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Does Gucci actually expect people to dress like this
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no brand expects you to wear everything like it's worn in their lookbook you absolute pleb
I don't see why not. It looks great, although extremely avant-garde.

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Why aren't you guys trying to get ripped for the summer? Why do you prefer being skinny? What is the ideal body type for /fa/
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You don't get "ripped for the summer", you get ripped all year long.
absolutely nothing i do requires me to have muscles beyond what i have from my day to day and being skinny looks way better
>and being skinny looks way better


maybe if ur tryina look like some bbc's fuckboy

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Western fashion thread?

i was looking to get into this since i live in the south and I have a lot of outdoor hobbies.
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Where do you live OP?
Texas spic here. For gritty outdoor work any shirt aand pair of wranglers and boots will work. If you're going to a western themed night club or a spic banda one then you have a little more freedom in your fits as long as cowboy boots are added to the mix. If you're an oil or cattle tycoon then you can pull of the suit with cowboy boots fit.
Southwest Arkansas. I have a pair of slim wranglers, but I don't have any boots to wear with them. What kind of boots do you wear?
Casual/Work: Brown Ariats
Family shit/night out: Brown Caiman Justin boots
Both brands aren't luxurious so their prices were pretty affordable. If you want Luxury look at Lucheses, or some of the luxury western stores in Dallas or Houston.

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What glasses are good for wide faces? I have a very circular face and wonder if big circle frames would make it look worse? Whats a good shape thats effay?
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supposedly that's the opposite of what to do,
also you're gonna look like a koreaboo wearing those
Speaking of which what are some good glasses for long skinny faces
unrelated but not completely, opinions of people who wear non prescripton glasses?

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adidas general
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Please tell me you have a solution for this shit
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moisturise a lot. dry skin is more prone to getting oily.
no dude no.
OP wash your face. use less products.
this is retarded
second this, specifically use a gentle cleanser, i've been recommended dermatological, dont use any harsh shit as it will cause your skin to produce more oil

A thread for derbies, post and discuss derby shoes and fits
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God damn those look terribad
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Why anon?

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Yall bois know what to do
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DI6 kangoo.jpg
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Why aren't cargo pants more popular? It seems only autists wear them.
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Mainly because you'll look like an Autist unless you're in South America swinging from vines shooting guns with an ancient artifact in your hand
It's a conspiracy to emasculate men. Think about it. We're always encouraged to carry more shit but either our pockets suck or bulge in an ugly way when we put that shit into our pockets. So our choices are:
*Be physically uncomfortable from the shit in our pockets.
*Feel vaguely anxious because of shitty bulges in our fit.
*Carry a cumbersome and effeminate man purse.

The idea is to let no man be comfortable in his own skin, it's a psy op.
>It seems only autists wear them

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W2C a pair of boots like this?
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Try searching for 'artisan boots'
just find some cowboi boots, a chain and a bandana
These are engineer boots

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Thoughts on A$AP Rocky making an entire song about Raf?
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Shit and the song is shit.
>yfw ozweegos become the new normalfag meme-shoe

they both have horrible hair

looks poor

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is scarification effay?

done this tonmyself last night via branding with a heated paperclip
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Natural scars are cool, tho.

Had a friend who got robbed in the ghetto at our old town and he has a big ass glasgow smile.

Looks like some anime-tier shit.

Too bad he struggled with infections and pretty much can't talk now

Women love it, though.
enjoy your infection fag
please stop

So what are the best boost sneakers available? I've tried some Pure boost in an adidas store and really sold on the comfort. The design was kinda bad though. What are the best looking best sneakers that have good comfort as well?
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File: Screenshot_2017-05-01-01-02-10.png (298KB, 660x408px)Image search: [Google]
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Yeezy boost
I run in energy boost 2. They have a newer 3 that has good colorways.
Call me a shill, but I really like the look of ultraboost 3.0s.

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Bleached my hair for over 2 hours and it still came out partially orange, was going for that white hair meme, looks like I'm definately gonna have to go light Grey, but I'm under the impression regardless that I did something wrong even if I am trying from thick dark brown hair, gonna coconut oil treat my hair tonight and tomorrow and try again on Wednesday, can anyone give me any tips on what I can do to get it all as light as possible before I actuallydye it?
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Did you not even google this shit before you started? You're supposed to bleach it in stages and to get it looking white you have to use a purple toner to neutralize the yellow/orange. You'll probably be bald soon so I guess start looking for cool hats.
Yeah no shit, my question is how I can avoid getting it so Uneven next time, doesn't really sound like you have any information on the topic, just looking for an excuse to talk shit, leaving bleach on for several hours when starting with very dark brown hair is not unheard of so it doesn't seem like you actually have a point here.
You're trying to go up like 8 or 9 shades. You can only lift maybe 3 shades in one go.The peroxide loses it's effectiveness as it works, leaving it in forever wont lighten it after a certain point. Multiple applications basically.

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/edc/ thread?
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Is this the daily autism thread?
whats the lighter?

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