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help with my shitty hairline... i need a new haircut...
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what country are you from
I have the same hairline lmao kill me

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How do I salvage my face and hair?

Not that I am currently trying to grow a full beard but I don't know how to prevent it from become a neck beard and I hate the sensation of having a mustache
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have you tried buzzing it closer to the scalp?
for your facial hair maybe try wearing it shaven?
>wearing it shaven

Not sure what you mean
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Your hair isn't bad. Try getting a closer fade on the sides and style it like Beckham in pic related

Get rid of the neckbeard, but keep some stubble to help define and darken your jawline. I'd say only shave every other day.

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I need a hair cut dubs decide what I get
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buzz it off

new stan smiths

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not bad dude
I miss hitler
how is this shit even called Stan Smith?

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How can normie fashion even compete?
This is good shit.
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I've got to say: he might look like an extra in a Wes Anderson movie but he pulls it off.
of course he is from Canberra like me : (
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""Canberra fashion""
What part of Canberra are you from?

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How do you dress with a dad bod?
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You just wear what your wife buys you and focus on genuinely important things.
like watching bad tv shows while she does all the household chores takes care of the kids and works fulltime

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What is this core called?
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>tfw none of my thousands of dollars worth of jawnz will bring her back
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>tfw chin up fellow philadelphian
i miss the word jawnz

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w2c cheap boxy/oversized shirts that fit like pic related? I'm /insecure/ core
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cheap monday on asos
since when has wearing oversized/ boxy been related to insecurity?
OP is overweight

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>wears boat shoes
>listens to rap music like Lil Yachty and EDM
>simpleminded, incapable of deep conversation
>smokes weed erryday

why are so many people like this? why does everyone have a normie mentality?
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Why are their shorts so wrinkly?
because mom's not there in college to fold and iron
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let's also throw lil' dicky in there while we're at it. guy is obnoxious and disgusting

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Post your Grailed's, eBay's, whatever.

This is the buy/sell/trade general.
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Carhartt WIP
Norse Projects

Many more. Send offers, moving and looking to get rid of this stuff. Follow me while you're at it. Discount to those willing to go right through PP, [email protected], hmu.
no one wants to buy your shit for fucks sake
there's a reason as to why you have to spam your grailed profile here, take the hint you stupid chink
why are you so angry
you don't have sex very often, do you
let the guy sell his stuff, you don't like it but someone else might

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Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
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damn who is she?
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how to achieve brat pitt mode
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new vans, what do you think
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they're fire senpai
they are sick
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10/10, goes with my sick fits

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8th of May

>rate and give feedback to others first
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People still post on here? lol
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this is me drunk holding a rose

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DK fa.jpg
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>*blocks your path*
>"I heard you guys were making fun of r/mfa"
>"Care to take it up with me?"
>not understanding real fashion

Looks like an enforcer from a 70s era California cult

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