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How does my hairline look? I'm 22.
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enjoy your hair while you have it it will be gone in 3-5 years

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/inspo/ thoughts?
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N-no one?
I love these

I always regret not copping the airport sweater.

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w2c androgynous shorthaired grills?
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Local gaybar
Craiglist > men seeking men

That's about it for finding twinks right?
/fa/ meetup
Post moar androgynous grills

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effay technology
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fuck off /g/
That thinkpad doesn't even have linux running on it. FUCK OUTTA HERE

install gentoo
Do you have a beautiful picture of a thinkpad w/ linux?
I don't have a camera and I'm too lazy to take a pic with my phone and edit it to make it aesthetic.

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Any idea what product he is using? Pomade? My hair is pretty long, maybe not this long yet, but I can't get it to look like this. Mine is also a little thicker
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shower before bed and slick it back while wet. put a beanie on it and sleep
I did this once and I move around a lot in my sleep and my hair shifted around. When I took it of my hair was going in every direction...I had to iron it out to fix it.
No product, use Bobby pins

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Who ever came up with this sizing down meme with APC jeans?

like fuck man I'm reading through some APC threads on other forums and they recommend the most retarded ass shit like how you aren't supposed to be able to do the top button or even top two buttons up when you first get it.

now when I got my APCs I never knew about this sizing dilemma and always just got the same pant size I always got (28) and literally had no problems with how the fit looked and could always button them up from day one.

why the hell did everyone seem to have such a problem with them?
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lmao whats that picture

Those are some fugazi versace underwear
To a certain extent getting tight at the waist jeans is correct since the waist will stretch. Holds true for most of my pants and I wish I had sized down.
But I know what you mean how idiots cant fit into their own pants by buying too small. My friend's apc pns had a crotch blowout because he bought a 30 when he clearly is not a 30.

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anyone here works at the fashion industry?
how do I get in I'm poor and male btw
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desu, they only hire gays and women with a bad taste in men's fashion
do you live in newyork, chicago (not really), or LA? get lost.

did you go to college at like Parsons? fuck off. do you have skill with a sewing machine, and a godlike sense of style. no fucking way. Are you a newyork 10, under the age of 20? what are you even doing.
I'm good at drawing and painting and art in general, can easily make contacts and have actually designed stuff I live in munich which i guess is like the paris or new york of germany along with frankfurt

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DIY general. Dyes, rips, patches, any cool custom shit you're doing to your clothes

Anyone have that bleach chart an anon made from the last thread?
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Just wish it was like the old days when people actually do innovative shit instead of just ripping dying and patching. I guess we can't have it all though
Like what? Please explain.
People used to be resoling they're own shoes, cutting ventilation holes in tech jackets. There was even some avant garde stuff. Some guy have made a hood out of necklace like chains on his crew neck. Just some cool stuff

Supreme SS16 Lookbook and previews are out!
Discuss what you like what you hate etc.
Crying about how awful supreme is and how everything they do is shit also allowed
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This brand is merely a medium for resell so I can cop jawnz. Thank you and have a nice day

it's shit
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What do you figure will have resale value from this season aside from the obvious bogos and collabs?
This seems like something that might go fast. Kinda weak season again all in all.

Can anyone find this shirt without the holes?
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Voidthebrand maybe?
checked it out. They're in the same ballpark but I couldnt find pic-related. thanks for the help though
Where would your arms and head go

Thoughts on hats?
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You better be handsome as fuck.
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File: duckie-dale-costume-2.jpg (11KB, 500x294px)Image search: [Google]
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I have one that I bought in St.Petersburg... they are all over the place in little street-side stands. Sometimes they are on ebay.
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They look fake as fuck.
And I dont even have experience with yeezys

Fake you fucking retard

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Quality, prices, whatever.
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Generally better quality than zara

Less trendy then zara, need to be slightly more built to make their shit look good

Sometimes interesting tops, but generally boring
Worth shopping? I really enjoy what they have but no clue if what I pay for is too much for it's quality.
the shirts also fit me perfectly because /fit/
It has best stuff ever for fit guys who have money or otherwise - financially secure hot guys

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Are Lunarcore or Techwear still /fa/? I mean, they look good, but I remember them being a thing in 2013 and these kind of trends tend to be very volatile. So if for some reason they're not effay anymore, what is?
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Camping, military, vintage athletic
just bumping with some techwear stuff
camping/military isn't like a techwear 2.0? They both focus on practicality, at least

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