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Anyone has a real-world examples of haircut #5? Looks fa as fuck
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Here ya go, anon
ya boy emre
cole sprouse

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is there such a thing as alternative chads? how would they dress? alt chad inspo please
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art chad - in shape, wears simple clothing that is both fashionable and practical, has exotic interests and hobbies
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dressing like a chad won't make you a chad /pol/
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Trent Reznor

anyone know where I can find some striped tees similar to the Lemaire x Uniqlo collab. Can't seem to find this anywhere since its from a past season.
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H&M had a similar one in navy this season
any thrift store

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Apologize to him.
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I'm sorry I bought your first album.
Almost wanted to compliment the fit but then I saw the oldskools.

Fucking niggers
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>3 post/2 unique IPs
>make the thread with said image then proceed to hate on it

okay but why lol

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Anyone else think that goth ninja and the pieces in bloodborne look really similar?
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Hey /fa/ggots,

I recently purchased a pair of DRKSHDW canvas-upper high-top ramones. I absolutely love the shoes and have been wearing them as summer sneakers with shorts and large t-shirts most of the time.

Yesterday I found some calf-leather low-top ramones for $550 in my size and have been thinking really hard about whether or not I want to get them.

While I love the high tops, I feel like the leather low tops are more versatile (I think they would look great with some cropped pants) and seem like better shoes for the fall and winter.

Could any of you guys give me your opinions on whether or not it's unreasonable to own two pairs of ramones? I think they're both great shoes in their own respects and could both be used in different ways. I also feel like I could spend the $550 on another pair of shoes or more clothes that are a lot more different (I really love these ramones though).

Another option is to trade the canvas high tops I have for the leather low tops (user on grailed said he's good with the trade if I don't want to make the purchase).

What do you guys think? Am I getting tricky ricked or is it understandable to want two pairs?
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Posting a few pics of people tricky ricking in order to keep the thread from looking too dead:
Just get a pair of low cut Chuck Taylors?

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Are whippets /fa/
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The fact that the shirt uses the wrong form of you're has always made me upset
No, whippets are really sad :(
remember to clean it out every 100 bullets or so
The bullets/as canisters also have a little oil in them which gets stuck in the whippet, and you dont want to be abusing your lungs by breathing that oil mixed stuff

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Which will leather colour be better for redhead guy with pale skin? Cognac or just brown? Talking about shoes, belt and bag.
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Depends what you wear. I'm pale and freckled, so I wear darker colors.
You're probably going to get more use out of a brown, really the darker the better. You probably dont want to get brogues if theyre your first pair of boots

Thinking about slim leather trenchcoats trooper boots and black not skinny jeans.I have a korean styled hair that actually looks good on me...But i dont know if it would be edgy.I dont want to be edgy.Im not a weaboo,im not a school shooter nor a skinhead.I just think it would look good on me.Opinions /fa/gots?
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dressing like pic in op is the epitome of vomit, can you, my friends, actually believe that people like that still exist?
noo my dignity

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Are collars on women /fa/

Also Emma Stone is c u t e
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Personally I like it, especially the contrast with dark colors over them
I'm a femanon and I only wear collared shirts, t-shirts, or turtlenecks. Opinions pls?

Dwight walks up to you and asks you what haircut he should get.

What do you tell him?
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Same haircut as usual is fine. Try to see what it looks like parted a little more off-center, and combed back more on one or both sides, though.
I'm guessing you look like Dwight and want advice on haircuts?

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With several seasons under their belts, the partnership between Owens and adidas seems second nature. But, even with the resounding success of Owens’ work with adidas, it is official that the partnership is coming to a close. While the three stripes and Owens have enjoyed working together across several collections, Owens will be ending its work with adidas following the Fall/Winter 2017 season. Instead, as seen on the men's Spring/Summer 2018 runway, Rick Owens has begun a new footwear collaboration series with Hood Rubber.
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uhh okay?

why are you telling me this?
i don't care
imagine going on a board pertaining to a topic you dont care about, clicking a thread about a topic you dont care about, then proceeding to take the time to make a post about how much you dont care about the topic
Too bad. The collaboration really produced some nice models like the techrunners and the mastodons. Don't really like the vibe or aesthetic of Hood Rubber but I guess it fits to Rick his vision.

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/corduroy/ general. Post fits, inspo, recommend brands and pieces.
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Not OP; I'm looking for a lined corduroy jacket, similar to the "sherpa" jackets that Wrangler makes, what are some decent brands who make such a piece?
what do you want it lined with?
I Need corduroy slim trousers. w2c?

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What's it like to be unbelievably ugly?
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you tell us, OP
Is that a medical condition?
I suspect it's better than just being regular ugly because I reckon you'd get more pity and there would be no pressure to try and overcome it and find someone.

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LAST THREAD >>12624695
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...

Also, please try to keep the discussion on-topic rather than indulging certain posters' attention seeking behaviors.
Does anyone know Parfums de France on Amazon? They have 99% positive feedback, no negative feedback, and they have a lot of niche stuff at fairly reasonable prices. Are they legit? I'm very wary of buying off Amazon.
alright retards ill have to write the entire forewords of his book ''The Essence Of Perfume''

''It is often said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. I believe them merely to be observers, whereas, our nose absorbs the world's life essences Since the dawn of civilization, perfume has been with us. evolving within the complex fabric of the human psyche and culture. Scent is intangible. It can touch us, move us, and inspire our very being. It can transform us into seducers or seductresses, elevating and transporting us to an ethereal realm of memories and sensations. (...)'''

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