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Can I get some inspo for some cream slip on vans?
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shut the fuck up nigger
Please kill yourself.

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Help me get rid of these shoes /fa/
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I fucking need those Op what size?
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grailed wardrobe.png
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Rag & Bone
Saturdays NYC

Send me offers senpai
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Selling a couple pairs of Evisu jeans.
Sizes 42 and 44.

Pls senpai, I need moni

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hello /fa/
Are waist triners just a meme or ar they actually worth wearing? should they be wore visibly or hidden?
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I'm not too sure myself, but I think they're a meme.
However, if a meme such as yourself decides to wear such memery, I would definitely conceal it so as not to expose your meme level.
Enjoy your fucked up ribs and internal organs literally spilling over them
that's what I do, I think it's embarrassing letting other people know you use them.

Well, this is the main reason I used them, I really, really need to shrink my rib cage cuz I think it's too big and wont let me into trap mode.

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did i do well?
>''cigarettes smuggler''- core

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nardwuar chic.jpg
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Is nardwuar-chic considered /fa/?
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you have to be skinny tho
what's the recommended BMI for such a style?

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Hey guy, does any body knows the model of these old Dr martens?
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From /fit/

Does anybody know where I can buy some unbranded shorts and shirts for squats and deadlifts?

I live in the UK and know nothing about shopping because I'm 18 give or take a few years

Squat 150kg currently and want shorts that actually comfy

I just wanna be comfy but all local stores sell these gay pink beach shorts for twinks
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it's my first day on 4chan btw so be nice
Pleaseth respondeth
Best shorts.

Give it to me straight /fa/. Are stans too played out? I live in nyc. Thinking of buying for the spring/summer.

If they are, can you tell me the next meme shoe so I can buy it please?
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i don't remember the last time i've been out and haven't seen a few pairs

they're played out af but w/e, i only fuck with converse or superstars/stansmiths for beaters
Just get em
Nobody knows whats the next trend for sure.
Just pay attention to mainstream media and check out what mainstream stars are wearing.

I swear if it had not been for Mackelmore and his thrift shop video from 2011 Stan Smiths would have stayed dead.

If you want Meme smiths then I suggest the Classic 80s variation over the Stan Smith 2. Superstars are ugly as fuck and you are better of with Sambas.

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is there a site for quality japanese influenced gear like stuff from anime or manga or popular symbols and words?
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>quality graphic t-shirts

Fuck off
There isn't a site but if you head down to your local landfill OP I'm sure you can find plenty.

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No matter how hard you try, you will never be as effay as this guy shoveling snow.
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Who fucking shovels like that what a nerd
this. he looks pathetic

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Okay what the fuck happened to Turner's clothing choices lately?
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Lately? He isn't the same since Alexa left m8
Alex what happened to you ;_;
Yeah yeah everyone knows that, but look at all the recents photos, just horrendous.
Taylor Bagley happened, I suppose.

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Where can I get 30 x 34 pants, preferable in a color like pic related?
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They got 34s on uniqlo. Dunno about the color. Those are what I deal with. Ive been looking for 36 length for ages. Shits impossible for anything skinny
Levi's have 36s, I think

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Is 5'11 /fa/?
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its one inch away from /fa/
5'10'' here, i concur
>only 5'8
>why do I try

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What other website/sources focuses on the same styles as /fa/ does?
I live in south Texas and there's so many students wearing techwear, lunarcore, and stuff like that. Their fits are generally cool but they look like literally /fa/ memes and I feel weird asking if they visit this site, I did once and he replied "what's 4chan?" I don't know where else they get these meme trends from though (doesn't look tumblr )
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Might it be some rappers as well? I wouldn't know, A lot of people wear bape and I'm assuming it's because of Keith ape most times
Maybe /fa/ is taking trends and making memes. Have you thought of that?
That's gross honestly, and it's not that I spend too much time here I see like full blown lunar core outfits

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Cop or not? I think they are cool and kind of anti-fashion but I'm worried maybe too subversive and I won't pull them off.
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>too subversive
You're overthinking it anon, they are just bad.
Normcore staples but dnc
if shia or beiber wore them you'd be creaming yourself over them

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