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Hello fellow trannys. I'd like to ask you guys what does this song means to you?

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Is this about being trans or am I just retarded?
i think it is at least half of it is but i don't know for sure
WAY too blunt.

Unusually interesting music for that pair, but still way too blunt lyrics.

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>"Hey, X, can I ask you something? Nah, it's on a personal note. So, what would you say to getting dinner sometime?"

This is how I plan to ask out the hot, fellow gay at work.


(I know it's weak, but it's the only way accessible to me).
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Don't shit where you eat, anon
Well, Anon, and where else am I supposed to meet people? I have no social life - work is the only place I get to interact with people.

But you're right: he probably doesn't like me, a successful and beautiful Chad like him.
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>where else am I supposed to meet people?

the gym, the laundromat, the supermarket, the pub, the subway, the park, the beach, etc.

dating people at work is bad because when you break up you have to see them everyday.

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Soup bois. Gonna decorate a dorm room soon and my roommate is a real manly type. I'm trying to cultivate an aesthetic that's both manly and lowkey homoerotic. (He's straight but he's into that type of shit too).We're definitely gonna prominently display brotein powder and some weights, and he's gonna have a flag of the Soviet Union. Ideally I'm looking for stuff that straight dudes could have in their rooms, but that make you go hmmm.... is that gay?

Any suggestions?
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A huge dildo
jojo's bizarre adventure
>Soviet Union

I hope your place burns down, Red.

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sup trannies,

are these things worth it? i figure this is a good place to ask. are they better than massaging the prostate with your finger? i have tried doing that using my thumb (basically just reaching back, sticking my thumb in while fapping and rubbing the prostate). it was kind of just okay but a lot of people seem to think you can hit the moon with your spooge when you do this. the aneros toys have the best reputation. should i get one? or if my thumb doesn't do too much for me, is the aneros not gonna do much, either?
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or where should i post this instead?
Prostate massagers are def way better than using finger
There's a big difference in feeling between a finger and a toy.
I'd rate from least to most pleasurable

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Some of you might remember pic related, and the previous threads. Read the pics first for context. Here I go.

So it had been a few months now since me and him shared our first kissed, and everything had been going great. We were both comfortable with how we felt for each other, and us both knowing made everything that much better. We spent lots of time getting to know each other, getting comfortable with each other, and just generally exploring our sexuality.
Neither of us has come out yet, and he is still very scared of letting people know despite my reassuring, so during the schooldays we kept it low key, not sitting too close to each other, eating in groups at lunch, etc. Still, I craved his supple skin, so I would brush his hand or forearm whenever I could. It's so cute how he blushes when I do that.
On the weekends, we starting changing locations so that people wouldn’t get any ideas, for his sake. We just talked and shared personal thoughts, spent time together, watched movies, cuddled and had the occasional make-out session. I wanted so badly to go further, but he wasn’t ready yet. And I respected that. But as time went on, and the semester drew to a close, I started to notice that he wasn’t pulling away as much, that he was getting more comfortable with touching and being touched. It was only a matter of time. I knew he wanted it.
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File: Screenshot_20170427-234308.png (337KB, 1080x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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Finally, it happened.
Last weekend, we were at his dorm, his roommates had left for the summer. It was our last night together before he left to go home for the summer as well. We were sitting on the couch, just enjoying each other’s company, when he leaned over and pecked me on the cheek and said “ I don’t know how I’ll go a whole summer without you”. I returned his kiss, and then we started to really make out. During that, he pushed me back and put his hand just under my shirt on my belly, something he had never done first before that. I knew he was ready, even if he didn’t.
I slowly tugged my shirt up, and his hand followed, up to my chest. I pulled my shirt off completely, and he put both of his hands around my waist. Then, he let me pull up his shirt, which he had never been comfortable with before this, and I could tell he was still nervous, but in a good way this time. My lips moved down from his lips to his neck, then down to his chest, and further still to his belly. He was trembling the whole time, but that only made me want to go further.
I looked up at him in the eye and said “ Are we going to do this?” He didn’t respond, but the look in his eyes was unmistakable. I undid his belt and shimmied his pants down past his knees, revealing his undies. I slid my hand inside, and ran my fingers through his short blond pubes. He was breathing really heavy and still trembling anxiously. While holding his hand with my other hand, I wrapped my fingers around his already chubby cock. I gave it a little tug, which made him moan a little bit and squeeze my hand. I looked up and before I said anything he said “ Just k-keep going”.
His cock was softer and more supple than I had thought it would be. I began to jerk him off nice and slowly, which I could tell he liked. He caressed my hand with his thumb, his slightly pudgy fingers intertwining with mine. He started breathing a lot heavier, and he leaned back and closed his eyes. I started to pump a little harder, and fondle the tip a little bit more. Some precum started to ooze out, and I could feel his cock beginning to pulse. I squeezed his shaft and pumped harder still, and he quietly moaned “Oh A-Anon, oh god”.
Please take gay posts back to your gay containment threads.

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Remember the guy in the picture? He used to be some queer youth activist during the 00s until about a decade ago when he turned "ex-gay" and anti-LGBT because God, or something. Then he became a pastor, married a girl, and had a movie about his life made starring James Franco, Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts.

Now it seems like he's back in San Francisco doing guys again:

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There's also a new documentary on Netflix:

>ex gay wasn't actually ex gay
Everyone and their mom could tell you that.

But man that site is cringe.
>some dumb random faggot goes back in the closet because "muh jesus" just like countless other dumb faggots
>media acts like its a big deal for some fucking retarded reason

This is exactly like when they freak out about "A MAN IS PREGNANT!!!!" when some dumb non-passing FTM gets prego.

It's not news, it's not even interesting, it's just shitty clickbait designed to attract fucktards.

I just want to be one of them.
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You ARE one of them tbqh.
I can't understand the point of being "closet" anything unless you're like, stuck with mean parents. If you want to be a tranny be a tranny.
>As we can see from this photograph, even at a young age the AGP is clearly distinguishable from her cis female peers and is unable to relate to them. Note their normal clothes, typical of kids their age, and her elaborate and almost fetishized female attire and hair.

Does anyone know how much facial team would charge for type 3 forehead reconstruction, orbital enlargement and rhinoplasty? or how much bart van de ven would charge for those procedures?
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Imagine seeing this "person" in real life.

Who made that hunk of plastic?
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i think she went to bart, she was quite masculine before

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>hide trips
>ignore trips
>do not reply to trips
This, Hiroshima will never let us force anon so it's the only way
They need to be starved like the parasites they are
This helps, but the trips will just circlejerk with one another...

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Why do so many cute boys ruin themselves by becoming trannies?
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why do you id as a femboy now?
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Because trans is not real.
fear of aging

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Is HRT a good solution for purely anatomic AGP?
I feel like a man, but anatomic AGP is always with me.
Every time I'm horny, also sometimes I just fantasize about having a feminine body and it feels really nice.
As I said, I have always been a regular man and I like normal guy stuff.
It's just this AGP that's always there and it doesn't want to leave.
Should I pop skittles or just deal with it?
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You should, but be mentally prepared for you're "purely anatomic" dysphoria to creep into other areas. It's a lot harder to be a regular man when your system is running on estrogen
Well, I can just be a more feminine man.
I'm not so sure what you mean by "creep into other areas".
I mean that things that you used to "be ok" with (read "I am just pretending I don't hate it and am bargaining with myself") start becoming less ok as your time on hormones increases.
That said anatomic agps are at highest risk for severe bodily dysphoria so hormones are nearly always a good idea for them

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I feel asexual but im not sure that's a real thing.

The basic gesalt here is that I've never been strongly attracted to anyone since puberty. Or rather I only get attracted to maybe 1 in 100,000 people that I see. In 21 years I've only beed attracted to 3 people in my life and 2 of those times were in high school. This seems extremely abnormal for someone with a dik n balls. Everyone else seems to experience attraction completely differently than I do. I remember that whenever my friends would talk about girls they would always give a score closer to 8 or so. Mine was always 5ish. They thought something was wrong with me.

>Maybe you're gay.

Same thing happens with men though. That very last person I was attracted to of the 3 was a guy but most men and women are just meh or below. Not really attractive.

Is there something wrong with me? Does anyone really have any advice or insight?

Im mtf 3 months hrt if that means anything.
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Well let me explain my asexualness and maybe you can relate. Iv'e never felt horny or the urge to masturbate and never really have, and iv'e had multiple sexual partners and relationships but dont feel a thing or get excited. I just really hate sex and feel like its a waste a time, and even growing up I had to force myself to find someone attractive or have a crush to fit in.
The people you felt attraction to, were you emotionally invested?
Not the first two but the last one yeah. We worked together for a year but I really didn't like his girlfriend because he was much more attractive than her and even though he was sort of a starving artist type he was so cute I just wanted to hug him all the time. He wanted to make movies and be a director but lufe etc. We spent alot of time together and hung out alot and became really good friends but we haven't talked since his gf cucked him and they broke up. I think he moved away because they lived together which is really sad. I just wanted to see him follow his dreams and cuddle with him.

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How do I proposition a possibly gay male?
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>kiss him
>if good reaction keep going
>if bad reaction lol jk faggot
>possibly gay male

Nigger, you need to be 100% sure, or it could turn really awkward or even dangerous.
I'll just kms then

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Can anyone tell me how to cope with having to wait a year for hormone therapy? (Mtf) I need to have therapy for a year before the insurance pays for hormones and blockers and it makes me quite sad
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File: 1496429376649.jpg (29KB, 412x430px)Image search: [Google]
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Diy untill then?
It's not even all that expensive without insurance. Just get your pills and your therapy and after a year enjoy the nice price-drop.

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ii leo el 5 Read-Only.jpg
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Ireland's new Taoiseach Prime minister is openly gay do you see this as a even more show of acceptance in the western world?
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the western world practically sucks fags dicks, how could they show more acceptance?
>do you see this as a even more show of acceptance in the western world?
He's just the real life token homosexual/racial minority so that progressive lefties have some diversity to wank over.

If those people were to act on their true feelings he wouldn't be prime minister, he'd be dead.
Is he based?
Does he believe: Saudi delenda est?
Opinion on Trump? Climate change?
Will he make Ireland technofuturistic?

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