to a guy who is older than me, he's 32 years old. We had been talking for a week and I really liked him, he is a total top and I'm a total bot, and he seemed like a nice , non-sleazy guy to go to.. He invited me around for a drink and so I went. I was quite nervous beforehand so I had a drink myself ... Which might have been a mistake. Anyway I got there and he was exactly as I hoped , he was charming and cute and things were going well, until a few drinks later , maybe an hour, he started to get so forceful. I kissed him, and that was nice, but he kept forcing my hand onto his cock. Like not gently but quite violently. I didn't really mind, it was quite hot ... And things escalated and reached a point where I was blowing him on his sofa. Anyway he eventually gets very forceful, literally PICKS ME UP, which I fucking hated, and puts me on his bed. I say I don't want to have sex but I'm happy to keep going, and he calls me a tease , starts shouting at me, saying I've wasted his time. I felt quite bad then so I said I'd carry on and see what happens ... So I did, and eventually we start having sex, reluctantly. During sex he is slapping me and not being gentle. I actually cried a little. It hurt like hell, it stung, and I didn't enjoy it at all. I felt like I was guilt tripped into having sex. I feel like I can't trust people any more, if even the nice ones turn out bad. The worst thing is he didn't even use a condom, and came inside me. When he was done I was told to leave. That was the worst experience of my life . And just writing it out makes me feel worse.
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Hope you don't have std
yeaahhh you got raped
Yeah, you need to be more careful in the future. Bottoms need to always have the real power. A top that doesn't understand that is too dangerous to be around.

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>used to think I was trans
>turns out I'm only AGP
wew dodged a bullet there, have fun with your hormones m'ladies
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you will be back. you cant outrun the trans in you forever.
trans is a current fad
Excuse me miss but I'm a completely CIS male who happens to feel really good by roleplaying as a girl.

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>itt: post your new name, others rate it
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Haley here
English king/10

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Best bro edition. Tell about your bro.

Previous thread: >>8142300

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide for AAPs:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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I walk this world alone
My shadows the only one who walks beside me
File: IMG_20160920_184426.jpg (3MB, 2336x4160px)Image search: [Google]
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This is my best bro called Sjimmie. I have
seen her been born, and raised her since she was little. Sadly, she has gone missing since the 13th of April. I think someone stole her and sold her :(

Do ftm have it easier than mtf?

I think every single ftm I've seen has passed after hrt, but mtf rarely fully pass even after hrt. Why do literally all hormoned ftm pass?
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There are a few ftm who cant make it because of totally ridiculously massive hips

the reason the vast majority make it is because testosterone has the power to expand your bone structure. midface height can increase, brow pop out a bit, jaw get more defined

estrogen cant cut away bone thats already there
this. testosterone is a one way street
P.S. as an mtf I can like mildly clock ftms, like the guy in OP has a face I'd be like "hmmm..." but I could almost never ever turn that "hmm" into a "clock" if theyve been on t for a length amount of time

also, oddly enough, I can kinda tell by cuddling their... skeletons. they're just... lighter, sometimes. not sure if that changes after a longer time on hrt though, if its a density thing or what

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What is your dream car?

•Makeup for punk ass noobs: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
•Male vs Female measurement data:https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
•Correct hormone levels:http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
•Checking your levels:http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
•Reducing Musclehttp://www.trans-health.com/2001/lose-muscle-gain-fat-dieting-for-mtfs/
•Size charts:http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
•Transition time lines:http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
•Voice Training:https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
•Voice Help:http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/

Previous thread >>8180750
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I don't think I have one
No more Nim threads allowed after this
so is this thread going to be the last nim thread or is this one not a nim thread

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