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I feel like I'm so abnormal that finding a girl who's into me is super unlikely.

Im a guy and I crossdress occasionally(and think I look pretty good), which wouldn't be too crazy but I also take female hormones.

I don't really believe in non binary though so that just makes me a guy with tits? Where am I supposed to find a woman who's into that sort of thing? I like being able to be myself but it's like I've cut my dating pool to like 0.001% of what it was
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is that a tranny on the left, cis on the right?
so move to a city, if you're hot you're hot and you'll find someone
I think it's just a girl who dressed her boyfriend up but idk

I'm at uni now. Going to be going out dressed in the new semester, hopefully that works out for me

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Straight cis male here

I dont consider trans people to be their desired gender unless they at least make an attempt to pass

Does this anger you?
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No, because those people are hons, and everyone here hates hons.
lolwat why would they buy a vag before electrolysis. What a waste of money
Or buy a vag before FFS. Holy fucking shit, that brow and hairline.

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So a while back I asked Reddit this question and...

Yeah they are pretty fucking delusional
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There are two races, black and white. One drop of melanin in one of your cells, and you're black. Chinese people are black, they have melanin in their cells. I can't believe SJWs are arguing with BASIC biology, like HELLO melanin is a MOLECULE I'm being so scientific right now and therefore correct.
>One drop of melanin in one of your cells, and you're black.
So that's everyone without albinism.
Which would reduce your example to "there are people with albinism, and people without albinism" which to most people would make perfect sense.
Everytime someone on reddit states that there are only two genders, the only arguement that comes up and always does is the
>"Sex and gender are two different things!"
Can someone explain this argument to me? It feels like really a dismissive statement that doesn't really explain itself. It sounds like they're claiming it's bioligical proof that there are more than two genders.

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What gender based double standards have you encountered, /lgbt/?

If you're transitioning MTF or FTM, what are the biggest double standards you've faced as a guy and as a girl?
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People saying that women can do anything and are just as strong as men, but then saying men can't be raped.
If you're ugly and unfashionable as a guy, nobody cares -- men are gross, right? If you have a good personality and are a capable person, you're fine. (The downside of this is that if you're attractive but catty and useless, people will hate you.)

As a chick, being ugly and unfashionable is social suicide. Even if you're a charismatic, useful, and nice person, people will avoid you on principle. You'll have a hard time getting hired unless you cover that shit in an inch of makeup. (The upside to this is that you can be beautiful and a bitch and people will put up with you as a trophy.)

Not the worst problem ever, but it's one that comes to mind.
t. FTM
exactly! men are more focused on physical attractiveness than women, so women are more physically attractive. it's their most important trait. the sexual characteristics of women exist solely to make them more attractive!
and very few women are genuinely ugly at a normal weight -- same deal for men, somewhat, a lot of 'ugliness' is just poor diet and grooming
i am not sympathetic in the slightest when women bitch about how being ugly is ruining their lives, they can fix it easily and have an easier life than any man
t. ftm

I am a trans-woman myself and I am very self-aware. I do not pass, despite my therapists and supporters trying to convince me of the opposite. In these years I have met dozens of trans women who were convinced they passed and they didn't. I could see people reactions when we were out together and yet, these trans women, were completely oblivious.

So, is there any scientific or psychological explanation as to why trans women overestimate their passability? God, I even met a couple who were hush hush with me and told me they were in deep stealth and they were absolutely obvious.
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People are happier when they're unaware of their problems.

also post a pic to see if you pass or not
It's pretty simple. They hang around in hugboxes or see an affirming therapist, and they are given a rose-tinted self-image. It's rudimentary psychology. I always assume my passability is shaky, and I base it on how strangers address me. I seem to pass with them most of the time, so I assume my passability is generally decent. People don't typically bat an eye at me anymore and I'm referred to in the third person as she by people I don't know and who have no reason to accommodate me just to be nice.
trust me, I do not pass. I see it in people's stares and I have been called out a few times. I could post not one but 100 pictures, however, you need to see me in real life, to judge. Pictures are very misleading.

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Welcome to cis lesgen: Morning Edition

Are you a morning person?
Would you be if you had a qt to cuddle?
What's your favorite breakfast food?
What's your favorite thing to do in the morning?
>inb4 sleep

Tips and Tricks:
Ignore posts that are attention-seeking.
Hide and ignore the degenerate non-lesbian.
2D is not allowed.
Post cute women!

Want to ignore people with great effectiveness? Try these approved filters:

Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Previously on cis lesgen:
>Thread takes a scholarly turn with women posting about their college experiences and why it did or did not work for them
>Anon details her break up with girlfriend, we try to comfort
>Two cuties duke it out over Harry Potter hogwarts house thing-esque gfs while posting top tier Frozen pics
>Turns out we have a few lesbian game designers among us; make sure to support your local lesbian game designer today!
>Discussion of cute lesbian 2D anime continues in spite of anti-2D laws! You rebels!
>Would you date a queer girl? Many share their opinion on ruling out an entire sub-genre of girls who like girls.
>Do you like bright/unnatural colored hair? Is it too "SJW" for you? Some find it a red flag while other seek it out.

Previous thread: >>7512660
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>Are you a morning person?
yes. up at 4:45 every morning
>Would you be if you had a qt to cuddle?
It would be tough, but the best relationship I has was with a woman who was a cop and would get up and run with me
>What's your favorite breakfast food?
Varies. Corn flakes with almond milk, whole wheat bagel, leftover chinese food
>What's your favorite thing to do in the morning?
mountain biking in the woods when it's foggy
>>inb4 sleep
>Are you a morning person?
No, I'd like to be but I always go to bed/fall asleep too late to enjoy the mornings.

>Would you be if you had a qt to cuddle?
Probably. When me and my qt were on summer break, she wrote me a random message each morning about whatever she was thinking of currently. Normally that was around 10AM, and I always stayed awake and talked to her for a bit afterwards.

>What's your favorite breakfast food?
Some sweet baked good.

>What's your favorite thing to do in the morning?
>inb sleep
Reading then, I guess. It's so comfy when the rays of sunlight fall onto your bed and you're cuddled in there with a book. Whenever I get on my PC, I feel the day really begins and the stress is back.
>Are you a morning person?
No. I set my alarm for 6am so that I can spend a while in bed trying to wake up properly
>Would you be if you had a qt to cuddle?
Maybe.. it could go both ways, make it harder to get out of bed or easier to wake up.
>What's your favorite breakfast food?
I usually just have toast or cereal, but when I have the day off I enjoy having bacon and eggs or something.
>What's your favorite thing to do in the morning?
Normally sleep, but since I can't say that, I do like the routine of having breakfast and reading the news.

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Other thread is p dead

Come on down and heavily affect each other's self-esteem for the rest of the day/week!
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Never posted in these threads before

Only cold, hard facts allowed pls
2 months hrt, no makeup n stuff
prettier than most cis girls

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A lot of 'arguments' directed at trans kids seem to be that their parents forced/brainwashed them into it, but is it actually psychologically possible for a parent to convince their child that they're trans?
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Cara, you realize that if you like SJW Universe you're probably trutrans right? You should stop repressing already.
>posting steven jewniverse unironically
Yes, my mother always told me how much she wanted a daughter and how much she wished that myself and my brothers had been girls. She dressed me up as a girl and made me do girly things with her. It fucked me up, made me want to be transgender, and I'm just glad that my father was around because if he hadn't I would have transitioned. After much introspection and meditation I realized my gender dysphoria was due to my mother and I have overcome it 100%

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tfw no mtf gf edition

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide for AAPs:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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fuck fuck fuck i forgot to link to the last thread
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can we set some realistic perimeters on the age classification of trans people? specifically: early transition, normal/young adult transition, late transition, and hon transition.

also with more of a focus on personality/mental state over physical passing. also no memeing
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Early 10-11
Normal 12-25
Late 25-35
Hon 35-fkn80
Thats retarded. Ur basing it off of personal biases instead of statistics.

Statistically speaking the average age of transition is mid 30s. Therefore people transitioning 25-35 would be average. Anything before 20~25 has always been considered early by medical sources, before 18 is specifically childhood transition. I guess late transition would be 38+ since that is the mean age of transition.
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Here are the ages of transition from the latest data.

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Blaire White gets btfo by a 12 year old transtrender.

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Blaire White is a hon compared to this kid
Wtf I love transkids now
so how many pushup bras are you wearing in your videos blaire?

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Post your handwriting and others will guess your
etc, if you want!
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Sagging skin (don't blame aging), unnatural jaw contours, dents and lumps, unnatural forehead contour, absence of anatomical contours, supratip nasal deformity.

70% of the face hidden...

Plus, she is not in a full frontal view

And she is further away from the camera

People get FFS and go into debt to cash out 50 or even 60 k. After what we call "honeymoon phase", these people start realizing they do not pass because of their faces (unless they are delusional hons with no self awareness). Surgeons don't tell you the whole story. For example, the morphological facial height is one of the many dimorphic traits that cannot be changed. See picture attached to understand what we are talking about. Ironically, some trannies are so stupid that they get chin implants making this height even worse. The causual observer will clock a man's face up close. One of the most distinguishing markers of trannies is that there is a football field from eyes to upper lips. In addition to that, super high eyebrows not only make you look crazy and plastic but further masculinize an already masculine morphological facial height. The truth has to be exposed because these trannies are going into debt and believe in false promises. When they realize how fucked their faces are, they commit suicide
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good thread 5/5
>tfw female morphological facial height
skullfaggot btfo

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• Informed consent providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
• Makeup for beginners: http://masterposter.tumblr.com/post/116605714860
• Male vs Female measurement data: https://www.bwc.ohio.gov/downloads/blankpdf/ErgoAnthropometricData.pdf
• Correct hormone levels: http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/hrt_ref.htm
• Checking your levels: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Female_Hormone_Testing.php
• Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
• Transition time lines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
• Voice Training: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/
• Grace grilled cheese princess
• Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
• IRC: https://www.rizon.net/chat#mtfg

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I'm a dumb bastard and I haven't gone to buy my celery yet.
>Tfw scheißefilm
File: 1483909733414.png (760KB, 1210x779px)Image search: [Google]
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>Meanwhile women have to pay thousands for SRS

Thanks Obongo

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>still have your spoopy male asshole and not a cute female one

why even bother?
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>spoopy male asshole

There's a difference between male and female assholes?
File: confused.png (346KB, 786x438px)Image search: [Google]
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There is a difference between a man butthole and a female butthole in terms of physical appearance?

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