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>Be me
>A fag
>Socially forced to eat spoiled food in a reunion
>Politely excuse self from the table
>Calmly get in the car and drive home
>"Im throwing up this shit right now"
>Insert index finger all the way down my throat
>Come to realize my gag reflex is completely abolished from "ocassional" cock sucking
>Accept death
>Food poisoning to kicks in

t'was nice meeting you all
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Seriously? It must suck being a bottom :^)
I often gag when I see stories like this :^)
Tops also suck dicks, at least my bf does.
>Tops also suck dicks
Then he's not a top, he's a vers and so are you.

Cock sucking is submission to someone superior, that's why it's used as an insult. "Suck my dick" etc.

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Hey /lgbt/ I have a question for you. Is there a term for someone who doesn't really care what pronouns people use for them? I'm biologically male, but have been getting mistaken as a girl or vice versa since I was about four or so, and I realized the other week that I actually didn't even mind it when people were calling me 'miss' or 'mister' pretty interchangeably. So far I've just been using the term "Me" to describe it, in that I'm just me, whatever I may be, but is there an actual term for this?
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Just sounds like you're not obsessed with gender expression. Pronouns are tied to expression or how people perceive you based on the societies norms that you live in. Your gender is your brains development compared to a normal male or female brain. If you like both terms, you're probably just androgynous but that's just an expression. So don't freak out thinking you're trans or nonbinary or some weird term you find on Tumblr lol. Just cause a boy likes pink doesn't mean he's not a boy. Etcetcetc
Honestly i was just wondering if there was a proper term for someone who doesn't really care about their gender expression.

That said, it's super heartening to hear that. Thanks!
How would it feel if you lost your ambiguity and were always addressed as a guy? Because testosterone will not leave you androgynous.

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krautchan tier.jpg
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what other places does /lgbt/ hang out?
>krautchan's /int/ board
>/gif/ sometimes
I learned the hard way to avoid tumblr, it's full of legitimate crazies, same for some other fringe imageboards
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I haven't seen an unironic demotivational poster in a while.
huh, I browse kc int too.
Just Reddit.

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I came from Tumblr about 2 months ago after my friend told me to try it out.
I had told her that i was so disgusted with the way that Tumblr deals with the LGBT+ community as if any of you have ever browsed those tags its just a cesspit of people arguing who is more oppressed, and who deserves to get banned or censored.

Aces are insulted and bullied to no end there aswell

I had heard that 4chan was the most hateful place yet this entire board is 100x better than the Tumblr community could ever be on these issues.

All the insults here are clearly satirical and no one threatens to dox each other like back there .
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Because Tumblr are a bunch of SJW cunts who get turned on from being oppressed. Welcome to 4chan you will never leave.

I think at the end of the day, it's all empty trolling and good natured ribbing here.

Hope you're having a nice day OP

It's literally because those people think anything that offends them or might be offensive is absolute hatred and is meant to be mean. No critics, opinions, or jokes can be given without someone saying "that's offensive" even if they aren't offended by it. So instead of growing as individuals they attack people who would even threaten to offend them. Which eventually will lead to them attacking others within their group. It's chaos. At least here, people are trying to work on themselves or help others work on themselves. No one is saying "if you say something negative you're out." We welcome criticize as much as possible and argue opinions without fear of judgement. Mostly because it's anonymous but then again, at least the majority of us aren't jerking ourselves off over our reputation on this website.

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hi. First time on this board, I come from /pol/ where people are fighting over if traps are gay or not, while simultaneously hating 'muh degeneracy'.

Anyway, I think I might be bi. I've always been an openly emotional, somewhat effeminate kind of guy. I don't mean in the lisp or transgender kind of way, just that I always felt more gentle than most people around me, despite being in decent athletic shape. I've always loved girls, but at the same time, about 40-60% of the time, I don't -feel- like I want to penetrate them. At first I refuted the idea of being gay or bi because when I looked at men, I didn't feel that kind of overwhelming lust that I felt for women usually. But then I came to realize that my attraction to men was more about them lusting after ME, and not the other way around. so, I wanted to know if any of the guys on here who are into guys, feels that way, or if I'm just weird. what I mean is that my attraction to girls and my attraction to guys is totally the opposite. should I be attracted to them the same?

> note, I've kissed guys before, so I'm not just blindly curious

thanks in advance (:
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You might be gay friend, stop watching porn and your sexuality will normalize then see who you're attracted to
T. Gay former /pol/ack
Some people believe that male sexuality is externalized, and female sexuality is internalized. There may be a part of yourself that desires to be desired. That's internalized. And you're not going to find a lot of women who objectify you, unfortunately. Or even provide a sensual experience in which you are the focal point, right. So that's something to think about. If you want that in your life, it'll be easier to find in another man.
> you're not going to find a lot of women who objectify you


I think I got the answer then! That first line makes a lot of sense...it feels really really internalized for me. I can be externalized too at times, but it's more like a rush of passion for a few minutes, then it passes.

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Anyone else start out thinking they'd fail, only to succeed more than they could've imagined?
>be me
>start HRT thinking i'll never pass
>parents unaccepting and emotionally abusive
>completely miserable for a while
>finally decide to go out in girl mode
>fast forward a few years
>actually do pass and somehow stealth
>get a boyfriend who treats me like the cute girl I've always wanted to be
>parents now accepting and even agreed to cover some costs for FFS and SRS

Fuck, I'm so goddamn happy. My old life seemed like someone else's life. This one is mine.
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Failure before success
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> no normie attention whoring
> cute believable story that's similar to my own

i'm so happy for you anon!
You won't ever pass Cara.

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Has anyone here transitioned from agender to cisgender?
I'm male-presenting agender and asexual, and my plan is to transition to cisgender and allo (possibly hetero).
Sexual orientation is secondary but I think turning allo will happen on its own if I succeed in assuming a binary gender identity.
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No. What's allo?
Allo means non-asexual.
I think hitler may have had a valid point

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Told my girlfriend that I've decided I want to look like a girl and possibly get surgery to get feminine features.

I don't want to transition or get tits. I want to stay a guy.

She's fine with it but she thinks I should go see a therapist first to be sure it's what I want.

I know I've wanted this for a long time. Wat do?
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Go see a therapist and make sure it's what you really want.
It's not a complicated thing, your gf is being incredibly understanding and reasonable.

Don't act like a bitch, go to the therapist, if you're 100% sure of it it won't do you any harm.
Once you're done do what you have to do and that'll be it.
I don't know what difference going to a therapist would make. What would I say? What could they possible say to make me change my mind?
If you're worried, then you're not 100% sure, and your gf is right on making you talk to him.
If you're 100% sure, there will be indeed nothing he will be able to say to make you change your mind, thus you'll do what you want to do afterwards, and you'll give your gf the peace of mind of knowing you checked things out with a therapist before proceeding.

There's literally no downside aside spending a little bit of time and money, that's it.
If you can't even do something as small as this for your gf, i'd start to question if you even give a shit about her at all.

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>The study was at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, which followed 324 people after they’d had sex-reassignment surgery for up to 30 years. The study showed that about 10 years after the surgery, transgendered people began to have increased mental difficulties. As they progressed through life, their suicide mortality rose almost 20 times above the comparable nontransgender population.

>Dr. McHugh notes that studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”

>More compelling than the malleability of transgender feelings among children is the recovery data of adult transgenders. Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic found that 70% to 80% of adult transgenders who had refrained from undergoing gender-reassignment surgery report that their feelings dissipate over time.

In other words, for 70-80% of people who experience it gender dysphoria is a phase that will go away. This data also shows that sex reassignment surgery does NOT fix the suicide problem amongst transsexuals.

If surgery does NOT fix dysphoria, and the whole dysphoria is just a fucking phase anyways, I see absolutely no reason why it should be considered a treatment, and see absolutely no reason why treatment should not be focused on intensive psychotherapy to make the person feel comfortable in their biological sex until their dysphoria naturally passes (that's what the common treatment was until LGBTs made it not politically correct to do so).

Shit taken from:
I know it's an anti-trans article but they quote neutral studies, I've specifically edited out of my greentext some content that supported this position but wasn't based on neutral studies. Karolinska study can be found here:
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>Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.

the logical implication is NOT "therefore, sex reassignment is harmful compared to the counterfactual"

why do I even bother? your IQ is too low to be reasoned with anyway
Cecilia Dhejne, who conducted the first study, has repeatedly stated that McHugh radically misinterpreted her findings. She even agreed to be interviewed on the subject.


>Dhejne: Yes! It’s very frustrating! I’ve even seen professors use my work to support ridiculous claims. I’ve often had to respond myself by commenting on articles, speaking with journalists, and talking about this problem at conferences.

>Of course trans medical and psychological care is efficacious. A 2010 meta-analysis confirmed by studies thereafter show that medical gender confirming interventions reduces gender dysphoria.

>Dhejne: The aim of trans medical interventions is to bring a trans person’s body more inline with their gender identity, resulting in the measurable diminishment of their gender dysphoria. However trans people as a group also experience significant social oppression in the form of bullying, abuse, rape and hate crimes. Medical transition alone won’t resolve the effects of crushing social oppression: social anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress.

>What we’ve found is that treatment models which ignore the effect of cultural oppression and outright hate aren’t enough. We need to understand that our treatment models must be responsive to not only gender dysphoria, but the effects of anti-trans hate as well. That’s what improved care means.

>Dhejne: People who misuse the study always omit the fact that the study clearly states that it is not an evaluation of gender dysphoria treatment. If we look at the literature, we find that several recent studies conclude that WPATH Standards of Care compliant treatment decrease gender dysphoria and improves mental health.
Not every transgender person gets the surgery, or even wants a surgery.

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Is this true?
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Well, I've heard a lot of trannies say that they thought everybody wanted to be a girl before they found out they were wrong.

I've also read some posts in lesgen about girls who were envious of boys because dicks give clear and undeniable signals about what you're attracted to.

Maybe everyone just assumes that everybody else has their tastes until otherwise proven.
Mike Pence used to be gay I think


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are gay bars and clubs still good ways to meet guys? what kind of people do you find there
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I, too, want to know the secret to finding non faggy gay guys outside of bars.
>non faggy
Please explain.
nude beaches have always worked for me

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Future Shakira edition

•Makeup tutorials : http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
•Male vs Female measurement data:https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
•Correct hormone levels:http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
•Checking your levels:http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
•Reducing Musclehttp://www.trans-health.com/2001/lose-muscle-gain-fat-dieting-for-mtfs/
•Size charts:http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
•Transition time lines:http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
•Voice Training:https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
•Voice Help:http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
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>tfw forgot subject in my edition so I deleted it out of shame
It'll be okay, lesson learned for next time!
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Yuri thread

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
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any anecdotal or real studies about m2f hrt changing school performance?

do people get smarter when they flush out the testosterone?
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Ooh wee! Isn't this a blue board?
People get smarter because they kick dysphoria.
No, female hormones make you dumber.
Source: all of human history

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I'm a bi guy and I'm about to ask my friend and his girlfriend to be their sex slave friend with benefits
Am I finally gone mad?
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I am 80%-time-gay bi guy, and my dream was to have a pair of friends to make them fuck in front of me, on my demand, taking a part in their sex from time to time, or filming it.
Am I mad if I'd ask my best friend to do it?
idk, try bringing it up as a joke or in passing. see how they take it.
>Am I finally gone mad?
You are bi.
You already were mad.

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What do you do when you have dysphoria but know you will look like a hon? I seriously can't convince myself to transition knowing I will most likely look like a man in a dress. Is suicide an inevitability for me?
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You take HRT and hope it's enough to alleviate your dysphoria enough to make your life bearable.
Depends on if it's physical dysphoria or "social dysphoria"
You work your ass off and get FFS.

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