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Does anyone have any experience with yesstyle?
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>See pic related in Mens pants category

Go on Aliexpress or even Wish and you'll probably find the same, if not a bit better quality in products.
holy shit I just discovered the website earlier today, what a coincidence, I have no experience but they have a lot of variety of nice looking clothes

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How do I obtain this style?
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drink cum every day
Ok. What else?
kill the queen

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Are these a meme? I kind of like how they look in posted fits
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really into them. Tending towards the slimmest dickies out there but a pair of skating dickies on top of that seems really really interesting.
At the end of the day it's just chinos and what the fuck are you supposed to wear if you wanna wear something else than jeans if not chinos.
>I kind of like how they look in posted fits
post some
>are they a meme

seriously? theyre as normie as you fucking get. I had multiple pairs when I was in fucking grade school. They're just good quailty uniform pants

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Are men with fat fucking asses effay?
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as long as they spread it when nighttime comes
>big upper legs and a HUGE bubblebutt
>literally ruins my fits
it's hell on earth having a bubble butt that is really obvious
go trap

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Am I right to feel insecure about my physical appearance? Also give me pointers about how I should dress since I don't know what clothes would look good on me.
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shave and lose weight. that alone will make you look several times better.
you are new here ?
They will tell you to lose weight and that you can't be fa if you're fat.
Yeah, I'm new. And I can't lose weight since I was born stocky. I know the 'big-boned' thing is said to be a myth but my bones are actually thick af.

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is tyler the most /fa/ musician? where does he get those delicious soft-looking t-shirts?
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honestly, Lionel looks cooler there.
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Who is this?
Looks like complete shit
Franks way more effay

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Old one nearing 300
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Gonna go ahead and start us off with shitpost
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r8 please
waywt should be for good fits

if you're a newbie lurker looking for advice on how to dreas even decent the fuccboi general would be a better place

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What's an effay career/lifestyle?
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sleaze core is your best option, probably being a dirty lawyer or something to do with stocks.

or a hitman

the lifestyle is just a lot of cocaine and fat women.

*fast women

fat women aren't effay
Anything where you are your own boss. It's just better for your health and psyche.

Which is better aesthetically , NMDS or flyknit racers?
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nmds easily
Racers for aesthetic, NMD's for comfort.

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Real talk now, does your attitude towards fashion involve sex at all? Do you dress the way you do in the hopes of getting sex? Do you incorporate sexual themes and elements in the way you dress? Are there more and less fashionable ways of having sex? Are some attitudes towards sex inherently unstylish? Has your journey towards becoming effay influenced you views of sexuality?
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you sound like a shit lay
i dont have time to worry about whether or not im effay when im fucking
i dress the way i want because i like it, if it makes me sexier thats just a bonus, i do have some sexy fashion ideas tho, but they seem to be things only a vampire could pull off >.>
You know the saying, everything done in this world is done for sex.

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>tfw not spending weekends on english countryside
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But I do because I live there.
Also he looks like a knob.

It's boring as fuck, you get sick of the green and the rain quick. stop romanticising it faggot.
Still better than grey and concrete

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fa workplce.jpg
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ITT: /fa/ spotted in the wild

no model pics pls
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This thread again
What is she holding? Do they design creatures for movies or something?

It's a c4 explosive. This was the photo taken 5 seconds before Benghazi attack.

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WAYWT mirrors edition
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It's still on the fucking right hand
File: fitt.jpg (2MB, 2351x3639px)Image search: [Google]
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aw geez here we go

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how did you spend daddy's allowance this week /fa/
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File: goods_172733_sub3.jpg (40KB, 734x734px)Image search: [Google]
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Got pic related for $7 in Uniqlo
File: oneday.jpg (662KB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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Got this cav empt sweater in harajuku

File: image.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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is this a good first day of school outfit? Could you guys give me some advice?
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i would try different shoes and socks.
or if you're set on it, try a t shirt with different saying maybe. also ditch choker.
Change the socks. And I wouldn't wear the choker.

Ditch choker and shirt

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