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why is everyone on this board so bitchy?
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Because it's 4chan.
It's fun.

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How do I convince myself to transition when I have a small chance at passing? If I had no chance at passing I wouldn't even think about it and just repress until I kill myself, but I do have a slight chance. I know someday I'm either gonna kill myself or transition.
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Just stop being a little bitch and do it jesus christ.
I just think of life as a chance, why throw it away? If it's shit you may as well see what happens and just keep going.
just go or it. you might as well start now so you can get it over with sooner.

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Is it possible without gaining too much weight or am I fucked?
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why lose the abs bro? i mean if you want to its possible, but why? also give your height, weight and body fat %
Transition to female
Trying to :x

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I, for one, am glad that the LGBT community is becoming more inclusive :D
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Minorities proving yet again they are out greatest enemies even when they aren't literally murdering us.
No pink or teal (femininity colors) since 1980.

Include non-whites, but not women.

What a way to represent our social construct community.

I mean, not all trans-women are attracted to men. And you didn't include LGBT Asians in the flag (unless yellow works).

Is it now called LGBT-Intersex-Asexual-Queer?
I'm completely okay with inclusion unless it involves adding ONE MILLION FUCKING LETTERS to the LGBT acronym.

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too lewd for a blue board.png
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Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito Shuno:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn:

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the Pastebin, but don't be lazy Anon, please include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

If you're not sure if a comic belongs here because maybe it's not LGBT enough, post updates anyway. We won't know about it if no one posts it!
If you see something wrong in the Pastebin, tell us about it and the Anon will (eventually) fix it. Just keep reminding him.

Old Thread:
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now back to the orgy pit.jpg
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so how many of you sorta dropped this comic since it became SJW-tier?
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I still read it, but nowadays I just begrudgingly check on it every other week instead of getting excited for every update. I wish the plot wasn't on pause for ~5 months because I actually really like how the characters are drawn.

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/lg/-lesgen-Lesbian General:
Stereotype Edition

Because every once in a while you just gotta embody Stereotypes.

Talk about what lesbian stereotypes you embody/What lesbian stereotypes you adore in others!

Rules: Don't discuss your gender here. IGNORE bait-posting. This thread is for Women who love Women.

Last time on /lesgen/:
>Bumpy lesgen confusion
>Lesgen has a suprising amount of puppers
>There are too many leafs (Canadians) on this thread. [Leafblower.jpg]
>"I Dont care about car elitism. Buying a Prius."
>Diagnosis: Lesgen is lonely af. Perscription: qts for all...STAT!
>All lesgen's celebrity crushes are unique... Looks like that is a bad thing to try and bond over on a first date.
>Bumping into other lesbian couples in public can make anyone's day
>Goldstar debate rages on. Partial consensus is that it doesn't matter IRL, but is a big deal on 4chan

Previous Thread : >>8344097
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nice op pic
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do you want to get married, lesgen?

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The Dangers of the Good Child.jpg
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How many people here does this video describe? If it describes you, did you come out and/or transition late?

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Also, TL,DR.

>As they become an adult however, like all of us, they discover the ecstasies of sex, which can be beautifully perverse and excitingly disgusting.

Such solid bullshit, in manages to be absurd on every level.

What do you think the video means? It sounds like you think there's a retarded /pol/ agenda to the thread like, "You're only gay because your uncle raped you."
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>like all of us, they discover the ecstasies of sex, which can be beautifully perverse and excitingly disgusting.


>The desire to be good is one of the loveliest things in the world




>Literary Criticism


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Can you go from Bi to Gay? Bi Male here, and my sexual interest in women have seriously decline in the last year. It's weird, I find their bodies attractive, but I don't really have that strong of a desire to penetrate them. You can find males with similar bodies, minus the bodies. And i'm probably more attracted to what I call 'Male Voluptuousness' now (muscles, large men etc) than Female Voluptuousness, if that makes sense

Why can't futas be real. I just love getting fucked in the ass so much, I don't want to stick my peepee in a gross vagina.
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Consider: maybe you just really like boobs and dicks? Find a non-op transgirl with big tits who's willing to top.

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How is the HSTS experience actually supposed to look like?
Any /tttt/ certified HSTS autobiographies you can recommend?

Also any HSTS FtM ones that don't involve their parents forcing them to wear dresses and shit? Doesn't seem to be a common scenario for anyone currently under 40
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Becoming Nicole and I Am Jazz, I guess, are "okay" starting points.
>gay-shaming parents transing their son Iran-style because that's more acceptable now
>anything to do with legitimate trans experiences
that's part of the hsts experience tho

agp's only think that they're more legitimate because they "chose to" transition themselves, when in reality that defines their illegitimacy.


it appears to be offline, what does it mean...?
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Maybe it's time to go legit
I'm already "legit" but I'm "stuck" in what you could call "RLE" and I am considering the idea of self-medding if too much time will pass.
I just fucking ordered a bunch of stuff on Sunday.
Damn it

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Mostly posting that just to vent.
So... I consider myself bisexual, since I'm theoretically attracted to both men and women. But if I go into greater detail about it, it gets more complicated.
See, I'm not attracted to traditionally masculine men. Excessive body hair is a major turn off for me, and so is stereotypical masculine behavior(arrogance, aggression, etc.). The latter makes me outright scared sometimes. I do like penises though. Penises are nice.
With rare exceptions(Skallagrim, Colin Furze), the kind of guys I generally find attractive are usually the cute type - slender, somewhat nerdy(Hank Green is an example), often kinda feminine. FtMs are also fine, assuming they don't fall into the aforementioned hypermasculine category.
But aside from that, I feel that I'm leaning much stronger towards women(feminine, tomboyish - doesn't matter). Which causes me a huge amount of internal shame - for obvious reasons, considering I'm MtF. Cis women are good, but trans women are often equally good. And, being trans myself, for some reason I feel a deeper connection with them.
Recently I've noticed that looking at attractive trans women makes me feel extremely lonely. I want a girlfriend. Someone whose personality would be compatible with mine. Whom I would be able to love and who would love me too. Too bad I'm ugly, fat and boring.
Melody Lane is one of the examples of trans women I find attractive. Christine Love is another - my heart melts when I look at her pictures.
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So, seeing as getting a gf is currently not feasible for someone like me for reasons mentioned before, and fixing those reasons will take over a year at best... How do I stop being so unbearably lonely for now?
I've never dated anyone in my life. As I reached my early 20s pre-HRT, I kinda managed to come to terms with my loneliness and came to accept that I'm most likely to live the rest of my life alone(in a romantic sense). Later I started taking an antidepressant+antipsychotic combo, which also helped numb the pain from the more stronger of my emotions, which was good.
However, about half a year into HRT now, my E levels have become quite high and I also started taking progesterone. So I guess it's a teenage-like hormonal clusterfuck for me again, only with female hormones now.
I don't know how to deal with it.
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Yesterday I was looking through the pictures of some cute trans women, and guess what? Here it comes. The crushing feeling of loneliness hit me like a sledgehammer.
I slept for 13 hours and I feel a little better now. Empty inside, but at least the unbearable pain is gone.
Worst of all... I'm already almost 26.
I've never known what it's like to be loved. What it's like to have a partner, to date someone.
I feel old. It's like most of my life is already behind me. I've completely missed out on the most interesting and active part of life - the teenage years and young adulthood. And I don't see anything good ahead of me.
my mom divorced my dad last year and she has dated like 4 guys already, you are never too old to date, find love, etc. teenage years are definitely interesting and chaotic but i dont think anyone considers them their best years. You havent missed out on anything you got fucking decades ahead of you (and some crazy shits gonna be happening in those decades, we will be flying to mars every 18 months starting in 2023 for fucks sake)

fat you can change (which it seems like you are so good for you)
ugly is somewhat subjective (people actually prefer mates that are as attractive as themselves, so 7s like 7s, 9s like 9s, ,etc)

boring is easily fixed (if its even true in the first place)
just have something to talk about, read about things, watch interesting shows and movies, find new hobbies it doesnt matter if you suck just find something and do it for a while and see how it goes.

mind me asking which drugs ur on?

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Would you date a cute marine psychopath?
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Only if he's really cute.
Hell yeah!
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I would not date an durty marin psychosquatch.

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Never cry.jpg
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Are we nearing the age where it is possible to have that transplanted into the human body? Potential MtF here, I know I could adopt but I at-least want one kid as mine but as woman.
Ever since this:
I've been carrying hope and I know it seems creepy to want something like this, even inhumane or crazy, and I don't blame you if you feel that way.

I just could never shake the feeling.

Sorry if there was already a thread like this, you can delete.
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It will be a minimum of 15 years before that is ready for human use.
no, just no

we need to be sterilizing everyone not enabling more to reproduce
Maybe when you're in your 50's something like that will be publicly available. I don't want to ruin your dreams but I just think it's unlikely for awhile.

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Is there a way to hire a doctor to remove my testicles without having to prove im trans to him. Even if I never transition I still don't want these things. They cause me nothing but suffering and I should be able to do whatever I want with my own body.
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Tell them you want to to be a eunuch ezpz
Yes. There's a bunch of doctors all over the world that can do it on informed consent. I know there's one guy in Mexico, can't remember his name though. There's a few in the US as well
It's a bad idea if you're not also taking estrogen. Having no sex hormones in your body is not good for you, mentally or physically.

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Plausible theory: Gays have a mutation on the X chromosome that women also get (of course) that makes them more attracted to men than they would be otherwise. In women, this is advantageous, and a study showed women who are relatives of homosexuals have 1.3x the number of kids on average. For men, it is deleterious but women can carry the gene onward so it doesn't disappear. Gay men do sometimes reproduce and surrogacy will only increase that number.

I'm not exactly sure how womb environment and sibling order plays into this but I was wondering if someone who has read more recent research than I could update me on what researchers have been saying in terms of the genetic or otherwise causes of homosexuality.



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>I'm not exactly sure how womb environment and sibling order plays into this

Probably just different causes. Liking the same sex is a huge category so it only makes sense that there's no one cause to it. Genetics, hormonal anomalies both in the womb and in puberty, personal experience, etc.
Well surely the research has gotten a bit more specific into those?
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>gays like men
>therefore they are women
makes sense anon

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