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Do nonbinary people actually exist?

What is the difference between gender nonconforming and nonbinary?

Are nonbinary people trans? Do they have dysphoria?
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>What is the difference between gender noncomforming and nonbinary?
Identity. Fembois and effeminate men still identify as men, butch ladies still identify as women.
>Are nonbinary people trans? Do they have dysphoria?
I'd say they are under the transgender umbrella, if it you define it as anyone who doesn't identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. Some have dysphoria, the DSM 5 criteria were even rewritten to accommodate this. Some don't.
>Do nonbinary people actually exist?


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>tfw gay
>tfw conservative
>tfw everyone else that's gay is a liberal and loves minorities
>tfw talking to a guy who is not a complete liberal sjw faggot
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Should we give you a gold star for being special? Or would that trigger you?

maybe you should take another oestrogen jab, friend?
He's one of the good gays, though. So long as he acknowledges he deserves and abuse his straight superiors heap on him, wears his designated largely nondescript gay-mark, and doesn't engage in any activity or discussion that might openly expose these worthies to his degeneracy, he'll know true happiness.

This is a gen for all /lgbt/ who have decided to remain celibate for various reasons, and give us hope that we can live happy fulfilling lives without a relationship or sex.
Hey /celgen/ why are you celibate? Is it ugliness, crippling social anxiety, your personal philosophy or other?

Discuss: How do you resist temptation when you know its against your better interest? (rejection, desire for self control, etc.)
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If by celibate you mean loser who can't get laid then that's me.

But really my self esteem is far too low at the moment to pursue sex, plus I'm not very sure of my sexuality these days, I just don't wanna make an irreversible sex decision in such a confusing crippling state, so I typically ignore woman and repress homo urges.
Eh after ten years in the closet, marrying a woman and divorcing before we had kids I'm in no hurry to get involved with a man physically or romantically. I'm on a path of inward discovery and learning who I am and what that means.
how hard has it been repressing homo urges? Does this cause strange behaviours/ urges in other areas of your life to vent off steam?

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Now I'm not a bigot or anything, I'm a pansexual transgrill and super open minded but some gay men are just terrible, they act like their plight is SOOOO difficult. Being gay is easy automatic compared to dante must die trans mode.

I don't know, I just wish people cared about us more, it's hard out there :(.
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I'm a trans woman too and I would be tempted to feel the same way if the gay men I knew weren't so fucking awesome to me.
I have no quarrels with gays, though I do notice some bad vibes towards us occassionally.

In all honesty however, people did think I'm gay before I came out as trans. They told me so afterwards and I found it amusing, Maybe I'd have had actual support if it wasn't just for me seeming gay, cause obviously gays don't really need support. I however do and it took me a long time to get comfortable with male "bathroom routines" and clothes and stuff and it sucks i grew up like that.
I'm not overly fond of the homos. All the gayfags I know are very nice people, I just don't catch myself thinking, "Damn. Gays. Cool." I don't think it's that uncommon, lingering feelings after struggling with whether you're a gay man because you wished to be the little girl.

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Perhaps I'm wrong here, but I find things such as gay pride, lesbian pride and other various forms of sexuality-based self-appreciation to be kind of pointless. I've always thought pride came from the feeling of accomplishment for something you've personally achieved, not something you didn't choose. As a homosexual man myself, I find it pretty self-indulgent to parade around announcing who you are to the world.

Anybody else agree?
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>board share the same site as /pol/
>needing to ask the obvious
Just because I'm not a fan of gay pride doesn't mean I'm a stormfag from /pol/, man.

Seems you've missed the point of what the "pride" is about, so no, can't say I agree.

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is it worth it to do something about being a tranny instead of ignoring it
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do w/e you want just know rejecting your traditional masculine or feminine identity is like a huge move and will not be an easy journey
also you will catch a lot of shit, and will be under a tremendous amount of stress worrying over what your body looks like and whether or not you look like a male or a female
yeah do w/e you want
talk to the other trans in your community to see what their experience has been like
go for it brah
as someone who's been on hrt for 2 years don't do it, just don't, it's not worth it

repress it instead, your life will be a lot better for it

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>be bi (don't shoot me)
>hanging with bestfriend at other friend's house
>It's quite chilly, mention "wow, I'm really cold".
>He says "Do you wanna hug? I heard that's a good way to warm up
>He embraces me tightly, I return such.
>We hug closely for like 15 seconds
>Other friend walks out of house and we awkwardly detach from one another

Is it just me or was that extremely fucking gay?

(repost fro gaygen because they are faggots)
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yeah, hugging is gay
in fact, never show affection towards another male unless you are a complete flaming fag
some feel any male to male touching beyond a shake, punch, slap, or on a wrestling mat is gay. sadly they are cutting themselves off from some quality bonding experiences.
That's cute. Keep that friend OP, he sounds nice

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Prove to me that people don't choose to be gay. Pro tip: You can't.
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Who even gives a shit? I'd choose it if I had the choice anyway.
You're right, I can't
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Nobody can ever choose what they enjoy. They can choose not to partake in it, but they will still like it deep down. Therefore, it is impossible for one two choose their sexuality, regardless of the cause.

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What are more common. Female to male or Male to female?
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Male to female is like 3 times more common, but this could easily be googled
FTM/Non binary dfabs in all the queer groups I've seen
I don't trust the first search result.

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>be me
>make a profile on queer website in order to find a cute femboy or twink boyfriend
>so far only ultra faggots and uglyshits contact me
>the few good looking twinks are either retarded teenagers, or shallow without interests, or not actually good looking, or any combination of these factors
>turn to ftms but because of internalized transfobia I have hard time recognizing them as males-for me, they are just women pretending and they are about to start behaving as women at any moment, which is disgusting
>my only option are mtf trannies. they are bros, but many of them looking disgusting or tryhard to behave like women, which is disgusting
>tfw no good looking mtf twink on hormones who doesn't mind being cool and andro

this world is messed up
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be the change you want to see in the world
I'm sure you're a great catch yourself.
>Implying i'm not already

I can't date myself though

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Cis people: if you have kids, how would you respond to them coming out as trans?

Trans people: what are you going to do (if anything) to let your children explore their gender on their own terms?

I figure at the very least I'm gonna give all my kids gender neutral names to make things easier and try to use they instead of he/she when talking about them with other people while they're young. You know, just to help keep them guarded from gender policing a little bit.
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Cis guy, if my kids turn trans I will stop considering them as mine and probably shoot them.
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trans girl here

I'm not really going to do much, I just won't emphasize gender roles.

If they want to transition later, that's fine.
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>tfw some asshole shitposter reminds you that you will never have a functioning womb to shit out babbies for your man

There's too many shit threads up right now. Let's have some fun.


Claim your super power. If your post number is even you're a superhero. If it's odd you're a supervillian.

How do you use your super power to fight for the homo agenda, legbutts?
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Let's see. Also, someone should post the templates with the people so we can design costumes.

Can I propose we rerool all meta powers and omnipotences?
sweeet! does that mean i never have to paint my nails again because i ccan just think them into an new colour?


I guess I'm martial arts now.

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Came across this comic, was wondering what transpeople think of this and if this is an accurate way to explain the condition to non-trans people?
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>mascara doesn't look good on me
>dresses like a hippie mom instead
Maybe for some people but not for me. I couldn't fucking wait to transition, also I'm getting laser hair removal as soon as I can, fuck beards get them off me.

It seems like this person's dysphoria is more social and mental than physical. Some people are like that.

>tfw straight/bi-curious virgin
>but only capable of loving guys
>pure top (dont want to suck dick either)
>not interested in random hookup for just casual sex
I just want a boyfriend who is okay with me being all of the above. Is there hope for me?
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No. Consider suicide.
I'm not a faggy emo bitch, never thought about suicide.
You are the dream guy of most bottoms.

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It's getting very scary seeing trans hate slowly but surely rise. I've noticed people getting more and more open about hating us. And to be honest I can't really blame them.

Every single instance of us being represented in the media is done by some old withered hag. Not once is there a passing (or pretty damn close to passing), young, and well spoken trans person brought onto these talk shows or interviews to represent us and shut down any misconceptions about the community as a whole. Even people that are pretty liberal start to see this and all they hear are delusional hons ranting about how brave they are for wearing a dress.

This makes me feel so anxious about things to come. Being represented by people that have a tumblr mindset scares the shit out of me and I feel like there's nothing I can do about it. It makes me feel so sad hearing people say transgender people are men and purposefully being hostile to them. I feel like if they were to have their debates with an intellectual and passing trans woman things would be so much different. But radical liberals are so focused on being PC and not hurting anyones feelings that no one can have a proper conversation.

There are so many people I truly believe have good hearts that could understand and sympathize with trans people if we weren't so misrepresented by these radicals.

We get it, you're a brave 50+ year old trans woman who transitioned while being completely independent and being a millionaire. Now can we please address the issue of trans youth being kicked out of their homes, abused, and raped with no sign of any help? Can we please stop giving these disgusting hons the time of day and shine the spotlight and the people that actually matter? The teenagers and young adults trying desperately to get the help they need.

Jesus fucking christ I hate everyone so much. Caitlyn Jenner opened up so much opportunity and did absolutely FUCKING nothing with it.
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It's either 60 year old transbian hons like bruce jenner who look and act cringy or younger transbians who are usually trans feminists and act just as bat shit crazy or weirdo tumblr sjw's.

Take your pick.
There has to be some rational well spoken passing trans girl willing to speak up. We're all so fucking mentally ill and anxious no one wants to bother though. If people pass they just live their life happily and quietly so all we get are unpassable angry hons representing us.

God this is so fucked.
Watch out there unless you don't wanna go home in an ambulance, bud.

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