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>20 year old MtF currently stuck at home
>Planning to transfer out of community college to normal four-year college next semester (With trans and third-gender option available on application)
>Really bad body dysphoria
>Anxiety, depression and probably somewhat paranoid
>Extreme anxiety over finding gender therapist and the process of getting on HRT.

I'm honestly absolutely terrified of seeking professional treatment. I know it's irrational but I'm afraid that having "depression", "anxiety", "paranoia", and/or "Transgender" or anything like that would somehow negatively effect me. I feel like getting on HRT would go a real long way to finally putting my mind at ease, so I can finally be me but being seen as transgender, over being seen as female actually uneases me. Am I being ridiculous? What should I do?

Not my art; credit - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4eJ58
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Please explain the difference between community college and normal 4-year college for a non-American.
you should perhaps try being yourself
one is for autistic failures, one is for normies

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What the fuck can I do /lgbt/?
I can post stats/background information if it's necessary, but I think I could pass as female if I went on HRT for a year or two. At the same time though, I can't even imagine how I would do it and how I would come out, fit in socially as a woman, etc. I'm so confused and pissed off and depressed, where can I find help?
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Just do it.
We have a general where people post pics and we tell you if you're currently passing, if you can ever pass, etc.

Specify in your post that you're not currently on HRT and you specifically want to know if there's the possibility that you could pass in the future.
Also post your age, it's important.

Not OP, but how important is age?

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Are there any late bloomers here?
I've just turned 24 and I'm only now coming to terms with my gay.

I feel like I missed a huge formative portion of romantic life and there's so much I don't know. How do I learn to gay? How do I come out of the closet? Where do I even go to meet lesbians?
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What you just dated guys until today?
Officially, yes.
Unofficially, no. I'm from Oklahoma, couldn't just advertise that shit. I've had 'friends'--kissing and cuddling--but we all knew we would just move on and settle on something. A ton of them are mothers and married or baby mommas. Welcome to Oklahomo.
>How do I learn to gay?
Rub pussy on pussy, eat pussy, eat ass.
>How do I come out of the closet?
Say to your mom and dad that you like pussy and ass.
>Where do I even go to meet lesbians?
idk go ask /Lesbian General/ you dumb bitch, why did you even make a separate thread.

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>Turn 21 tomorrow
>Still gay virgin
Wat do leggbutt?
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Wait until you're ready and make sure to be safe

I waited till I was 23 before I lost mine and I don't regret it
Trust me I'm fucking ready. I feel like I should wait a little longer so I can lose more weight or I'd feel guilty but if a guy showed genuine interest I'd be all over him.
Start dating. If you have sex then great. Don't force it.

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As a cute lil trans girl, is it bad that I use grindr to find chaser guys to play with my tits every week?

Should I find a healthier way to get relationships/laid, such as joining a volunteer organization and meeting people there?
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Where are you from OP?
Yes. But only because there aren't enough chasers on Grindr because sorting the qt trans girls from hons and dragqueens is impossible + you get bombarded with messages from guys even when I SPECIFICALLY say I'm just looking to trannies... so try tinder.

Also how qt are your titties?
Dallas, TX

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If you can't hit all the notes in this song, you're a failure as an MtF
I have the deepest voice of anyone I know and I don't even sound the slightest bit raspy singing this
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I can't because I hit my throat in an accident and I lost my falsetto and voice training became really difficult.

What accident? Sorry.
Bumped into someone, fell throat first into a pole in the street. I don't know how I'm alive but fuck, such bad luck, I really need my falsetto back.

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22. I told a lot of my remaining contacts about it this year. But I don't have much contacts and zero reallife anyway. I don't care if anyone knows or doesn't know. Its nothing you can be 'proud' of, other people should just accept it or will be removed otherwise.
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I told my mom when I was like 12.
She told me "You're too young to know that".
I never bothered coming out a second time and I'm 35 now.
>I can't get enough (You)'s on /tv/ so I'll come here to directly b8 the fags
wew lad
as bi at 16, mom and relatives didn't like it and threatened to send me to the military so i left home and stayed with friends to avoid it. Remained closeted until saying fuck it at 26ish. It seemed to go over better then, all my friends were cool with it. some senpai still dont like it but dont bother me about it and are nice to me. I'm 35 now

t. male

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Do I pass for a female?
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>use faceapp
>female version looks exactly like a girl
>normal doesn't
>can't even figure out what it changed

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I need some gay diagnosis by gay scientists. You're my only hope, 4chan.
>attracted to strong handsome and soft effeminate male faces
>attracted to strong musclar and soft lithe male bodies
>attracted to dicks
>enjoy anal play with toys
>absolutely no interest whatsoever in a romantic relationship with another man
>like some female bodies, mostly dyke-ish tomboys, but am totally repulsed by vaginas
Am I just broken?
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You're some bisexual with some bisexual feelings and bisexual urges.
Well yeah but what exactly am I supposed to do with this set of factors? I've got a triangle block and a square or circle hole to choose from.

Are you sure you don't have any internalized homophobia that makes you think being in a homosexual relationship would be wrong and that you don't romanticize the specialness of a heterosexual relationship?

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Am I passable?
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It's a dick move using other's pics like that.

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How does and mtf asexual do dating
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Not easily
If you're asexual why do you need to date? If you're not dating another asexual you're a cruel and selfish person.
I am selfish, I like to get other people off just for the sense of validation it brings. I was wondering if anyone felt the same.

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Have fun lmao
But, Cars adult diapers?
its not an adult diaper

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What's the difference between being asexual and not wanting to have sex?

Like, I just don't want to consider myself asexual but I have no appeal towards ever having sex. I am attracted to females but I just simply don't see the need to have sex. I love masturbating but having sex just seems dumb to me. Probably because I don't have a dick so I'll never need to have sex for children. But obviously in the future, if and when I get a girlfriend, I'll probably have sex. But does not having a huge desire to have sex make me asexual?
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childhood trauma vs low t
ftm. So maybe low t?
maybe. get your levels checked

is there any way to tuck your junk without pushing your testicles inside you?
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Fuck that, just bulge it.
Everyone loves the cockbulge
maybe but it would probably be even more uncomfortable
>is there any way to tuck your junk without pushing your testicles inside you?
No, there is not.

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hey friends,
just a daily reminder that if you have body image issues please talk about them with someone, preferably a social worker or therapist but also your friends, family etc.

BDD is real. the reason why the bogdanoff twins look the way they do is because of untreated BDD. BDD isn't just "i don't like the way I look" it is a DELUSIONAL disorder where the sufferer sees flaws that are either not nearly as bad as they think but sometimes AREN'T EVEN THERE. Hence the bogdanoff twins kept going for surgery after surgery to fix these bullshit "problems" that didn't really exist. The result is the disaster you see here.

body image issues are serious. i'm not saying you have to "love your body" or "juss b positive:)" like tumblr says. I am warning you of what lies ahead if you don't get help for this shit. the bogdanoffs had body image issues. joan rivers had body image issues. that woman who injected cooking oil into her face had body image issues. the girl in florida who injected caulk into her ass had body image issues. every single anorexic person who ever starved themselves to death had body image issues.
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I don't hate my body (mostly, I hate the gendered bits) but I have not looking like a beautiful woman and not passing as one.
They have so much fucking money, yet they're hideous amalgamations of silica and flesh. How the fuck did they mess themselves up so bad?
This site taught me that my "BDD" is actually well-founded and logical

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