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Hey bi people who are sexually attracted to both sexes but "romantically attracted" only to the opposite sex:

Do you really believe sexual and romantic attraction are separate (per tumblr) or do you just want a socially acceptable life?
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I'm arguably bi but I've only ever been able to maintain romantic feelings for same gender relationships. So a bit of an inverse of your question target but yeah I think their separate. The things I'll pop a boner over are hilariously varied but my emotional attachments just aren't there, once the initial lust fades a bit the lack of romantic feelings invariably makes the previous object of attraction becomes a bit gross.

To put it another more crude way, once my boner stops overriding my logic I lose all interest. Being aware of that though ended with me being monogamous. Almost 11 years now actually.
Depends on the person.

I could see a bitchy twink that embodies all the negative gay stereotypes of being a club ho and "Spheakhs like lykea fag yaknowhatImean?" and only want to fuck him/xim/xir. I could also see a weak femboi who is the perfect antidote to all the bitchy vaginal jew bitchery and marry him to avoid being screwed in the divorce.

But it may vary for others.
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>a bit the lack of romantic feelings invariably makes the previous object of attraction becomes a bit gross

Da fuq did I just read?

Any bi people here who are attracted to androgynous males above all others?
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I'm attracted to andro/fem guys exclusively, masculinity is gross.
Bi guy here. This is me exactly. Fuck.
The image?

Post pics!

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(Self-)Acceptance Edition

Have you come to accept your sexuality? Yourself? Care to share anything about your journey to acceptance?

Old: >>5108801

Friendly reminder that you can hide the thread by clicking the little minus sign to the left, or by filtering "/acegen/" through 4chan's settings (top right). For those of you who continue to insist that we do not belong here: /lgbt/ is the most relevant board on 4chan for the discussion of GSRMs (gender, sexual, romantic minorities) which includes asexuals and asexuality

>So, what exactly IS asexuality?

There are two commonly used definitions, the first (from dictionary.reference.com):

asexual (a-sek-shoo-el) in medicine
3. lacking interest or desire in sex

And the second (from asexuality.org):

An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction

(to prevent confusion; latter preferred)


If it helps, asexuality is recognized in the DSM-V: "if a lifelong lack of sexual desire is better explained by one's self-identification as 'asexual', then a diagnosis of... [male/female sexual/arousal disorder]... is not made."

>Okay, so, that didn't actually tell me anything.

So you want to read more about asexuality. Cool.

If you want science:

If you want popular articles/videos/websites:
AVEN - The Asexuality Visibility & Education Network (asexuality.org)
Asexuality 101 (asexualawarenessweek.com/asexuality-101/)
Letters to an Asexual (and other relevant videos) (youtube.com/user/swankivy)

>/acegen/ halp! I think I might be asexual!

Do either of the above definitions apply to you? Both? Yes? No? Not sure? Start by asking yourself whether or not you experience sexual attraction as it is described here: http://imgur.com/pdIxHYc


Hey, we're pretty chill, so if you've got a question: ask it.

Just don't hold it against us if we take awhile to get back to you; we're the slowest general on the board.
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Where do I find an ace homo? Where do you all congregate. I must know this!
You know, I don't really think many asexuals congregate to begin with
>tfw no one believes you when you say you don't masturbate and never have

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le face.jpg
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As a tranny, how do I make myself more fuckable to straight guys and chasers alike?
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kill yourself. then no one has to put up with your tranny shit anymore
wow rude, kid

Santa is coming edition

▶Informed Consent Providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
▶Makeup Tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/JO33K/
▶MTF Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/36HC6ZmT (embed)
▶Trans Info Dump: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9KKqP9IHa5ZxU84a_Jf0vIoAh7e8nj_lCW27KbYBh0/edit?usp=sharing
▶Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
▶Transition timelines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
▶Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge (embed)
▶HRT info: https://web.archive.org/web/00000000000000/http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=Hormones
▶Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
▶Minecraft Server: minecraft.is-so.moe
▶Discord server: https://discord.gg/0XFIQ4xa7RcYJuo1

Previous thread >>5375151
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xth for elanna
mtfg, is it a weak beer, strong beer, or whiskey night?
Let's just cross our fingers and hope Angie and Kayla don't see this thread.

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I wish to be the pretty girl.webm
2MB, 1920x1080px
Reminder that you too can be a pretty girl (or boy). All you need is an Oculus, a Leap Motion, and a little bit of patience.
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You know, I may never be able to transition, but perhaps VR that send information directly to your brain via your nerval network will become available just before I die. At least then I can be truly happy.
I'd be amazed if that level of VR showed up before indefinite biological life extension.
>indefinite biological life extension.
any estimates for when this could become real?

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tfw crying.jpg
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>tfw i can and i enjoy to get off to nude men fapping and cocks, but 3D gay sex is 2nasty4me
>tfw im mostly romantically attracted to women
>tfw i also like nude women and can fap to them as well

what the fuck am i? i would consider myself bisexual, but irl i always tend to stick to girls only, i love them too much, on the contrary i get disgusted by gay people and i want to avoid them as much as posible but when i fap i almost always end up searching for men or yaoi
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You're attracted to men, but not gay sex? Sounds like denial.
>Being this deep in denial
Being disgusted by gay people and avoiding them while masturbating to pictures of men all the time sounds a lot like being in the closet.

The only correct answer to "what sexual orientation am I?" is "who the fuck cares".

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Hai /lgbt/~ :3 Kinda new posting here, but I really need your wisdom and protips in a thing or two that are bothering me every single day.. So:

I'm kind of a femboi.
[ 22 // Bi (F15%--M85%) // Bot/Sub ]

Not even "kind of". Those very few, carefully chosen friends and people that i hang around with, can witness the real, playful, feminine, fashionate, submissive, emotional/poetic, and hygienic me.
They are extremely scarse, and in very, VEry few in numbers, which means i'm lonely as fuck....

And that is only, because I've had a ROUGH past so far. I deeply fear discrimination, used to violence, and have had to go through a mixture of stalking, vandalizing, and extreme bullying -- for, get this,
All year round.

I was an easy target. Not bi/gay/femboi yet, but i got angry VERY easily.
Also i was severely depressed, confused, REALLY anxious, and got VERY pissed off very easily.
And to think -- from such pathetic thtings as pointing that i fo exmpl had a wrong colored shirt..

I dropped out of school because i began abusing narcotics -- couldn't take the torture anymore and broke down. Too many missed courses.

Began with pot like everyone, but my love 4 alcohol increased a LOT in 1,5 years..
That drunken stupor: "lawl i can try dat jhusth onche" led to harder and harder drugs like near pure speed, meth, cocaine, tranqs/benzos, psychedelics, RCs, and finally my kryptonite:
>STRONG opioids
(painkillers like: fentanyl, oxy, hydromorphone, morphine, heroin, methadone, buprenorphine, and all you can imagine)
Mostly i took i.v. speedballs with either
oxy, sub, or fent + F'ing strong european speed paste which was _exceptionally_ pure sulfate. (also called "base" somewhere, just sayin.)

The amount of my friends and kinda-friends is under 10 who accept me for kinda who i am

So basically I still live an extremely bizarre life. Some of you might guess who i am, by this post.
but yaya, I need your help now. This is not the time to F around.. Please.
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Whats your question?
lol this.
you only got a few friends, but they're real friends, and sounds like your worst days are behind ya.
I don't see what the problem is.

sag for shitthread

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What's the best way of chasing cross dressers and transgender people?
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Be a 9/10

otherwise kill yourself
I mean, I get women, it's not hard, but it's hard separating women from transgender.
in the western world, being a girl.
in 3rd world, being a man.
das about it.

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Is there any kind of community that isn't tumblr that accepts agender as a legit identity? I am agender and I feel dysphoria regarding both presenting male or female, I've felt this way ever since puberty made me change. Sure it was alright meeting a couple of people on tumblr who weren't fucking insane and didn't make a habit of doxxing people who inadvertently misgendered them when they wore a dress and makeup, but trying to find like-minded people who aren't demiagenderflux-girls makes you feel kind of lonely.
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>I am without gender, or "Agender"
>I feel gender dysphoria.

It's one or the other, shitbag.
Good luck. Some truscum bloggers are pretty open to non-binary people (with dysphoria), including agender people. But since all the ones I know have dropped the truscum name (because like any word, a whole buncha stupid people started using it), good luck again in finding them.

...try snarkytransman and sidneyia. Off the top of my head, they're okay.

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vladimir_vysotsky sad.jpg
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>That feel when you're Catholic and homosexual, and actually believe in the religion and other paranormal phenomena, but still get hurt that people only see you as a piece of filth
>That feel when they just see the (great) love you had for your ex-partner as simply "lust", but you know it was much more than that, but no matter how you explain it to them, they will always say it was nothing but "lust"

It actually hurts a lot.
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Nobody can take your love away, pal.
Do you think going Lutheran might help?
>That feel when they just see the (great) love you had for your ex-partner as simply "lust", but you know it was much more than that, but no matter how you explain it to them, they will always say it was nothing but "lust" brainwashing does that to you
File: jacques)brel.jpg (14KB, 300x221px)Image search: [Google]
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>going Lutheran might help?

I don't think so. See, I actually believe in the faith (probably the result of always having believed - to this day - in the supernatural/paranormal). I know it sounds silly, but it's the way it is.

I just wish that little line from Corinthians didn't exist. It's just a tiny little line, just one out of an entire compilation that took thousands of years to put together - but the impact it has.

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"“People are often awake for days with no food or water, just fizzy drinks and Dunns River Nurishment [a nutritional milk supplement]," Tim told me. "But the stupid thing is that no one can ever come, because crystal meth stops you from coming—as does Viagra—so it's just never-ending sex. It’s painful. Most people end up with no skin on their dicks and some end up in hospital because of panic attacks brought on by too much crystal,” he continued."

Please tell me this shit is not making a comeback across the pond.

We dealt with train wreck of a phenomenon in the 90's and it destroyed countless young lives.

It was to the young gay scene what crack was to the blacks in the 80's. Nothing short of dropping a bomb on a population.

For gods sake, have your fun, but stay away from this shit.
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If you're already doing meth it's pretty safe to say your life has already gone straight down the shitter.
Gays once again leading the way in disgusting self-destructive behavior.
We'll sidestep the sensationalist skinless dick bit.

Not to take away from the tragedy, but to focus attention on solutions: the substance doesn't matter. You could inject a gallon of absinthe in your scrotum. People in a "sex party scene" are going to destroy themselves somehow because they have deep issues and lack of healthy support.

Post waifus and husbandos, qt girls and qt boys, handsome men and handsome women.
Keep it sfw.
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Sherry Stringfield <3
My handsome man-dar is shit but here's a surgeon at least

Why are so many bisexual people coming out as gay now instead of just bisexual?
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I came out as gay when I was like 14 and had no idea what I was doing any of the time. I now realise I'm bi but I can't shake the label
I think there's two different things going on here.

I think the first part is that bisexuals will come out as gay when they mainly prefer men and it just makes life more simple that way as not to invite unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

The second is I think some of these "bisexual" men who identify as gay and sometimes will say they are attracted to women are confusing finding something beautiful with being sexually aroused by it. I can find a woman beautiful and appreciate that beauty, but the idea of sex with her is repugnant. I think Tom Daley falls into this category because he teeters between
>I am a gay man now

and then at some times saying he is still sexually attracted to women. And I arrived at this conclusion because he has stated in interviews about his sexual attraction to women that Dustin Lance Black is sometimes sexually attracted to women too.

I think what's going on there is Dustin Lance Black finds some women beautiful, he doesn't want to sleep with him. Dustin Lance Black is certainly no bisexual, and so I think Daley is applying the same thought processes to himself, that sexual attraction and finding something beautiful are the same thing. I have no doubt Dustin finds some women beautiful, but sexually attractive? Kek,

So I think Daley is a gay man whose just confused about the difference in terminology.

I think that's the two categories of bisexuals who come out as gay, one is attracted to the opposite sex but not as strongly as the same-sex and the other is confusing attraction with beauty, Remember Tom is awfully young.
Because bisexual people are treated terribly by straights, and gays alike. So if you have a preference for men, it's easier to just say you're gay.

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