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>That voice
>That body
>That drive

I can just imagine him saying that he's going to bust my bussy wide open with that big fat cock
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I don't know her
he looks gross and has bad skin
find a better 2d husband

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Is accusing femboys of being transgirls in denial based in misandry toward the fact that they're violating traditional male gender roles? Or does that accusation hold any weight?
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No. "Misandry" is not a real thing.
It's based in oppositional sexism, that holds that the qualities of one sex are exclusive (or should be exclusive) to it, and that their expression in contradiction to this is unnatural and inferior to their expression in their "natural" sex. It is also an expression of traditional sexism (misogyny) in that female and feminine qualities are inferior. The intersection means that feminine males are especially prone to suffering poorly directed but frequent ridicule.
what happen to maki's post? his comment didn't seem worthy of getting banned

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hey lets do a political compass thread
i'll start
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Fuck you
Here you go fascist faggot.
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Statists get out

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I'm about to have my first time with another guy. Any advice
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Use condoms.
Dont vomit.


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Cis Lesbian General: MMORPG Edition

Do you play MMOs? Why would you ever do that to yourself?

Add these to your filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
And keep updating your filters with every thread. Some advice to keep this general decent: Recognize the ability to hide posts that are attention-seeking. Avoid discussions of feminism, questions of gender, or other topics more suited for your tumblr. This thread is intended for AFAB lesbians to discuss and congregate on 4chan's /lgbt/ board. Therefore please respect /lgbt/ board rules, and 4chan global rules.

To join the Skype email: [email protected]
To join Discord look here: http://pastebin.com/U9Jy56dJ
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I fucking hate all video games.
Discord server expired
My guild of like 7 years kicked me out for being gay, fuck their obsession with our facebooks.

>tfw you're a virgin
>tfw you're pretty sure nobody else is
>tfw you'll never have a pure relationship with virgin bf who won't compare you to his countless other one-night-stands
>tfw you'll never have anyone feel as close to you as you feel to them
>tfw in the unlikely event of attaining bf, he'll probably leave you like he did with everyone else he mindlessly pumped and dumped
>tfw non-virgin bf will continuously crave other men, having had a taste of polygamy, and will never be loyal to you
>tfw will never be able to think of anything but the residual penis, rectum, and semen all over/inside of non-virgin bf during sex

Who else /lost hope/?
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Keep your head up. You're acting like being a virgin is a bad thing.. Just be yourself FFS and someone will come to you eventually.
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Don't worry, anon. We'll die eventually and you can't feel lonely when you don't exist.
Being a gay virgin robot is the worst. I feel bad for a lot of straight robots but, I think straight robots are more understandable than gay ones. Me being a robot AND gay on top of that I just feel that you should put my face in the dictionary above the word "failure".

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I recently became engaged at the age of twenty-three, but I do not want to make any avoidable mistakes. This is my first relationship, although we have been friends for many years. Only about a year ago have we discovered we loved each other.
Does anyone have any advice? Please?
I am really terrified because I have no idea what the heck to do about this.

P.S. Also, it would be nice just talk to anyone in general. I am in rural Kansas, & there is nobody to communicate with about lgbt issues without fear of being attacked. Thank you all!
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just kys its that simple
What is "kys" ?

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>white males are masterrace
>youth is most attractive feature
>the best time of your life will be in early 20s
>look like pic related
>tfw only get attention from 50+ creeps or feminine faggots
why have I been lied to all my life?

Did you have the time of your life and got easily laid when you were younger or is this a confirmed myth?
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>Did you have the time of your life and got easily laid when you were younger or is this a confirmed myth?

Here's a thought. Maybe the world doesn't revolve around you and you have to be more than a young attractive entitled airhead to get what you want out of people.
>thinks "white males" are a race
>thinks he belongs to a masterrace
>thinks his youth will get him laid
>believes these to be common opinions
>wonders, why he does not get positive attention
>blames others/society for his false believes

Retarded people are generally not liked very well, friend. You should consider yourself lucky to get fucked by a 50+ man.
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>has no concept of what grindr is
>thinks personality shows through pictures
I feel for your IQ and/or reading comprehension

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Okay, trannys, I think I've found the cheat code for transition.

I've always been naturally small/skinny with a high metabolism. The years leading up before I started HRT, I let my muscles atrophy by not being very physical active. I was around ~6-8% body fat with basically no muscle mass. I weighed 107 lbs at 5'8.

Everyone told me HRT takes months to redistribute fat and grow breasts but what I've experienced has been way faster. Even my endocrinologist is startled by the rate of results I have had and she thinks its due to my very low body fat when I started.

I've been on HRT for 4 weeks so far and my breasts are already noticeable around a full A cup. I can physically feel and see female fat distribution already happening. I think this is because I had virtually no fat to begin with so I haven't had to wait for androgenic fat to be burned out of the way.

Thoughts on this? How fast did your body fat start being noticeably different? What about breast growth? What was your body fat % when you started HRT?
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Oh I should add, basically right when I started HRT I began a high fat intake diet and much more regular exercise.

I'm eating a ton right now. Trying to go from the 6-8% male body fat to 16-20% female pattern.
I was the same. The way this works is, new fat goes to fem places, whereas if you where fat to begin with fat would need forever to redistribute.
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This. I cut as much as I could going into HRT as well and it payed off. I had a lot more muscle mass though and that has taken sometime to deal with.

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shaq meat.png
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Today I read that in my country gatekeepers sometimes use a version of this test to assess if you're TrueTrans (tm) and are allowed to change your name


Needless to say, I'm appalled and angry, but I'm also curious how many people on /lgbt/ fall within the publicly accepted gender stereotype.

for mtf:

for ftm:

for cis women:

for cis men:


The picture is unrelated
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So far, the easiest conclusion to reach is that cis people are a myth.

Or that the content of OP scared them away.

So you have to fit traditional gender stereotypes before you can be declared trans? This sounds like some really outdated "science," or your country is a theologically-dominated shithole. I don't necessarily see why a trans person would have to push themselves into stereotypical behaviors. Are MtF tomboys nonexistent or something?

Anyway, very masculine cis guy here. My results were "You are supposedly Androgynous." lawl
>just ignore the first column, lmao
i dont think that's how this kind of thing is supposed to work, but i'll bite.

64-18, for a feminine 46. do i pass? am i a girl now?

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I've always thought of myself as gay. I'm attracted to other men and have dated in the past. Thing is, I really have no desire to be in a relationship with anyone, male or female. Although I have an exclusive sexual attraction to other guys, I don't want to pursue a sexual relationship with anyone, much less engage in hookups. I just masturbate to porn, and that diminishes any sexual feelings I have for a while.

Psychologically or emotionally, it seems like most people have a really strong need to be in some type of relationship, or at least need to be sexually active. I don't feel any desire to be with another person, even though I experience sexual attraction. Does this make sense? The thought of pushing myself into a physical relationship with another person at this point makes me uncomfortable.

Am I veering into the territory of asexuality, or do asexuals have such a lack of sexual interest that they don't even masturbate? When guys come to me seeking hookups, I don't want to reject them on the basis that I may be asexual if that is not indeed the case. I'm just not sure how else to say I have such diminished sexual interest that I don't want to bother.
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my point of view, which i recommend disregarding, is,

asexuality doesn't exist

I think its a madeup tumblr term that some teenage retards came up with to insert themselves into the LGBT community. Except you don't choose to be in the lgbt community, it's just who you are from birth, but I find it very insulting that tumblrinas are choosing to put themselves in their by labelling themselves as pansexual, demisexual, asexual or whatever madeup term they've come with to abolish the integrity of sexuality.

My reasoning behind this is that these people are mostly fat, retarded, and spend their lives on the internet where they get an extremely limited amount of social interaction. Sure, you could say that you talk to people online every day, but this isnt real social interaction. I cant pickup on your body signals, sense a tone in your voice or denote anything from what you're saying other than text on a screen, and we dont learn anything from eachother that can help us in future social situations. I cant see you reacting awkardly to anything im typing, i cant how you're feeling and read it from your face, and anything you say i cant use in future conversations, its not like I can drop some 4chan post into conversation.

As such these people are usually fat, romanticised mental disorders and have usually self diagnosed them self with a few, this form of hypochondria is a strong placebo, they probably begin living their lives as if they DO have ptsd or anxiety, so if they wake up one day and decide boys are yucky and they're 'Asexual' they will probably live life and promote this fallacy.

The truth is, they probably just dont love themselves. They're probably unattractive and fat because they live in the online world (see above) and could never fathom being intimate with another person.

So you arent asexual, because you've admitted you fap to guys, but because youve lived the way you have for so long, youre fine with just fapping and quelling your desires for another day. If you are happy doing this, if thats the life you want to live, fine. be 'asexual' but i think boys are cute and i want to kiss them and hold them and feel another soul beside me, get married and have kids. Theres so much more to life
No, you're just a very repressed homo, like most "asexuals" are

You even explicitly said you're attracted to other men. If you were truly asexual, you'd be attracted to nobody at all, but the internet has diluted that word so much it means nothing anymore

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I'm sick of tired of women, I want to become gay, how can I do that ?
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I saw a post on /d/ where a guy claims he made himself bi. Don't masturbate for a week or two, then start jacking off to traps, once you can cum to that move on to twinks, and finally regular men.

I don't know whether that's bullshit or not but I guess it's worth a try.
just watch will and grace constantly
Everyone's inherently a little bisexual but you'll never be able to become full on gay. You'll never be happy in a gay relationship because you'll be forcing it.

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When did you realize you were gay?
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Idk I guess It just gradually became a thing. Kind of like how when most people go through puberty they gradually realize that they're attracted to girls. I don't really know.

To add to this, quints also helped me realize
>1 poster

1. post your music library
2. others guess your sexuality/gender/etc/
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I'm just going to link my last.fm

Gay Cis Male
Cis gay guy
Trans bi guy
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It's okay, you can laugh.

Has anyone here ever had to live with an STI or STD?

What was that experience like?
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Chlamydia infection from cheating ex. Got high fever and urethritis which made peeing hell. Healed with antibiotics.
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I got crabs
I'd been itchy for a week or so and then one day I found one crawling in my belly hair
I thought it was a weird bug but on a whim I googled it and sure enough, it was crabs
I shaved all my body hair off. One of them managed to get onto my eyelashes but I pulled a couple of the eyelashes out and got it that way
I had some weird blue spots on my body for a week after which apparently is what crab bites look like (their spit makes your skin temporarily change colour) but besides that it wasn't a big deal
It made me really appreciate not being itchy
I have herpes, it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

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