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yo w2c
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What is her stand?

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Going to Tokyo. I already know to hit up the designer stores, Kinda, Ragtag/2nd St., the -off stores, Chicago, and Jumble Store. Anything else you would recommend?
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Rescue Squad. Resquad store in Jingumae, Shibuya-kei, Harajuku.
Not a store, but go to a night at the Liquid Room.
Cool, I'll write it down
Yeah any suggestions are fine even if they're not /fa/ related.

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Thoughts on these sneakers and this brand in general?
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I've always loved the look but havent never considered actually buying them. The prices seem to high desu
The fact people will pay hundreds for shoes that look like beaters astounds me. The fun of Having a pair of beaters are all the memories you make beating them to shit

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so what was this about?
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Which one is not gay?
Far right
all trash outfits.

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Early 2000's skate shoe revival when?
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right after dad shoes

A couple years ago I saw a dude with black Osiris d3's with neon green detailing, black synth fiber jnco fit bondage pants (with neon green stitching), black tshirt with neon green graphic, plastic neon raver bracelets, and over gelled spiky black hair. The dude couldn't have been over 18. Hot topic-mall core?

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cop or nop?
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its not 2013
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What's the most effay size and why is S?
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The size that fits you properly

Most people aren't going to wear the same size across brands to begin with
Fitting or oversized (not too big though).


Are velour suits /fa/?

I just ordered 3 pairs for this fall, i plan to wear them to my college classes every now and then. I am switching my wardrobe to j.crew tier shit to comfy mode.

pic related, i ordered a sean john velour suit, and 2 jordan velour suits

plan to wear them with some jordans or other basketball shoes.
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I mean..you might pull it off. Worst case scenario you can split the suits up for fits and get some nice texture coordination going.
did you buy a baby blue one? if not, you fucked up.

black, maroon and dark blue

couldnt find a baby blue one

Post the best vintage/thrifted band tshirts and where to find em.
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I got one at a concert but he has an online store
>imagine looking like chad but still being depressed to the point of suicide

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As a general guideline, you should choose something that accentuates your face shape. One of the few things /fa/ is good at is choosing between different glasses given the right images. So post a picture of yourself wearing different glasses if you want any useful advice.
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>Eye doctor appointment not till December
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Are these really small for my face or am I crazy
Ignore my lack of a functioning cell phone
I have bad glasses but I don't wanna post my face on /fa/

What you do in the bathroom is now our business. From stuff such as toothpaste, grooming, and other toiletries.
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Now your business
>dove beauty bar white

Thinking of trying pink, how does it smell?
Producing shit seems to be a pretty lucrative business. Saint Laurent seems to be doing well, Kia and Hyundai are both profitable and people like Taylor swift's music so....not bad

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Patch thread

Where can I pick up history related patches like pic related? And where would I stick this on a black hoodie?
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Girlfriend gave me this patch last christmas and I still havent found a use for it. I do like it and it goes with a sort of isndie joke we have but im not sure what to put it on except maybe a plain black parka or possibly a hoodie?
Could be cool on a parka...I have the same issue tho I ordered this today on eBay and haven't decided where to put it...might just throw it on a backpack
This patch could also sort of work on a parka or a coaches jacket I think just cause of the more military esque style. Backpack could work too assuming it matches the backpack

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im looking for websites like very cool shirtz, OMOCAT, orgion68, kamoji clothing, etc.

any help is appreciated
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File: C_AMA5uXcAA4qwd.jpg (123KB, 1200x1067px)Image search: [Google]
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this is my only meme tee
whats the source though

OOS but they make stuff like this.

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about to cop the freshest YSL jacket, what ya'll think?
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if you are white you will look like you belong in a low end casino and if you are black you will look gay.
Looking at how you talk, you probably are just an incel trying to flex and you won't actually use it in a good slp ss16 style fit, just end it pham
i could do some damage if i got my hands on that

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has goosey lost it?
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he really let him self go!! and look at steve carrell wow! good for him
I eat.
Childhood is idolising Goslings fit

Adulthood is understanding that Carell's is effay

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