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Old one is dead.

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are you a raptist, lol
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I'm sick and tired of the pleb watch threads here, where the ugliest watches are posted. So I decided to make my own. (Bear with me, I'm dumping slowly)

1. Junghans - Max Bill Automatic
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2. Nomos Glashütte - Lambda
This one is really expensive: 15200€
who the fuck would pay 15k for a Nomos, they make solid watches and all but ehh I'd rather get something else for that kind of money
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3. Braun BN0021BKBKG
This one is more affordable: 135€

I'm not saying you should buy it, this thread is for displaying nice watches instead of the 5 Dollar crap that gets posted here all the time.

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So despite being /schoolshootercore/ these two were pretty fa
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This tattoo is honestly pretty cool

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Does anyone have experience with buying from Aliexpress? There are some nice flannels on discount, but I'm not sure about sizing. As far as I understand from their charts, I should buy size L if I usually wear size S?
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the quality is going to be SHIT
but if you still want to do it they usually have measurements of the shirt itself
just compare to one you own
I've only shopped on that website once, but i fucking regret it. couldn't be any worse quality

Do you use shampoo? Do you use conditioner? If yes, how many times a week?
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I use a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner daily when I shower in the morning. It's a bad habit that I guess I'm scared to break because my blonde hair looks very obviously greasy when I don't even for 1 day
Every damn time i shower.
Once pero week both.
Sometimes conditioner every 3 days

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out of intrest, what do whites think of this cut?

/pol/ keep out please
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if you got the bone structure for it, looks good
are these twists?
I think it looks cool, but a little outplayed at this point.

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Is Adidas too mainstream now? I've always fucked with Adidas but I see it everywhere now especially since all the white girls get it at their local pacsun.
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>second largest athletic shoe company in the world
>too mainstream

Fuck off
lmao when was it not?
The new shoe for people who dont like popular shit is Onitsuka Tiger

Post fits from the 70s. No disco and bell-bottoms shit allowed.
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Fargo season 2 bruh
I have a few pics from my mom's 74-77 high school yearbooks
the fits
they're fucking great, actually
Post them senpai

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tips on having medium length hair somewhat like pic related and keeping it from getting all over the place whilst playing football/jogging or just exercising in general?
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Got any better pic of him?
I used to have hair like that. Literally nothing you can do other than super strong hairspray.
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harry styles.jpg
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try a headband senpai
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his name's Denis Stoff, he looks better on stage than anywhere else but he's a cutie.

that's actually a solid idea.

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what's the best chance for me to cop yeezys online on friday? autofill i'm guessing, no bots or anything?
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just get 150$ 1:1 reps dude
>buying cheaply made fabric shoes with rubber sole

grow up
Not OP but yeezy boost restocks are unbelievable secure investments with big margins and rapid turnarounds.

Not trying is just a missed opportunity

>tfw moonrock release people queuing for hours, oversleep and still get a pair online in my dressing gown

is 2016 our year?

post new-wave and new-romantic inspired fits

discuss new-wave and new-romantic music

puffy shirts making a comeback when?
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It's coming OP I can feel it. A few stores near me are stocking really soft sportcoats like all the 80s bands would wear (you know, those soft lapel ones that had easy to roll up sleeves?).
it's called dandycore/fopcore

king charles (the band) is pretty exemplary, watch the mv for "ivory road"

forgot my link

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Anyone else super exited for this collaboration?

Post favorite pieces and what you're copping
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things im getting definitey

mesh crew neck sweater
check khaki l/s shirt
chambray elasticated pants

khaki cotton blouson
Boat neck sweater
Linen shirt
Oxford shirt
Pleated shorts
Elasticated pants
Crew neck t shirts
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anyone have the f/w version of pic related?

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Am I crazy /fa/?
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they look nice
gentleman shoes
You won't regret it, they feel like wearing really comfy socks once they're worn in
Try not to buy online tho unless you are really sure about sizing because they have some weird sizing
I just went to the RM store but idk where you are famiooio
Just bought Craftsmen in black in size 10G could have maybe gotten 9.5G. Havent worn them yet its been like 2 weeks.

get on conans level, fuccbois
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>tfw albino like conan but low contrast blonde hair

I can't wait till the video airs
>wearing a hat with your own name on it

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Yeezy 750
Yeezy 750

Yeezy 750

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