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[ B O O T G E N E R A L ]

This thread is dedicated to the discussion of boots and all boot related topics.


Previous thread >>12437927
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Fuck I love burgundy-red boots, they look so good once they're a bit worn in and rugged.

Anyways, could someone who knows better answer me? I have a pair of Thailand-made Dr. Martens 1490s, they are a size UK9 / US10 / EU43. Now, they're in pretty crappy condition and i'd like a second pair, this time i'd like to go Solovair. So, is the sizing same? What about when there's a steel-toe cap? The seller I'd buy a pair from has listed that the inner is around 29cm in length, and I measured the inner-length of my 1490s with measuring tape, and it equaled around 29cm aswell. Now keep in mind, the Solovairs have steel-toe caps, should I size up just in case?
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Which boots are those?
I'm a 9 in DM and a 9 in solovair, the steel caps don't affect the sizing (you get a bit more vertical room but nothing else) what boots you looking to get, I've got pic rel and would recommend

The picture in the OP are by diesel don't know about yours sorry

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I want to buy my boyfriend a nice backpack. Pictured is the one he currently used but it's breaking a bit and I want to get him a nicer one.

Requirements are durability, big enough to fit a ThinkPad X270, and looks good. I'm in the UK if that makes a difference, but willing to pay shipping costs from abroad.

Any ideas?
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fjallraven greenland, I have a black one and it's amazing, it's really durable and water resistant, numerous times it has kept my belongings bone-dry when it was pouring outside.

>ThinkPad X270
>Not X230 with classic keyboard mod and extended battery

honestly, what do you even see in that guy? He probably doesn't even use the clit-mouse.
Is that just a meme or is it actually worth getting? I need to buy a laptop for my new job.


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hey /fa
Im going to be travelling South east Asia for 3 months soon, and dont have a clue what clothes to bring/buy its basically going to be high humidity 30 celsius or (high 80s low 90s) all day erry day...I have a decent idea of cooler weather shit but am pretty bad for summs.
>need to keep cool
>need to fuck the locals
>thick mode muscular build
>walk around do touristy shit, go out get shitfaced, fuck asians
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a noose
fucking fishheads isnt effay
>thick mode muscular build
good luck finding choice fits
>se asia
>fucking the locals
excuse me

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Does anyone here have stretch marks?

I have them on my lower back. I've heard that it could be from a growth spurt or from bad posture. I grew at a pretty steady pace, never grew 5 inches over a summer or anything, so I think it's bad posture.

Anybody else?
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Nope. Are you overweight or something?
I'm pretty skinny. Never been overweight or gone through any dramatic weight changes.
I've got some on my lower back, they are not as disgusting as those in your pic though. I've also never weighted more than 60kg

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I still dress like this. Will I ever be /phở/?
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It's 'effay', not 'fah'.
You must be effaggot, am I right?
Me on the far left.

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>girls give a shit about fashion

LMAO. I literally take my shirt off and I get more pussy wet than your 100$ faggot boots. Girls are programmed to want strong muscular men, it's BIOLOGY. I look good with and without clothes meanwhile you look like shit. Girls literally stare at my arms, meanwhile everybody thinks you're a homosexual LOL.
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hf with your vapid slags
Try 1000$ and you'll be closer. Your just the right size for circus. Enjoy being fat broke boy :)
I know this is bait, but are all bodybuilders legit homosexuals? Like the whole idea of a bodybuilding forum filled with pumped up men seems so homoerotic to me idk

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How in the FUCK
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they just cut and dyed his hair? are a luddite or something? its totally normal.
I was expecting this response. You don't understand, some people are just ugly as fuck naturally. This dude just looked disgusting and hideous and just turned into a fucking celebrity with a cut and dye.

I've seen MANY makeovers that came out horrible because they didn't have good facial aesthetics.
What happened to his swastika tattoo?

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Prep / Ivy / Trad
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no tat thread

post recent tats, inspo, etc.

pic is what I'm thinking of getting. I'm in TV production so I thought it'd be clever...
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I love tats,

But I swear I've never seen ANYONE pull off an effay tat.

All mine are pretty specific, and well hidden under basic clothing. The only place I feel like they work exposed to the world is at the beach.

My friend has some big art pieces on their thighs and shoulders, but to me it's at the point where it just looks like to much is going on.

If there's one thing I hate, it's people whose skin looks like a bunch of notebook doodles ala Harry Stiles
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Is it basic to get a the Creation of Adam hands on either my forearm or wrist?

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remember talk shit post fit boys
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so the kappa hype is crazy right now
they even released on ssense and its much more expensive
so happy i wore this before it was normie

pretty basic but qt

cop or not thread
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Do it yourself/ re-purposing general

Can't think of an edition edition

Anything about making your own clothes, customizing and/or tailoring goes here. Talk about your projects. Ask Questions. Share information. Help each other out.

(if you think the pastebin lacks any information, just ask)
Japanese magazines, just in case you need them

Last thread :
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Lil bump to get it started
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The Mouth of Madness.jpg
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Practiced a figure for my new project. Now I'm going to embroider some spaceships.

Tailoring discussion online: http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/

Unrelated to /diy/, but I was scrolling through some old threads and I saw this post (https://warosu.org/fa/thread/S7421417#p7421606). Does anyone have a working link to Anoraks screencaps? What's the new IP of http://collectingknowledge.tumblr.com/?

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I've been wanting a pair of Gel Lytes to wear as beaters. These look like nice for the summer and spring but I have some questions:

Are these versatile shoes? They aren't white, they're a light mint color (colorway is called Birch but looks greenish to me).

Could I dress basic and wear these with shorts or would it look stupid? I live in the bay area silicon valley where grown men wear ugly ass running shoes (the sparkly rainbow Asics) with formal clothing because it's comfortable but I don't know if it's like that in other big cities.

What color options do I have with these?
Any thoughts appreciated because I love the shoes but don't want to look like a clown idiot, or spend money on shoes I'll never wear.

On plan on buying a nicer pair of shoes to wear with shorts (boat shoes, most likely) and have these for when I'm going to be walking around, running errands or just hanging out.
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Front view.
>writing all this

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All right guys i want the truth: is it possible to be muscolar and /fa/?

If yes, which style suits muscular guys the best?
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this is good do/don't.
both /fit/ and /fa/ are cringey

If a board on an internet forum becomes a part of your real life identity you're a complete idiot
whatever kim jong kook does desu

shorts thread??? summer is approaching and i've got nothing. rec w2c etc just help please
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These are alright and a good alternative to chubbies
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how is the quality?

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