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Genuinely curious where I can buy swastika-soled boots.

Like, I know. But I think it would help me get through my day.
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I own these. Nice but they are fur inlined so forget wearing in the heat.
Winter's coming friend! I need
For what purpose?
You probably shouldnt google swastika soles but custom made shoe soles, then all you have to do is find one whos stupid enough to make them

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What are the best peices of clothing for south east asia travel?
going there in 3 months and i want to have a backpack with a few really good peices of clothes that are functional but wont make me look like every other expat
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Are you a qt? And where is SEA? Because if you're going to my shit hole you won't need any clothing bby ;)
Don't wear the tourist pants and your set. Otherwise you're a dumb tourist cunt.
>>>/trv/ and >>>/out/ will help you better than /fa/

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This is

[ ] - A fleece pant
[ ] - Fleece pants

Choose carefully.
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This is

[ ] - A fleece pant
[ ] - Fleece pants

Choose carefully.
nobody gives a fuck
I bet you're a pantsfag

Are highlights effay
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No /thread
If your Asian maybe, but still probably not

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'why are we alive' aesthetic
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Where can I find a coat of similar length, wool preferably
That doesn't cost 800£, this ones from ami
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Like dis
overcoats were popular 2 winters ago. regardless, they never looked that good.
>jeans were popular 150 years ago

>wake up
>look in the mirror
>tfw not gaspard ulliel
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how tall is he?
>5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm)
shiet, poor bastard

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I'm a /fit/ guy who dresses decently well from browsing gq and other sources... Everyday, I wear slim black jeans... Anyone have any loafers they'd recommend that would go with the black jeans look? looking for something around $100, wouldn't mind buying used. thanks!
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>/fit/ guy
>dresses decently well
>browsing gq
Is this bait?

Don't buy 100$ loafers, you only get shit. 200+ is where you start to get quality, meermin, sanders and loake 1880 you can find less than 200
just tryna get into that wealthcore aesthetic because i really like how it looks and i'm a status conscious person
Do you have a picture of the jeans? I think the type of loafers depends on the texture and cut of the jeans.

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value village.jpg
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Post shit you found for cheap
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Your wife on tinder
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Got this old adidas for $6 cad (convinced her it's a sport shirt lel). But it has just a single simple tag on the collar. Thought maybe it's a fake.
File: 000_3666.jpg (1MB, 2142x2856px)Image search: [Google]
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But then it has a huge embroidery on the back and also YKK zippers. $6 cad

Also that paper size tag is wrong. In no way is it a XL. It fits me just a liiiittle large. It's more like a large Medium or Large.

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comment names
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da front.jpg
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Snapchat is probably the the ugliest social media app. The concept is good but it has so many flaws im surprised its popular
It's where art hoes go to die

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Why are t-shirts today absolute crap? Shit Tier and Nigger Tier designs are absolutely everywhere, even at official stores.
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Really bad thread
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I'll salvage your garbage thread for you, OP
I agree that original is better than pop-nerd meme references, but how about not walking around with pop culture shit on your chest instead?

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Let's talk about colored hair for men. Post inspo. I'll post everything I can find in my folder.

HARD MODE: Bright colors

NIGHTMARE MODE: Bright colors on caucasians without looking flamboyant
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File: 1497512932343.jpg (76KB, 675x1012px)Image search: [Google]
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Can anyone id these jeans? i saved this pic a while back but reverse search shows no matches
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Well if no one can Id these can I get some advice on jeans that would fit like this? I like these because they're skinny but not too skinny

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Whats the best way to get rid of smell of sweat in shoes overnight
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I usually put papier journal in it, but hopefully there are better means
Shoe trees, or just wear leather shoes
small amount of bi carb soda. make sure it's small though especially if it's leather. it can dry it out

How do I get this kind of hair?
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become a struggling artist and stop showering as much
Lean over your desk holding your hair up out of frustration for 30 years
I don't think hair can naturally look like that. There must be something he puts in it.

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