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gril and I are going out next week, shes going to wear pic but with a black dress.
What should I wear
assume I have a full wardrobe
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Jeans and a button down
White oxford.
Black slacks
Black blazer/sports jacket
black derbies/oxfords

Make sure she knows what she can expect

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is there a place like /fa/ that isn't fascist? reddit is boring, tumblr is inaccessible and corporate, but /fa/ is /pol/luted as hell and I'm no maga fag so... basically I'm looking for an alt-fashion board that isn't alt right
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No because when you're on the internet you can sperg out all you want
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The whole world is alt-right now.

Lord Kek's will is law.
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"hello? how's the echo in this chamber?"

What's the name of this haircut?
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third bump
These are men's uniform square layers on curly textured hair.
How do I say that to the retarded barber so he'll understand?

File: ultraqtboyyyyy.jpg (203KB, 864x1536px)Image search: [Google]
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/qthair/ general
i wanna be kinda androgynous and cute but idk what a good hairstyle for that is!
i was thinking something like pic related but i was wondering what ur guy's take on this was
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Jesus fucking christ w2c that human being
thats my feel rn ;;;wwww;;;;
Dang wouldn't mind taking that qt 3.14 out to dinner.

But to answer your question, hair like this is pretty fucking cute. If I saw a trap pulling off hair like this irl I'd probably go mad.

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how do i get this effay : (

File: cheap-combat-boots.jpg (102KB, 325x360px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this effay or do you just look like a massive faggot when doing this I can't decide.
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you look like you lost ww2
what else are you supposed to do
This, wear puttees to look like a winner

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How do you /fa/ggots lose weight?
I am slightly overweight so basically a fat fuck to you guys
What do you guys eat and what workouts/exercises do you?
I want to be able to wear better fitting clothing
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fuck off back to krautchan
eat less retard
+get off the computer

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Where does a young guy shop for brown or earth-tone casual shoes under $70? I'm used to buying chucks and nikes, so I'm clueless when it comes to brown shoes.
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so clarks is one brand to start

thank you
Red wings

I have my first interview coming and I have to go with a business casual look.

What are some effay business casual fits?

Post inspo
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That info graphic is fucking shit
That's the point
The loose-fitting dude looks best desu.

File: 1468719644062.png (660KB, 1106x1012px)Image search: [Google]
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>talk to someone irl who claims to be into fashion
>they don't own ANYTHING from Vetements
Fucking hell.
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whats your best advice for a fashion "noob" ?
yeezys and supreme xd
Full Rick :^)

File: Optimized-20170513_191008.jpg (639KB, 900x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Post in this thread if you have Übermensch-aesthetics.
-> No jawlets
-> No non-whites
-> No manlets
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File: sketch-1494869025832~2.jpg (150KB, 812x1381px)Image search: [Google]
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With that hair? And that jawline? More like dedicated autist aesthetics lmao. What kind of faggot thinks this is peak? Germany lost WW2 to a mixed race army so if anything purely this is weak af. The neonazi look screams beta to anyone with a brain
Is that Porter Robinson

This guy is good-looking but is definitely not Ubermensch. Looks too sad and cute, not handsome. Plus he looks like he's never picked up a weight in his life
>non-straight nose
>brown eyes
>dark hair
>downie looking ears

Are braces (the suspender type, not teeth) /fa/?
How do you wear these properly without them pulling your trousers into your balls?
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Personally, suspenders are only good looking when they are actually attached to your pants by a button on the inside or outside. If its those metal clips; just leave them at home
This. And only wear with a jacket or something that will cover them.
I know a fair bit about these. So,

Like another said, the button ones are a lot dressier, although a lot of clip ones are fine.

Dont wear with low rise pants, mid rise or higher.

Only wear with formal wear. Wearing with casual clothes like in your picture will make you look like an extra from a film set in the 40s.

And yes its better to wear them when wearing a suit jacket or a blazer over them, although it is possible with the most dressy of shirts and trousers.

File: 4SVE1h61Fdcc0a2xDowtFhaQ_400.jpg (82KB, 400x464px)Image search: [Google]
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and how to find a cute vampire waifu
pic related
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eat a raw potatoe
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File: full.321627339.jpg (128KB, 1082x1132px)Image search: [Google]
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Search for high neck cotton shirts and black silk scarves

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Hello /fa/.
It's that time of year again, the time of graduations and unemployment.
Now luckily the Americans have it easy, they have their nightgowns handed to them, they have hardly any real choice in what they wear when they graduate.

I, however, am not quite as lucky.
How can someone who is completely unaware of how to properly dress (me) be expected to survive?
How on earth is anyone like me supposed to find a suit that works well with a hat such as this (but with silver text and badge instead of gold, and no blue lines above or below the text), that isn't incredibly expensive?

So I come to you, the people of impeccable fashion sense, the masters of disguises and the weavers of outfits, asking you to guide me.

Will you help me?
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I'm asking for advice on suits that would work for a tall man outdoors in a hat similar to that one.
1. Sluta skriv sådär
2. Bara ha en mörkblå kostym som passar dig

Post them.

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File: hillary-clinton-pantsuits.jpg (159KB, 1600x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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File: kwz8gx8u8ywy.jpg (398KB, 1579x2828px)Image search: [Google]
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>she can still win

What did he mean by this?

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