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I've always thought of myself as gay. I'm attracted to other men and have dated in the past. Thing is, I really have no desire to be in a relationship with anyone, male or female. Although I have an exclusive sexual attraction to other guys, I don't want to pursue a sexual relationship with anyone, much less engage in hookups. I just masturbate to porn, and that diminishes any sexual feelings I have for a while.

Psychologically or emotionally, it seems like most people have a really strong need to be in some type of relationship, or at least need to be sexually active. I don't feel any desire to be with another person, even though I experience sexual attraction. Does this make sense? The thought of pushing myself into a physical relationship with another person at this point makes me uncomfortable.

Am I veering into the territory of asexuality, or do asexuals have such a lack of sexual interest that they don't even masturbate? When guys come to me seeking hookups, I don't want to reject them on the basis that I may be asexual if that is not indeed the case. I'm just not sure how else to say I have such diminished sexual interest that I don't want to bother.
my point of view, which i recommend disregarding, is,

asexuality doesn't exist

I think its a madeup tumblr term that some teenage retards came up with to insert themselves into the LGBT community. Except you don't choose to be in the lgbt community, it's just who you are from birth, but I find it very insulting that tumblrinas are choosing to put themselves in their by labelling themselves as pansexual, demisexual, asexual or whatever madeup term they've come with to abolish the integrity of sexuality.

My reasoning behind this is that these people are mostly fat, retarded, and spend their lives on the internet where they get an extremely limited amount of social interaction. Sure, you could say that you talk to people online every day, but this isnt real social interaction. I cant pickup on your body signals, sense a tone in your voice or denote anything from what you're saying other than text on a screen, and we dont learn anything from eachother that can help us in future social situations. I cant see you reacting awkardly to anything im typing, i cant how you're feeling and read it from your face, and anything you say i cant use in future conversations, its not like I can drop some 4chan post into conversation.

As such these people are usually fat, romanticised mental disorders and have usually self diagnosed them self with a few, this form of hypochondria is a strong placebo, they probably begin living their lives as if they DO have ptsd or anxiety, so if they wake up one day and decide boys are yucky and they're 'Asexual' they will probably live life and promote this fallacy.

The truth is, they probably just dont love themselves. They're probably unattractive and fat because they live in the online world (see above) and could never fathom being intimate with another person.

So you arent asexual, because you've admitted you fap to guys, but because youve lived the way you have for so long, youre fine with just fapping and quelling your desires for another day. If you are happy doing this, if thats the life you want to live, fine. be 'asexual' but i think boys are cute and i want to kiss them and hold them and feel another soul beside me, get married and have kids. Theres so much more to life
No, you're just a very repressed homo, like most "asexuals" are

You even explicitly said you're attracted to other men. If you were truly asexual, you'd be attracted to nobody at all, but the internet has diluted that word so much it means nothing anymore
>implying asexuals are repressed faggots
>implying asexuals don't love themselves
>implying asexuals don't exist

I don't think you're asexual.
But if you don't want to have physical relationships with people... then, don't have them.
You have already admitted to having some sexual desire, so stop self-diagnosing yourself based on tumblr and what your faggy friends talk to you about.
Also, Asexuality doesn't exist.
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