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cringe thread
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Just when I thought the far left looked aight I notice the ridiculous rolled cuffs and the fucking strap shoes. Christ.

Middle right could look ok if he switched the camo for something else like a pair of dark grey jeans or at least tuck them into his shoes.

The other two just need to stop.
I was making a list of everything weird buts its easier to just say holy shit what the fuck
They all look like shit

Far left's cuffs look like shit like you said

Middle left's hoodie clashes too much with his wide pants, mixing 2 aesthetics in the wrong way

Middle right isn't bad but his cutoff camo pants look pretty bad, but is arguably the best of them

Far right is just atrocious, would rather shit in my hands and clap than see that guy in public, looks like he was mauled by a grizzly bear (and the LV belt and Vetements socks don't help, his fit looks like utter wank)

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What's the most red-pilled male hairstyle?
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regular haircut

dutch braids
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probably balding

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What are some loud items that can go with all black fits to make them more interesting?
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sup /fa/ggots, /out/ist here.

I'm soon going on a world journey with a backpack, tent, the lot, and I want to look the part of a rugged, yet stylish, vagabond.

I'm looking for some clothes that will both be stylish and practical in terms of outdoor activities.

Any ideas?
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check out And Wander, Patagonia, and Fjällräven for starters I guess
old milsurp! especially swiss and scandinavian wool stuff.

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They need a stylist it's just embarrassing
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Looking like shit is part of relating to their demographic for sales.
this is old they dont even wear their own YRN brand because it flopped, now they just wear yeezys off white and supreme like any other fairfax leech

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Rate my MC Ride inspired fit
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whose little mexican cousin is this
you need to be way thinner to pull this off. You need to look like a holocaust victim like he does on stage after he sweats for hours on end.
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How do I get fashion blogger girl to notice me? Do I just drop into her DM's or like all her post like an autist. If it helps we had a class in college together and we live in the same city.
>pic related: Its her
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She's probably a slut.
Talking to her is a pretty good way of getting noticed. Also don't be a pussy.

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Who were the most effay presidents?

Pic not related
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what a fucking bone structure
File: IMG_0430.jpg (93KB, 900x506px)Image search: [Google]
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>Pic not related
What did he mean by this?

File: 20170514_201037.png (1012KB, 613x1768px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you call this style?
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Fat basic bitch
File: Screenshot_20170514-203433.png (2MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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Hey my gf isn't fucking fat you asshole

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I want to be a model, just for fun desu. Like to make some money on the side and wear cool clothes and stuff. Also so I can be popular and get attention.

Have any anons got experience modelling? Any tips you can give or recommendations?
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step 1: leave /fa/.
File: francisco1.jpg (42KB, 640x960px)Image search: [Google]
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You need to have the FACE. (Chiseled 10/10 male model facial structure with perfect harmony, 11 percent bodyfat or below no exceptions, high cheekbones, chiseled jaw, defined square chin, amazing eye area, luscious eyebrows, amazing coloring, smooth and clear skin, non receding hairline, looks good with any haircut, perfect facial proportions and yada yada)

You have to have the HEIGHT. (6 feet or above no exceptions)

You have to have the FRAME. (Broad shoulders, amazing shoulder to waist ratio, )

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/fa/ brand collab game

We've had these threads in the past and they've been pretty fun. Design the next big collab using your last 2 digits.
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fuck lmao
Praying for a brick
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Template if anyone's interested

What's /fa/ opinion on yeezy counterfeits and other "unlicensed" attire? Anyone buy any Chinese knock offs before?
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Just don't
Lowest of the low


File: hahahahahaha.png (402KB, 606x856px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw will never have that sicc landwhale silhouette
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>be fat
>do anything
Idk man, I actually like these big boi fits. I feel like they can pull this stuff off. Women that look as fat would probably have a harder time looking /fa/. For the record I'm a straight dyel.
I unironically think big fat guys look better than super buff gym guys.

Imo huge chest and arms ruin silhouettes a lot more than a large belly because the belly is centered while a buff body gives you a weird cone shape that looks like shit in any fit

And no, I'm not fat

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got some fresh oc
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Have fun entering a mall or s store and getting stopped by security for your hat.
Hey, OP! If you really want to cringe, take a look in the mirror :^)

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This thread is for all things related to female fashion. Post your inspo, I'll start.
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Thread exists already >>12465655
File: w2c sunlight.jpg (74KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
w2c sunlight.jpg
74KB, 960x960px
hope this thread goes well

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