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About six months ago I got a new roommate (live in a four bedroom house with roommates) who is a transgirl. I had never met or seen a trans person before and it was weird and confusing to me at first... but over time I've developed a strange obsessive crush for them. Not just because they're trans obviously but that aspect of them in particular is fascinating to me... Now I actually find tgirls to be the most attractive kind of person to me (though not really the ones here honestly...). But when I go online I can't find any information anywhere of other girls feeling like I do. There's like hundreds of forums for guys to talk to each other about their interest in transgirl but nothing for females. In fact looking up girls who like transgirls you only get information about transgirls asking how to date lesbians. Why is that? Am I just a weird case?

And while I'm at it, how do I talk to her and tell her about my feelings without coming across as a chaser? I understand that most transgirls don't want to be desired for their transness, but I can't help how I feel.
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What do you mean not the ones here?
Like neet shutins?
If she's into girls, she probably won't consider you a chaser, and rather find it a blessing because there's so few girls who like transgirls compared to guys who'd chase relentlessly.

Also generally girls are better at not seeming like a chaser, as they treat transgirls better generally than a guy would.
I.e. "I would have sex with you, but not been seen with you in public" is something a lot of guys who are chasers would say. But you being a girl probably makes you more understanding of her feelings and struggles, and you making this post in the first place probably indicates you're at least an alright person.

So I say go for it, try to get to know her more first though, but a lot of transgirls enjoy having friends who are girls, it helps them feel as one of the girls, so try to treat her that way as well. But once you think she'd be alright with flirting and such, go for it.
When the time is right, be honest with how you feel though, but try to find out first whether she's fine i.e. having male genitalia, some trangirls absolutely hate it, some are okay with it, some love it, or other maleish features, some feel awful knowing someone else is attracted to it, some are okay with it. Just try to come across as least creepy as possible I guess.

Also I'm kinda jealous, the only girl who crushes on me is engaged with a guy. I've not met a single girl other than her who's okay with me being trans so it kind of hurts.
I just hate the mtf 'culture' of this board. MtFG is insufferable...

Thanks for the good advice anon.. I'm sorry you haven't had luck finding anyone... I haven't met a single other bio girl who feels like I do about transgirls. I mean lesbians and bigirls are a minority as it is and it seems for most of them that transgirls are actually a turnoff. It's so weird to me... there are lots of lesbians online who hate MtFs but want to date FtMs though, which makes no sense to me.

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I've got a date tonight thnx to omegle
>How does the rest of u find lovers?
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>Be twink, alone, white, and under 115lbs.
>Go to shit part of city. U will know because it will smell like poverty and Gain laundry detergent.
>Find tall large black monkey man.
>Say pick up line "Go on get back in dem cottonfield niggar slave!"
>Repeat pick up line until u r satisfied with great pounding love
i used to find lovers in local chatrooms

but now I'm happy being celibate. i've had enough sex for a lifetime.
I don't think LGBT people should have sex or relationships, and instead devote their lives to a field that can better humanity.

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I'm gay, why does seeing two guys kiss make me cringe?
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You dislike public displays of affection? How do you feel about lesbians? Old straight couples?
Public affection doesn't bother me. Just whenever two guys starts kissing or really doing anything in public, on fucking TV, anything, I bodily tense up. My family is super homophobic btw, does this mean that they've psychologically ruined me?
>you're ashamed of being gay and anything that sets off your homolust makes you uncomfortable
>you're emotionally damaged and anything that involves interpersonal intimacy makes you uncomfortable
>both dudes are ugly
Pick any number.

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>be extremely AGP
>only sexually interested in men
What do
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>implying AGP is anything more than a meme
Just transition nigga.
I literally get rock hard wearing my panties and skirt

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How do I use it?

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I know there's a dick attachment but if you don't get that, just put it on your feminine benis.
put it on ya puthy
too sensitive to just stick it on there, it's outrageously strong

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I feel like I can only be attracted to people if they're physically attractive. I have been called shallow for this and I don't understand why. This is one of the reasons I am not openly gay, is because I don't feel like there's enough guys in the gay community that fit my idea of attractiveness. I am definitely gay though, I'm a flaming faggot who follows naked male model tumblrs, browses lgbt all the time, fills my hard drive up with gay pictures, only talks to gay people online, faps to gay porn. I just feel so weird that most guys aren't attractive to me at all. I look at women and it's like, yeah they're all pretty same looking, if I was into girls I would probably have no problem; I can tell when a girl is pretty, I just don't care about girls. So how come when I look at all the guys they don't all look samey and unattractive like the girls? It's so weird, because the girls don't look unattractive, it's just the guys that look really gross, but a cute guy makes me care way more about guys than a bunch of boring girls.
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It's cause most guys are slobs and don't take care of their appearance, also that you scrutinize guys more closely because you're not attracted to women.
post pic of your type?

If you're looking for the supermodel type, then no shit, dudes like that are gonna be rare.
That's a lot of text.

You're allowed to only get with people you're attracted to, no matter how trivial the details are that turn you off. If that happens to mean you won't touch anyone not physically beautiful... Well, so what? You're shallow. Big whoop. The standards you use to select romantic/sexual partners are your business.

How can I make myself gay?
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Go away we're full.
You can't.
Only those worthy are gay.
You're simply not worthy.
I'm sorry.
Are you not gay?

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I'm straight cis man but I really have a thing for traps/shemales/etc. There's this crossdresser/self proclaimed sissy I like to watch and while she doesn't pass/has a masculine body, she's still hot and fem as fuck. Why am I attracted to this?

Now I'm not gay or anything, I'm just attracted really feminine people.

pic not really related.
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You can be gay for girly cute guys. Masthc4masthc is not the only true faggot scotsman. We gotta call this bi at the str8est.
I have the same fetish

non-passing overly feminine good looking guys are the best


unlike you im not in denial you stupid piece of shit
and what i like the most, I must add, are non passing non-op transgirls

the best feels

I am curious who is the oldest virgin here on /lgbt/ - I am 28 and a virgin (dude). Who else is a virgin!
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19 and counting. On my best way to becoming a gay wizard.

Although I heard gays don't get wizard powers. But I don't buy into that myth. I will be a proud faggot wizard.
I was 28 when I lost it.
I thought I was a standard straight guy. Within 2 years I was a trans.

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I am taking a women's and gender studies class in college. I need a survey filled out by a bunch of people. It is about issues regarding gender, race, and sexuality. It's short and relatively easy to take. Anybody can take it! I'd appreciate the effort! Thank you!
Also, comments or changes that are needed would be appreciated!
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>all these snowflake sexualities and genders
>doesn't even distinguish between mtf and ftm trans
the only real transsexuals are ftm. trans "women" as they're called, would naturally fall into the male category.
Thank you for the help with my oversight! I'm about to fix it!

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Yeah, yeah, one of these again.

Please, don't use vocaroo, it is impossible to listen to what it does with tracks.

clyp.it is much better alternative

Here's mine:
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uncertain why.jpg
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>Voice Thread
What's the point?
Narcissism and self loathing. Post yours and I'll try to troll you.
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How does this work? Do I read something?

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head pats edition

▶Informed Consent Providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
▶Makeup Tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/JO33K/
▶MTF Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/36HC6ZmT
▶Trans Info Dump: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9KKqP9IHa5ZxU84a_Jf0vIoAh7e8nj_lCW27KbYBh0/edit?usp=sharing
▶Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
▶Transition timelines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
▶Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge
▶HRT info: https://web.archive.org/web/00000000000000/http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=Hormones
▶Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
▶Minecraft Server: minecraft.is-so.moe
▶Discord server: https://discord.gg/0XFIQ4xa7RcYJuo1

be nice, but not too nice
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tfw no headpats
Is there anyway to be sure I am mtf?
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nerd talk.png
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previously, on /mtfg/ >>5367573

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How do i flirt with a gay mtf (hasn't transitioned or started to). I'm a man myself.

I mean, this american gay culture stuff is strange for me.

Technically the girl i'm into she's a boy and does not want to be called a girl. She gets mad if i do it, sometimes it jumps out of my tounge. I'm ok, i can understand until now.

However if i were to fuck her in the ass or flirt with her, i am supposed to imagine i am flirting with a gay man, right? And i am supposed to be the dominant "gay" in the relationship since i am the only one with a dick and with the capacity to irrumate her. Of course, i'm also bigger and manlier because i am a real man. So i am the gay that puts it in instead of the one that receives.

Now, as the dominant gay man would do, wouldn't he call his submissive partner a little bitch girl? That is what i would do if i would put myself in the situation of the dominant gay man. But if i do that to her, would she get mad? For calling her the wrong way? It's what i would naturally do. I would throw her/him in the wall like a gecko and forcibly put it in while femininizing him/her. Please help me.
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Why do you believe your partner is transsexual when they have not undergone any transition and do not want to be referred to as a girl?

Yes, if they would like to be treated as a gay man, treat them as a gay man.

Perhaps the idea of being referred to as a female evokes negative feelings? In which case, name-calling during sex has other negative meanings.

I assume that your partner approves of being feminized. Ease them into it.
Oh fuck. I wrote it wrong. It's actually ftm)
Ah, okay. They CLEARLY do not want to be seen as female. Do NOT call them female.

I know it's a bit hypocritical to not want to be feminized but to receive sex, but you walk a fine line. I wouldn't do any more name-calling.

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hairy hunk.jpg
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Chat: tinychat/gaygen

Rugby is a good chat mod and person. Stop spreading lies bout him.
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old thread: >>5366659
good lord, are you on Hepburn? or what are you doing, and what are wanting to weight in at?
The gaygen chat w rugglez was 10x better than with those boring people who used to be there desu


How disappointing.


Just like homosexuality itself.

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I'm a socially maladjusted, neck bearded cretin, basically walking pussy repellent in a male form. Do any of you anons think I even have a chance getting a transgender girlfriend?
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Probably not, either for the reasons you've listed or because anyone specifically attracted to trans are labeled "chasers" (but if you're not attracted, you're transphobic).
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