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Is it possible for an early transitioner (<13) to be AGP or a fetishist?
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Cara your choice of OP pics has been getting more and more obviously trans in this melancholy way. I think you should just order the mones.
Who are you taking about
No, if you're not a transtrender you have a normal female sexuality from birth and never get AGP or other male fetishes.

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Who do you consider to be the Queen of Hons?
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You already got it
I dont think Cait Jenner is the ultimate hon. I was just using her as an example.
Christine-chan prolly then. But that's not fair since he is literally disabled.

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>tfw no Christian refugee bf

Why are sand niggers so fucking hot?
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Merkel please leave
Merkel just wants the mudslimes. I'd have no problem letting in more Christian sand nigs, good taste OP. The Muzzo's need to be purged from the earth however
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mediterranean europeans and non-inbred (jews, saudis) middle-easterns are clearly the best looking males

by far

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What preferences do the majority of bisexual males have? I'm really up for a sucking a cock, but I could never let a guy suck mine. I'm not attracted to exclusively homosexual men, and I feel like the majority of bi men only want twinks/more feminine looking guys sucking their cock, and not my more masculine bearded self. Is this true?
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i don't like fetish stuff but other than that im basically up for most things. that is i don't really mind if my dick is in a pussy, ass, or mouth. and I find the possibility of a dick inside me really damn hot, either in my mouth or ass.

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If mtf trannies are real women, then why do they partake in male hobbies much more often?
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Some do, some don't. It depends on how much male socialization they get exposed to and how much female socialization they're deprived of, that shit is just as poisonous as T in some respects.

I honestly used to be really into video games but I've mostly dug myself out of that hole, and now I feel like shit if I play games for more than a few hours. I'm thinking of selling my consoles tbqh.
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Only early transitioners are what you call real women. Late transitioners who are known to partake in male hobbies aren't really trans.
Thank you. I'm always happy to read decent replies

how do you classify AGP from general female sexuality? is AGP exclusively a fetish?
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There is literally a dozen threads about AGP right now. Why would you make s new one instead of just asking this elsewhere? Medical AGP is literally a hoax with zero testable reproducibility and numerous research flaws.

Color me shocked bodies filled with testosterone and male sexual aggression sexualize the female body and clothes which have been culturally sexualized for hundreds of years.

There are obviously real gynophilic patients but AGP is not accurate nor useful. Most people who transition that have sexual arousal before transition quickly lose this with estrogen and desensitization of female attire.
Quality post keep at it my woman.
agp is another sexuality.
>straight guy
>bi/straight girl
>bi guy

orientation isn't just who you're attracted to. it's how as well.

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But you don't need FFS! You look great hon!
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"some women are this tall too"

"some women have wide shoulders too!"

"some women have big ribcages too!"

"not every woman has prominent hips!'"

"some women have deep voices too!"

"some women have 5 o'clock shadow too!"
>having a deep voice
Mine was at 180 hz before even starting transition
Trutrans as fuck
Honestly it's always cis girls who hugbox me IRL. They seem to not know what cis women are actually supposed to look like.

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MtFs, why didn't you broke your collarbones yet?
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this explains a lot
t. ftm who broke his collarbone as a kid
I only broke my legs to cut hight
next step - removing part of my skull
I'm going to sound crazy, but there's probably a surgeon out there willing to do this, right?

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So you lot seem to be expert on hormones. How would I go about naturally increasing my testosterone and avoiding estrogen?

I'm a guy but I have a weak jaw, narrow shoulders and wide hips. I've been lifting weights and eating lots of red meat and broccoli to try and get that strong male bone structure. Anyone got some tips?
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ketogenic diet
get your body fat down as low as you can, fat is endocrine tissue and produces estrogen (note to mtfs: obesity is not a viable feminization plan due to the estrogenic action being weak)
there isn't a whole lot you can do without drugs desu
also those could just be innate traits unrelated to low t
Eat bull testicles

god gave you a cuck chin, you must embrace your destiny

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Convince me to do it fammers.
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Woah good job /lgbt/ how'd you know not getting any attention is my biggest trigger?
Don't feel like it, just stay on the skittles famalam.
Different anon here, but considering Leelah became an hero because of no skittles...

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blanchard on agp.png
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why does /tttt/ treat trutrans and agp as mutually exclusive categories when blanchard believes agps are more trutrans than hstses?
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Not wanting to be a woman is a defining trait of trutrans in that you didn't have a choice to become one. AGP vs. Trutrans is the epitome of Feels vs. Reals.
Remember that bit about how it's always hons who talk about true trans stuff. Guess the megaforhead OP proves that.
Cause people on /lgbt/ are idiots that will misuse and misunderstand anything they need in order to perpetuate their agenda of self-hatred/stigmatization of non-normalized femininity?

The idea is basically this.
A thread for those of who transitioned between 17-19, as in either side of 18. You grew up as a boy, but on that boundary between being a child and adulthood, you transition and end up going straight to woman, skipping past being a man.

How do you deal with being an adult woman without experiencing a girlhood and no time to establish yourself as a man the way late transitioners do?
And how do you deal with just barley missing out on having a childhood as a girl?
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>no time to establish yourself as a man the way late transitioners do?

I never established myself as a man, just a post-adolescent filled with confusion and despair

t. transitioning late at 25
>you transition and end up going straight to woman,

you must be out of your mind. Straight woman. Really? People can tell you are a tranny. Do not delude yourself. Even Nicole Maines who transitioned before 17 still is 6'2'' and has a very manly face. No disrespect to her, I wish her the best, but you can just tell she is a man.

There is no transition. The very term transition is misleading. There is no transition from man to woman, there is transition from man to freak or man to hon. Period.
I'm an FTM. Lots of self-loathing. No womanhood, and only glimpses at boyhood when strangers saw me as a boy. Then I realize it could be a lot worse and I chill tfo.

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Why do feminists hate feminine men (including gay men) and won't stop spreading the lies that homophobia and sissyphobia are extensions of misogyny?
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> trying to find logic on feminists behavior.

There is your problem OP.
Why do dogs eat their own shit? You don't try to explain it, its just what they do.
so much this

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im straight but lately i can't think about anything but fucking boys and kissing and cuddling them

how do i stop these thoughts? pic unrelated
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top or bottom
top... i guess? realistically id be down for either
Sounds like you're bi no biggie

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Just curious
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I would but I'm mostly attracted to girly qts. Most of the users on this site are racist dipshits though. Don't take it to heart.
Yes. I don't have any preference in skin colour, I've seen many attractive black men, so why not?

But why is the pic related a scum in a wife beater showing the 'fuck you' gesture with not one but two hands? It may be a joke, but I kinda feel it's another /pol/ provocation. Well, you could've made a thread 'would /LGBT/ date a white guy' and attach a picture of a London chav making the same gesture to 'prove' the exactly opposite point.
I did, my previous boyfriend was black

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