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that demons face tho.jpg
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Post what level of hell you're going to

Also level seven best level
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seventh, woot woot
4: very high
5: extreme
6: extreme
7: high
8: very high
9: very high

Good. Very good.
Nearly there.
Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis

ou approach Satan's wretched city where you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You will join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this circle of Hell.

Can I have sex with the three infernal furries? I don't want to stay a virgin in the afterlife

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN (0B, 0x0pxpx)
0B, 0x0pxpx
So not tasted by own semen is ages since being on HRT

Boyfriend went down on me and said mine taste sweet and of pussy

Tasted bit my self and it is very sweet compared to his
Anyone else noticed this?
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no answer?
Semen flavour is based in diet and certain medications.

Tell your boyfriend to eat pineapples and other sweet fruits it will probably make his taste yummy slut.
oooooo really

Guessing chocolate won't work lol

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Gay General: Doujin EditionGay General: Doujin EditionGay General: Doujin EditionGay General: Doujin Edition

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im watching GotG right now and touching myself

i <3 starlord
god dammit who keeps letting you make these threads with straight shit in the OP
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x'th for bara tiddies.

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Hello, faggots.
So i have a question.
I am a male, 165cm, 60kg.
I guess i am attracted to the fantasy of being dominated by a larger male, but i would never want to do it irl. I am not a jerk / outgoing / "typical alpha male" but i don't think i'm a "woman trapped inside a man's body" or anything like that either. i don't see a reason to demand being called a "she". i am perfectly happy being a male, if anything i think there is something wrong with other males. When asked (even online) i say i'm straight.
I've never had a gf and i am a kissless hugless virgin, but i do want to be intimate with a girl and have a serious relationship.
Most girls are larger than me, and i wouldn't really mind being sub or dom.

My questions are, what is my sexuality? Am i bisexual, straight, or something else.
Also how often are girls into guys like me? I've had a few girls hit on me back in highschool but i don't know if girls don't eventually grow out of the "into boys" phase and become "into men" after highschool.
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I would say bi, but does it really matter?
>I fantasize about having sex with men
>I want to be in a relationship with a woman

There's your sexuality. Glad I could help
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1446887889396 - Copy.png
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i believe pic related is also accurate
but don't you have like 100+ different sexualities and genders?
are they all just memes?
i guess it doesn't. i was just curious

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Yeah, so /pol/ isn't even bothering to be subtle about the fact they're starting and organizing the petition just because they want to promote /lgbt/ infighting.


That probably meets Change.org's definition of fraudulent if it's mostly guys who aren't gay pushing it just to cause trouble for gays and trannies.

That means if people do report the petition for fraud and show the links supporting that it was set up to cause infighting, they'll probably take action and suspend it's organizers.

Report to your heart's content /lgbt/.
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They have an email people can mail these screenshots too?
I'm not surprised at all, really
I know it's possible to use the report tab and give links to documentation proving this, but is it possible to use some sort of email that will get a reasonably quick reply?

Faking stuff and starting a petition for the sake of making people fight each other looks to be a pretty big deal according to their policies.

How fierce are you today?

tinychat: /gaygen/
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old thread: >>5188070
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Colin Furze Wink.webm
1MB, 640x360px

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Is there any actual transsexuals here? As in, actually lives as their desired gender?

Every time I come to read I can't help but feel it's mostly otakus with unrealistic expectations that wants to be an animu girl.
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Literally 100% escapist gay male weebs. Just count the anime posters in mtfg and how many of them want to be CYOOT ANIMAY GRILS UGUUU
Well, check tlg, that one ain't THAT bad. That I have to associate with the circlejerk mtfg turns out to be is disgusting though.
I really don't believe even half the beta "trannies" you got here actually know dysphoria.
>Hey I think I wanna be a girl because I'm oh such a loser in life I'm trans right?
>Sometimes I think I'd prefer to be female but I'm not sure , help!

Gimme a break. And give your ideal anime waifus a break.
>tfw tlg seems more legit that mtfg

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Can we have a chaser general?

>do you like mtf or ftm
>when did you first start liking them
>have you met one in person
>have you dated one
>have you had sex with one
>talk about your current crush
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ur all gonna get aids
>tfw no chaser bf
feels bad です先輩
File: image.jpg (28KB, 344x344px)Image search: [Google]
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the chasers ive met are mostly inappropriately old or really autistic and cant shut up about idiotic things.

i dont want muscle, i dont want money, i just want somebody with a good fashion sense and sensitive personality.

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fight the gays.jpg
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Lesbians & straight FtM's... how do we get rid of the males in the gay/tranny world who continue to make the HIV/STD rate soar worldwide? They're to blame for the entire bad image the /lgbt/ community gets due to their lifestyle choices. I believe we need to bond with our straight sisters & brothers who still have morals and put an end to their bullshit.


^ It's not us lesbians or FTM's doing this shit. It's always the gays and those sissy boy trannies.
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simple... develop a way that makes men & trans women get anally pregnant. the only reason they're so promiscuous is because they can't create an accident baby. when they can suddenly get pregnant, gays will settle down.
We need to do something about blacks, especially black women. Black women are the group with the highest rate of HIV world wide. Black men are the fastest growing population of new HIV infections. While white people tend to be able to manage their HIV infections, blacks tend to have much higher viral loads, less likely to wear a condom, more promiscuous and less likely to engage in non-penetrative sex, ei blowjobs.

But if you want to work on better relationships and images of the LGBT community, lesbians need to start putting their female privilege to work. Lesbians are LGBT easy mode, nearly immune the violence gays and trans people face (not counting domestic violence) Because of this immunity lesbians need to talk to straight people, in a non-lesbian/non-feminist way and work on better relations. Lesbians can start by fighting for more funding to HIV and AIDS research. Traditionally diseases that effect men receive less funding that diseases that effect women even when the disease that effects men is more common and more deadly (see breast cancer vs prostate cancer) lesbians need to use their female privilege to help get truvada/prep easily accessible, especially in black communities. I realize that OP being a woman is blinded by all her unearned privileges but hopefully with education and understanding she will realize the aids problem is a result of failed government intervention not failed morals.
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>sow dissent
>consensus crack
>false flag

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To any trans people here: did your sexual orientation change after transition? Do you think it was hormones that caused your orientation to change, or something else?

Pic unrelated.
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nahh was bi before transition and am still bi.
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Only liked girls before transitioning but didn't have much of a sex drive. Still dating my girlfriend from before transition. Now I'm bi though... I still don't like guys mentally, my body just heavily reacts to them.

I hate it.
i had repressed liking guys a lot, but once i had accepted it all, and allowed myself to think about guys, i realized i liked them way more than girls. i guess i'm like 95% straight, but can still appreciate a hot girl.

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From the Wikipedia article on cuttlefish:

>... cuttlefish unable to win in a direct confrontation with a guard male have been observed employing several other tactics to acquire a mate. The most successful of these methods is camouflage; smaller cuttlefish will use their camouflage abilities to disguise themselves as a female cuttlefish. Changing their body colour, concealing their extra arms (males have four pairs, females only have three), and even pretending to be holding an egg sack, disguised males are able to swim past the larger guard male and mate with the female.

Sounds like transbians exist in another species besides our own.
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>Sounds like transbians exist in another species besides our own.

Have you never heard of a clown fish?
I've always thought the same thing anon.

Trannies are just human cuttlefish. Too beta to fuck as male so they disguise themselves as women
What about asexual trannies?

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Any way to help deal with the feeling that your body is a disintegrating mass of diseased tumors that will buckle under the pressure at any moment?
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>b-but muh dysphoria isn't a mental illness
Honestly, anon, does it seriously matter whether it is or isn't? If it's an illness, so what? It doesn't really change anything in how it's treated and it certainly won't go away, either. Why can't you just accept them the way they are? Everyone just wants to live and be happy, just some have a different way of going about that.
doing drugs
having meaningless sex

was what I used to do, now I'm on HRT. Fix your damn problem. Don't just let it kill you.

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How do you guys dress?
Right now I just started HRT and I'm trying to find ways to "own" being a trans girl rather than just slapping make up and a dress on and saying "I'm a stunning and brave woman shitlords"
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Go to >>>/fa/. Don;t tell them that youre trans, tell them you want a more androgynous wardrobe.
Bretty good advice I guess, thanks anon
>Go to >>>/fa/.
Terrible fucking advice.

Hi everyone. Does it annoy anyone else that all the trans people we see in the media are ugly hons? It would be really nice for the trans community if there were some young, well adjusted, passing trans women (or ftms), in the mainstream media. I feel like all these old hons like the Kardashian fuck aren't really helping trans people by coming out. It gives everyone this idea that trans people are just old men wearing a dress.
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The goal is to pass as a woman not socially out myself as trans so I'm labeled as such the rest of my life. I imagine that most passing trans women feel this way.

After you're stealth for a few years you don't really think about being trans (dysphoria aside; srs helps)
There are several trans celebrities that would not be considered "old hon's" well maybe "old" by the juvenile mentality but you really don't see too much of them because they are well adjusted, fitting in, and not really being made a big deal out of because they do not have the "HEY, HEY, LOOK AT ME I NEED ATTENTION" mentality that sadly is so prevalent on here nor the incessant need to compare yourself and be "better" than everyone else.Grow up, worry about yourself and maybe you wouldn't get all the crap and hate that the trans community tends to get.
File: laverne-cox.jpg (76KB, 900x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>all the trans people we see in the media are ugly hons
Laverne Cox looks pretty good desu. Way better than Caitlyn Jenner.

File: 1446216786860.jpg (16KB, 236x318px)Image search: [Google]
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Can someone tell me why people are so promiiscuous? So I was in gaygen tinychat with people yesterday, they were all talking about the people they've fucked, pulling out their dating apps and stuff. I just can't believe that someone would have sex with someone they don't even know. Am I alone here in thinking that sounds sort of fucked up? I mean I have been wondering about what that scenario would even be like. I feel like I would even get hard, because it would be so uncomfortable trying to fuck someone I don't know.
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>Can someone tell me why people are so promiiscuous?
Sex is fun.

That and it's kinda expected this day and age.
It really sucks. It grosses me out that these people are having sex with a bunch of people they don't know. For me I find the idea of having sex with a stranger disgusting. At the same time though, it's really difficult to find someone to even talk to me to have a date. I'm not unattractive, it's just that no one is interested in dating. It sucks because I want to have sex, yet all these people are having sex with total strangers and I'm not getting any.
You must live a sheltered life. Straight men are like this. They hook up and talk about girls in the same way. Straight people have started to use Tindr as a hook up app too.

Idk you just sound judgmental. What people do in their private lives has no effect on you. If you're going to pass judgment on gay men, you might as well pass judgment on men as a whole

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