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im going to a party with a bunch of punks and skater kids super French Canadian core .... I really like dressing up and stuff but I always feel like maybe I am too much . Idk rate me FA Idk what shoes to wear either
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You dress like my ex.
Is your ex cool ? (Op here )
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My shoe choices are shit but it's cold so I gotta be practical too

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What college do you go to, what do you study, and how is it effay?

De Anza Community College

because who gives a shit my family is already rich
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Western New England University
Computer Engineering
Not very effay lol
my family is rich too but I went to Purdue to study mechanical engineering (it's not effay, at all, but overall enjoyed being there). I don't understand why being wealthy is an excuse to slack off, you can truly do what you love even if it doesn't pay well. So if you want to study literature or something that pays jack shit when you are done, you can!

I make 110,000 a year now as a mid-tier engineer, but it certainly doesn't explain my house and Range Rover. But when you tell people your an engineer and have nice stuff it kind of makes sense.
Paris X Nanterre
Political Science

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I just wanna say females are getting jacked up on prices compared to males cus companys realise that they can raise the price and the people will still buy it

Girls clothing is so much more expensive

Girls why would you buy something so expensive
taking a guess this pic alone is about 220-350$
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That pic is probably 50$ bj 150$ full service
Never her of some products that look like that going over 100$

But hey the industry changes

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What is the name of this kind of coat? Where can I find a decent one?
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inb4 baneposting
Sheepskin shearling coat.

Never thought about buying one so I wouldn't know. Just try not to go around looking like Bane from Batman.

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what are these like to drive in?
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Too bulky, they'll rub on your bicycle chain and get grease on them.
Not bad, the space in the sole is a bit weird at first but you get used to it.
>im trying really hard to look like we live on space colonies
we aren't there yet man

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> tfw find alexander mcqueen and prada shoes at a goodwill
> tfw they were three sizes too big

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Forgot to mention I was at the goodwill in Palo Alto, which is like the richest place in America

shit was so cash, got like four nice shirts and a awesome pair of selvedge jeans for super cheap
just get them tailored lol
Or at least sell them

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Would you wear this?
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God, no.
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If I were in a touring black metal band.
If I were Adam Driver

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hey /fa/, /x/ did not respond to my post


so posting here, because sometimes i see people sorta depressed here on /fa/

this is going to be a prayer thread to God Almighty! list your requests here and your prayers to the LORD and i will pray to God for all and any requests posted here tonight. we can all say prayers together tonight also.

all prayers will be in the name of Jesus Christ, blessed forevermore. Amen.
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pray that god will make Raf Simons good again like the old days because his recent collection was shite
okay, i will include it in my prayers tonight along with all prayers requested
thank you

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Anyone know any websites where i can get blank clothes to start my brand? shirts hoodies jackets ect?
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Literally look up wholesale clothing
Another person printing generic bullshit on Gildan quality tee shirts. What a fucking great idea.
>I wonder if the guys on 4chan would like me if I acted like a douche. Shut up the person is starting a creative idea.

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Who knows anything about /fashion week/ here? I'm in Paris for a while and would love to see a show or two. How to get into some?
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Become famous enough to get invited.
If you are not of any influence, you probably shouldnt be going anyway. They probably dont want you there.
I remember a trip from /fa/ was invited to one of Rick's runway shows. He got in by invite, though not sure how. I think you have to be a friend of a friend of a friend.

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so i got a great body type.

Im 5'5 and 170lbs. nothing i find at khols or the mall fits the way i want it. What can i do? i have pic related body type.
all shirts fit differently or the tail is long.
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>great body type

Ian pls go
theres nothing wrong with being a short male.
its only wrong if you are white.

Im white hispanic. So i am an exception to your problem.
>nothing wrong

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Am I screwed /fa/? How do I get more model-esque cheekbones and more defined jaw?
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Another angle
there isn't a shirt you can put on that will give you a more define facial structure, silly. either lose more weight or get plastic surgery

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>ctrl f
>no shoe collection thread
starting with mine
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unsure why it rotated - apologies.
chuck everything apart from the middle row memes and start again
desu i really like my cp highs even though they're a little gaudy for cp's

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Verdict on bathrobes in public /fa/?
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Are you the Dude? If not, not /fa/

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How does /fa/ deal with frizzy hair? It annoys the fuck out of me and nothing seems to work.

pic unrelated. Incubus is an effay band though.
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I'm also wondering. I'm currently trying no-poo, a curl relaxant because I have thick, frizzy curls, and an anti frizz spray. Even together, they don't work. It's a fucking hassle and I don't know what to do
Run a washcloth under some warm water and let it sit on your hair until it dries

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