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He's explaining the autism suits!
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virgin walk.png
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Why can't he have proper posture?
If he's going to go out of his way to dress professionally, why can't he carry himself with confidence?

He looks so self-conscious
I find suits and formalwear boring as fuck, but the fact that its reviewbrah talking it makes the video instantly charming and hypnotic.
You shut your fucking mouth until you can rock the vintage suit and tie mouthbreather.

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iOS and Android, dump some effay papes
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Damn, i have almost the same wallpaper
perseus beheading medusa

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2016-05-17 19.28.54.jpg
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Last: >>12633573 → #

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

Discord: xh4kxcq
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Not thinspo, but w2c a similar coat?
How to get rid of stomach fat? :(

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how can i dress goth without looking like a faggot? a casual style or dressier gomez addams without looking like a jabroni
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i got u senpai
File: IMG_5698.jpg (40KB, 656x351px)Image search: [Google]
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guess i want street goth
just wear darker shades of regular colors

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>tfw you will never be able to pull off the SLP aesthetic or wear any pants/jeans that are even remotely slim no matter how much you work out or diet because you have thicc muscular thigh genetics and wide woman hips
I've got a good physique in the top half of my body, broad shoulders, good lats, ottermode body etc, but why did I get fucked over with hip bones that stick out, massive protruding quads and wide ass calves paired with super skinny ankles? Knowing that unless I literally break both my legs and let them atrophy while i sit in a wheelchair for a year is perhaps the only way to get them thin is pretty depressing. I basically never work out my legs and I am afraid to because theyre already so fucked. I can't wear any kind of nice jeans or pants without my thighs bulging out. Anyone else have frustrations like this?
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Mate, everyone has parts of their body they dislike. I hate my huge nose and there's nothing I can do about it. You just have to adapt and work with what you have and improve on what you can.
Fashion isn't for you
im not trying to be a model lol, just want to look nice, and I think its possible to dress fashionably while not being a spooky skeleton
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my penis

>tfw dicklet

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Last one 300
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Alpha industries J-4 fishtail parka. Getting it for $200 Ausbux (so like $10USD). leaning towards getting it hard right now, would appreciate a warning if there is something similar but better under $300 Ausbux.
Also, you guys know how these things fit? I have heard they are a little large. I want it a little baggy but not like blanket mode. I basically want it to fit like on this guy. I'm 6'2" skelly.

Nah dude.
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This or black stans

How do I dress like an adult?

I still wear band t-shirts, ripped jeans, and sneakers and I feel really inferior to other people my age (mid 20s). Please help. Pic unrelated.
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Don't worry anon I'm in the same boat as you.

The goal is to look the way you feel.
who is this qt girl (boy)

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What's the most effay race?
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download (1).jpg
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The human race.

Fuck your race baiting shill thread.
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symmetrical races

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Do you guys know any good vegan leather jackets?
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You mean plastic jackets?
Don't even bother
>vegan leather
mutually exclusive my man

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This is me in my natural state. Give me your criticism
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Lose weight and get a mature hair cut. Then you would be good looking. Probably.
Lucky white genes, hair. can achieve greatness

age height?
Stop eating trash, hit the weights.

How tall are you?

Am jealous because you are white, have blue eyes, and full heda hair. fat is nothing.

Hey FA, could these brown Dockers work in an outfit? I have a pair from a business casual internship and I don't know what to pair them with casually, if anything.
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Here is another view.
Dad shoes.
>that toe
>my face

File: iamalpham-ring_1.png (696KB, 1223x767px)Image search: [Google]
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Dude. Just be yourself! Buy my shit! Work out! Eat healthy! Dress nice! Buy my shit!

>that jawline
>that hairline
>chiseled features
>perfect teeth

Easy for you to say Alpha m.
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Manlet and gay.

True. Gay? Don't know about that. Honestly I would trade my 3-4" I have on him for his smile, jaw and hair.
Yes but

>those elf ears

he does look good though. Even though his videos are aimed at normies, there isn't much else he can do to improve the look and style he is going for. Despite hsi shortcomings, it just goes to show that if you want to look better, you just have to work at it

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Is there anything more pathetic than the thinspo threads on here? It's a bunch of mentally ill weaklings fetishizing anorexia. These people are lucky we don't live in the jungle anymore. Their only use to us alpha males is either as food or as sex objects.
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OP is a wristlet lmao
you should be glad you're not living in the jungle lad
Cool story
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1MB, 480x360px
I think its mostly just skinny highschoolers trying to feel cool without actually doing anything.

*blocks your path*
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Lets bring in migrants from the 3rd world they said. It would be good they said.
At least they have friends.
*time travels back to present day*

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legit check pls
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