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fellow trans ppl
would u rather be an attractive, passing MtF/FtM ( whichever one you are )
or an horrifically ugly cis female / male?
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Attractive and passing, of course. Having biological children absolutely doesn't matter to me, it's nothing to ruin my life over by being ugly.
attractive passing mtf
is that bad?
Maybe I'd get more dysphoric over my genitals then, but right now passing as a girl and being attractive would be better than having a vagina.

This is assuming non-op. If "passing MtF" means a free passing neovagina, then how good a neovagina in sensitivity and maintenance?

do most chasers and/or trans attracted men get turned on by crossdressing themselves? or feminizing themselves?
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I used to be a chaser deep in the closet that was really into feminization.
Naw just love pounding that cute boipussy
I've heard something about it OP particularly the chasers who prefer being bottoms subhuman really.

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Is anyone else an only child with accepting parents? I feel so bad that I can never give my parents grandchildren.
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I don't feel bad. I outright told my mom I'll never have kids. And they can blame themselves too for having me when they were still 20 y/o old kids themselves.
I feel horrible, my parents tried to have a kid for years ending up having me in their early 30's and I turned out to be a tranny.
They're only accepting as a way to cope.

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Russia vs. U.S..jpg
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How many of you are Russians, be honest. We all know Russia is full of repressed faggots that vent online.
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I'm Russian... originally. My family moved to Israel when I was a child. I can speak but not read Russian since we moved when I was 4.
The Russian girl looks much more pure. Too bad in Russia they kill my kind.
We all know that clean and pure is never actually so. America is probably the pure one.

Give the rainbow back to the kids, faggots.
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We was rainbowz n sheit
This is a good example of why home-schooling is a terrible idea.
Just look at that poor girl's spelling! It's atrocious!
> lip bruise
Who beat her?

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Your dad. Sweet watch band.
>commitment to equality
>products are manufactured by children in slave conditions
apple watch is dorky, do not wear

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what is the most regrettable fap you've had?
I just did it to horse porn and I feel horrible
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before I came to terms with being trans i used to fap to forced fem stuff almost exclusively i always felt like shit and like i was a disgusting person afterwards
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I jerked off to videos of some fat australian guy wearing a ski mask jerking/sucking off hot sleeping dudes. I remember the description or titles suggested that the hot guys had taken sleeping pills and viagra.
It was probably like 10 years ago and I didn't regret it at all at the time because I just randomly came across them on some porn site.
Then a couple years ago I stumbled across some news article about a fat australian guy who was arrested for drugging and molesting and filming a bunch of guys who stayed at his house and now I really regret that I didn't save those videos.

I can't jerk off to anything too crazy or regret-worthy.. even if I'm super horny and into it at first, a switch always flips in my brain at a certain point and I immediately lose all interest and start going soft and have to start over with something more basic and "normal"
Sounds like your only discovering yourself anon. If you weren't into then why would you even have it loaded while you where masturbating. Yet and still the moment you saw it was an animal your basic instincts kicked it and you couldn't help yourself.

Not only are you a fag but your also into beasteality - - yesh. This means male horses only ?? Or are you now bi ?

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If I plan on killing myself anyways should I just try to transition first in the off chance that it makes me feel better? If so how long should I give it? 2 years? 3 years?
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Your entire life, because it would be a shame if you died. The world only has one of you.
Be my gf
have any dreams?

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Vintage Meme.png
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>Spend years arguing against certain viewpoints on legbutt
>Realize you haven't made a dent in the narrative
How do you effectively shift the zeitgeist?
Debating/helping people one by one doesn't seem to do shit.
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Have you considered that you're wrong?

Of course not, you're a hopeless narcissistic faggot with a god complex.
Become a tripfag or start a blog.
I have! That's why I've read lots and lots of papers and argued with lots and lots of people.

The way of the tripfag is self-defeating. Just look at Trent. He became a meme the moment he put on the mask, while people engaged him seriously time and again when he was anonymous.

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Good day,

What do you consider your sexuality?
Expand to more than just one word.

I would consider myself nearly asexual.

I'm not really interested in sex, don't really even get hard often, have dated females exclusively so far. I do have sex now and then but my drive is far less than any one i know. I do enjoy cuddling, kissing, orally pleasing my partner, just a low desire to have sex or desire the pleasure.

I've had threesomes with another guy, never had actual homosexual sexual contact but I'm not adverse to to sexual contact wth a dude, but i know if it felt right I'd have no hesitation. Not a fan of anal, i have given it a real good try and revisit it occasionally, never got much out of it, my dick would shrivel up.

I cross dress now and then (usually jeans and panties) or on Halloween (i love the attention)

I never thought it mattered until people told me they would 100% never be involved with an individual of their same sex and think the cross dressing is a sure sign of homosexuality.
Tl;dr :What is your sexuality, in more than 1 word
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>What do you consider your sexuality?

>Expand to more than just one word.
Auto gyne philia.
Hue, i take it your from pol because that's my pic you saved
nigger that picture has been around for a long ass time. its from a gay training camp comic. unless you write gay training camp comics on /pol/ it's not your picture.

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I'm very tall but I'm also very lanky and kinda feminine. I cant even fathom introducing my boyfriend to anyone, much less my family. Theyd instantly spot me as the bottom or "girl" in the relationship.

It just feela like to normal people there is no love in a gay relationahip, just sex, looking down at rhe aubmkssive partner.

How do you even deal with this??
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>looking down at the submissive partner.

do you look down on women?
why would you look down on a man in a woman's role?
nobody wants to think about what you do in bed.
you are being too paranoid and sensitive.
get rid of the gynophobia.
women are cool
Everyone poops.
Every person you have ever met has pushed a big stinky turd out of their buttholes.
Every single person has had stinky gross shit smeared between their cheeks and had to clean it off themselves.
The majority of them have actually enjoyed doing this because it feels good to them.
They have all done this over and over and over.
We all get out of bed, go in public, and look at each other in the eyes knowing that we're all just waiting to squeeze out a dookie.

We're all only human.
Everyone who judges you for who and how you fuck is just full of shit.
Don't make such a big deal out of it.
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I am a man I am a man
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hi amy
You are a man, duh!
You are aman, duh!
You are aman,duh!
You are amanduh!
You are amanda!
You are Amanda!
Hi Amy!
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I'm trying to put together a list of links to AGP resources.

What should go in?
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Everything you need is right here https://www.susans.org/
Places to buy shotguns, barbiturates, rope etc.
Acronyms and definitions, types of AGP and a guide to "self diagnosis", HRT resources and explanations, related terms like gender dysphoria and HSTS, butt growing and belly shrinking exercises, corset info, makeup basics, buttstuff info, etc. Start by raiding the various generals here for their first post links. Some of this stuff might not have a readily available "link", have you considered an infographic? The /g/ guide and similar are severely lacking or wrong.

Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Pride Edition

Have you been or planning to attend your local Pride? If not, how will you be celebrating/drowning your sorrows instead?

Any good Pride stories or pics out there, past or present?

If you could marry anyone, who would be your bride and why?

Hide, report, ignore bait.
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Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi
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>What exactly about doctor sex is better?
>Naked viewing in bed
>Some anons are not into age gap

Previously >>8421650
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What phone does /clg/ use, iPhone or Android?

I have a Google Pixel
>I have a Google Pixel
Huh, me too.

I really dislike promiscuity. I don't know if it's a general gay thing or something that relates to the specific social circle I've fallen into, but this puts me at odds with most people I know. Sometimes I think my friends think my dislike for it is affected on some level, and I don't really know myself.

Whether you're promiscuous or not, what has your relationship with that concept been as a homo, what shapes it, and how do you reconcile your relationship with it with other people's ways of being in the lgbt community?
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>I don't know if it's a general gay thing
it is, that's why HIV and other STDs spread so fast in this community
don't forget we also like to eat aborted fetuses
that's why we hang out with so many women even though women are otherwise useless
we need the flesh of the innocent to sustain us while we wait for the dark lord's return

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