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Why does it seem that most MtF are lesbians while most cis women are straight? Logically, shouldn't the majority of MtF be straight too? According to studies by the likes of Gallup and William Institute, up to only 4% of the population identifies as gay or lesbian. From what I've seen, this number seems more like +60% for MtF.

Yes, I am questioning the womanhood of MtF by means of their sexuality, although I don't mean it to be offending. An explanation would be appreciated, and pardon my ignorance.
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Because most mtfs transition for fetishistic reasons. I transitioned because I'm lonely and I wanted to become my own personification of my 2d waifu
>Why does it seem that most MtF are lesbians
Honestly because a lot of them aren't really trans women and are in fact straight men with a fetish who claim to be masculine lesbian women.

People here deny it but from my exp with observing other trans people this is the most logical conclusion.
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Confirmation bias. Most are straight after transition.

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it seems to me that basically all mtf's are also into other mtf's
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it's actually split. those of us that can't get qt 3.14 cis gfs settle for trans gfs.

>tfw transitioned in order to become my qt 2d waifu personified

a qt ftm bf would be nice though


2/3 of them are into women.
1/3 of them are into heterosexual (and only heterosexual) men.

Even they themselves are not into each other.

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How do I resist cutting off my hair? I look more like a fag than a woman.
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Get a better haircut/style
what does your hair look like OP?
wear ponytails

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Ignorance will always exist, even when the facts are present baka.
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glad to know science can finally explain why you're mentally ill
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i fucking lost it at the libertarian spouting buzzwords
Seriously, if you're not going put in the effort, why bother typing anything at all?

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Just learned today that a lot of people at my work are apparently gossiping about weather I am gay

Jokes on them
I'm a tranny
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Pretty sure we've all been there
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Then why not make this thread one for similar stories

Really REALLY getting tired of Texas's shit right now.
Pic somewhat related.
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move to Austin
Heavily considering it.
What happened?

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What club at my uni can I find the most anti-LGBT people?
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The LGBT club, judging by this board
Probably some politics, religion or nationality-oriented club I guess.
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Most schools have a conservative group or two. Pic related was the shit show at my university before I graduated and I think they're still smelling strong these days.

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Off to Amsterdam for a week, starting Monday 9th. Any suggestions or recommendations of things to do?
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That pic is awesome, thanks!
1. Leave Amsterdam
2. Go to Utrecht
3. ???
4. Profit!
Get high, suck dicks.

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What do you guys think of Carmen and her bf Adrian being on the show and do you think it's good for trans people?

I have to admit I'm very jealous of how well she passes and how pretty she is, do you think she sets an unrealistic expectation for most other trans girls who won't be pretty like her or even pass?


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>tfw you will never look as pretty as her.
>tfw you will never have Joe Budden say "I'd tap that" while referring to you
>mfw I could have been as pretty than her but instead ripped into pieces by an angry mob.
>ripped into pieces by an angry mob
Story time?

Demisexual is only being able to be attracted to people you've formed a bond with, right? Is it possible to only be that way towards one gender, but be "normally" attracted to another?
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Fuck off Tumblr. You're just indecisive.
I suppose, I mean it's definitely possible to be attracted to multiple genders but have different "criteria" for attraction to each one. And it certainly is possible to be demisexual AND have a gender-based attraction (i.e. you can only be attracted to people you have a bond with, AND are of a certain gender).
Hey man, I was just wondering. You don't gotta be a rude dude.

Why is this board particularly mean and toxic compared to other boards?
Is it because it's filled with people that seem to hate themselves?
Why can't it be nicer?
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Fags like you that feel the constant need for a safe space are toxic.
The world isn't a nice place, honey,get over it.

4chan is what people are actually like deep down when the facades drop and they don't have to pretend to be someone socially like-able.

PS I love myself, but i still hate you.
Simple. There's a higher concentration of straight people on this board then any other board.
Idk, but I'd like us all to just get along. Not even being sarcastic there desu.

How should I come out to my parents?
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wear something better first
With that outfit?
By doing it after cleaning your pigsty.

Does anyone else get annoyed by trans people like Gigi Gorgeous who seem to have transitioned just for the fame and attention? She is a flat-out narcissist yet she is a "trans icon."

Before you say that regular women can be narcissists and show off their tits too, it seems to undermine the trans "movement" to have such vapid role models for children. Yes there are vapid cis role models but we are talking about activism here, and giving more awareness to trans people.

I am not trans or jealous of Gigi, but I feel that too much emphasis on people like her can make other MtF people feel worse about themselves because they don't feel that they are as "pretty" as her. It's basically the "muh curves" movement all over again but for transgenders.

>in b4 "Gigi looks disgusting" comments
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in theory only her name should be enough to make her diserve the greatest of scorns. so i basically agree.
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gi gi gi gi baby bay.png
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>pretty trans people are harmful
>hons are harmful
What the fuck do you even want?
>transitioned for fame and attention

Are you retarded? She transitioned cause she's trans, not cause being a tranny makes you famous.

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How does one become straight?
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Viagra and a wife for cover

I go by the stupid is as stupid does rule, so if you do gay shit then you are gay, and straight if blah blah blah
nah. you're still gay if you're craving cock while half-heartedly doing your wife.

maybe just accept that there's nothing wrong with being gay? ;(

Ditto, that's about as straight as a gay guy can get though. Gay orientation, straight lifestyle.

Like junk food, you don't have to not like it to have a healthier diet, so just look at sex the same way. The idea that repression is bad is bullshit, an excuse fags use to suck dick, but everyone practices repression in one way or another.

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I want to start MTF transition but i don't want to go to any doctors. any advice?
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Go to a doctor. If you're too poor or afraid to visit a doctor then you may not be trans.
>If you're too poor [...] you may not be trans.

True story, even here in the UK you are at the whim of some apprentice shrink that will shill and tell you they can't help you until you go to their private practise.

You basically have to act like you will chop your junk off if they don't help. That's plan B for me.

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