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is my hair effay now
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can i get a reply
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Get the undercut, lift weights, train boxing/MMA and save your fucking Race instead of wanting basic bitch opinions on /fa/ggot.
hi george clanton

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Are baggy eyes /fa/?
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I don't have them but absofuckinglylutely. I have fallen head over heals for many women and men who had baggy eyes
Inb4 a picture of dan dehaan gets posted
He has weak bags. Mine are superior.

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Which one of these would look better with skinny black jeans? left, center, or right?
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I suppose left. Though, I would prefer it if they were black, too.
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The color of all of those would go terribly with black jeans.
File: shoes2.jpg (162KB, 1200x915px)Image search: [Google]
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what about these ones? should they be blacker?

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Ive noticed slight hairloss lately and i want to be proactive. The only thing im scared about with pic related is that ive heard of it possibly aging skin? Any truth to this? Also, for now finasteride is out of the question as my hairloss isnt aggressive yet
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It won't help balding or thinning in the front, just the back.
Thats actually not totally true, some people see regrowth in the front, it just hasnt been studied so they have to say that on the box
Oh okay.

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Lay it on me. What should I do with the hair?
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grow it out more and style it forwards
grow it out tie a noose with it and kill yourself, gt a real haircut for god's sake
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Sorry about the fake haircut?

Got it buzzed wayyy to short from a unkept manbun and have no clue how to do this. Trying to go for a look like pic related but it's not working

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in the dark
buzz your head
full rick

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Help me /fa/
Yes, I want to look like a sleazy character from Bladerunner's universe.
How do I properly mix sleazecore and lunarcore and not look like a gay-nigger from outer space or a retarded cosplayer?
Post inspo if you have.
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In case you're interested, 501 skinny in this mid wash is currently $49 cad
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stop wearing skinny jeans igor, you have to give your legs room to grow, that's why they aren't bulking up. think of it like a goldfish being kept in a bowl vs a large tank
Man this cut would be super baggy on my chicken legs ._.

just buy normal 501s you idiot

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Why is woodgrain so A E S T H E T I C?
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the phonecase is cool, but
Animal horns are the most effay glasses frame you could get out there and that watch looks like some DIY type shit it's kinda gay, looks like something straight out of cartoon network.
protip: it isn't
The phone case is okay but the sunglasses and that watch makes me think of "the crazy kid" who is "so crazyyyy you know".
Plus, one woodgrain accessory is enough

File: IMG_4590.jpg (43KB, 635x430px)Image search: [Google]
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It's true? Slim-fit is on it is way out?
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Who the fuck cares what is "in" or "out?" You sound like someone who reads Vogue or watches E!

If you're fat don't wear slim things. It has always been the case and will always be the case. If you're slim then wear them. If you're in the middle then it depends on your proportions. Stop making these stupid fucking threads and fuck off
that dude on the left looks so fucking bad
this looks so fucking gay

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File: 1469059420589.jpg (54KB, 505x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Willy and Nicky are very cute boys!!
File: 1477086207031.jpg (822KB, 3034x4435px)Image search: [Google]
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The cutest!!
File: 1466098195332.jpg (801KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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So handsome!

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Robot here. I got invited to some lake party by a bunch of people at my work and they told me to bring swimming stuff. I haven't been swimming in 6 years so I just ordered a random pair online. Well they just got here and they seem short as all fuck. Is this normal in modern times? I just don't want to get roasted tbqh
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>Not wearing speedo's
It really depends on how short. What's the length?
This tbqh take a pic op

looks like the good guys won this time guys, sexual assault is just plain wrong. rape culture destroyed

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As expected
rape culture wasn't destroyed

it will still happen just as often, but they will be more careful of getting exposed
He didn't even rape the dumb bitch lmao stop overreacting to stupid shit like this.

How's would y'all dress if you were 5'3?
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a XXXL shirt and nothing else. not even shoes
I'm 5,4 I just dress the way I want to dress. There's no point in doing all that dumb shit to make you appear taller. I'm already fucking short, I've accepted it and I'm living a good life not giving a shit about it. Then again I am gay so I don't have to worry about finding a girlfriend that is shorter than me or some lame shit like that since most Gay men actually don't give a shit about petty shit. Just be fit and don't wear autistic clothing.
Avoid long tee's or clothes that will ruin your silhouette and make you look shorter

where can i cop pic related? going for that larry david aesthetic
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pic related jacket that is
just tweet at him or something lol

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